Thursday, December 30, 2004


Remember when I mentioned I was sick last week? And remember when I hoped it was only a 24-hour thing? Well, turns out that I'M STILL SICK! My sore throat turned into a fever and then severe chest congestion. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, who took all my vitals, listened to my lungs and said the only thing she can determine is that a bunch of mucus is just stuck in my chest (but not bronchitis - my lungs sound clear). She prescribed something (an expectorant) to break all that up and clear me out, which in turn has resulted in coughing fits and episodes of excreting substances from beyond the grave. (Seriously, something from the medieval period, I'll venture to guess.) Another strange result of this sickness is that instead of sounding like a cartoon character (i.e., Mickey Mouse, Dee from Dexter's Lab, etc.), I sound like Kathleen Turner. "Be a good little girl and fix Mommy another martini, won't you?"

Brent has been really great through my prolonged yuckiness. He's been off of work this week (lucky bum) and has been a fabulous house husband. He's been cleaning, grocery shopping, taking me to lunch and all sorts of other lovely stuff. Last night he made some yummy fish dish complete with a yummy French apple tart and vanilla ice cream. He even cleaned up the kitchen when he was done while his lazy, ill girlfriend sat on the couch and knit while watching tv. My friend, Miwa, and her boyfriend, coined the terms, "Boyfriend/girlfriend-of-the-Year material," which Brent and I often use. When he does something really cool (like buy me a new chick lit book because he saw I had finished one the night before), I call that Boyfriend of the Year material. With all the great stuff he's been doing on his week off, I'd like to officially nominate him for Boyfriend of the Millennium!

I applied for my passport today. It's a lot of pressure getting ready for a picture that you'll have to use for the next 10 years! I really like my driver's license picture, which is now 11 years old. I'm just waiting for the day the DMV requests that I get a new picture. I suppose I can't look 16 forever. (Or can I? Muwa-ha-ha!)

"I am not 'of a certain age,' Niles. I am smack dab in the middle of 'not a kid anymore.' I won't be 'of a certain age' for another ten years." - Frasier

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Top 6 movies of 2004

As 2004 comes to a close and 2005 fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to do a list of my favorite movies from 2004. I was going to do a Top 10, but when I started creating the list, I realized that I couldn't come up with 10 worthy enough to be in a Top 10. I may have had a complete list of Top 10 had I gone to all the movies I wanted to see (i.e., Ray, Sideways, etc.), but for now I present my Top 6 movies of 2004, in no particular order, also featuring a memorable quote from each.

Napoleon Dynamite - If I had to choose a No. 1, this would be it. It gets funnier every time I see it. Every character is hilarious and if I were still in high school, I would SO learn the last scene and perform it at the annual talent show. As a matter of fact, my friend, Nicole, from Northern California and I made a pact to learn the choreography and perform it next time we see each other! Damn, I better start practicing. "Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills..."

Garden State - Yes, Zach Braff is dreamy. Yes, I want Natalie Portman to be my friend and go shopping with me and wax philosophical over afternoon lattes at some little-known coffee shop somewhere. But those aren't the only reasons I loved this movie. It was a bit depressing at times, but it was still heart-warming. "Oh... guys? Don't stay in here all day. I had to take the batteries out of the carbon monoxide detector; it was beeping all night."

The Incredibles - What's better than seeing how a superhero has-been makes a comeback? Not much. If I were a superhero, my superpower would be laughter. Or sleeping. Maybe shopping. That's the ticket! I could BUY my way out of dangerous situations! "Supermodels. Hah! Nothing "super" about them - spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. Feh! I used to design for GODS!"

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Jim Carrey was good. Seriously. I never liked him more than I did in this movie. Kate Winslet was awesome. And the movie was really cool, visually. "Wish me a happy Valentine's Day when you call. That'd be... nice!"

Shrek 2 - I liked this sequel more than I did the original. I laughed. I cried. I turned green with envy. Get it? Green? Like Shrek? Is this thing on? "If we ever need an expert on licking ourselves, we'll give you a call."

Kill Bill: Vol. II - There was ass-kicking. And then more ass-kicking. And then when you least expect it, MORE ass-kicking! And then a crazy oh-my-god-she-did-NOT-just-do-that-oh-wait-she-DID moment. Whew, I'm tired. "I'm a killer. A murdering bastard, you know that. And there are consequences to breaking the heart of a murdering bastard."

If I can get the creative juices flowing, I'll try to gather some other Nanette's-best-of lists for ya.

Straighten up

It's pouring outside, as it has been all night, so it feels a little strange to write about a new flat iron for my hair considering I don't really do my hair when it's so rainy out. But I've been meaning to write about it for a while, so here goes. As I've mentioned many times on this blog, I'm the world's biggest consumer. If I see something new, chances are that I'll want to try it. I'm even impressed by new packaging on old products. Quite pathetic, I know. Naturally, when I saw this new flat iron, claiming to be able to flat iron wet hair, I had to try it. I finally tracked one down (at a Rite Aid, actually, on sale for $25, I think - much cheaper than it's listed on On days when I actually do my hair, I usually blow dry it and then use a straightener on it - my hair isn't stick straight, it has a bit of a wave to it. I tried this new iron a few times over the past week and LOVE it! It takes less time than drying and then straightening and makes my hair really shiny and a lot straighter. I've gotten lots of compliments when I've used it. So if you deal with unruly hair, try it out. (Vidal Sassoon, feel free to contact me to discuss endorsement deals.)

"Capitalism needs to function like a game of tug-of-war. Two opposing sides need to continually struggle for dominance, but at no time can either side be permitted to walk away with the rope." - Pete Holiday

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Truly Outrageous Christmas

It's official. I'm 7 years old. I got the DVD set for seasons 1 and 2 of Jem, one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Brent was so kind to indulge in my childish fantasies by purchasing them for me. I've already watched five episodes of the first season. Coincidentally, Brent also enjoys being 7. One of my gifts to him was this doll of one of his favorite Simpson's characters, Disco Stu.

My mom came down to LA and spent Christmas with us. We joined Brent's family last night and had a really nice dinner - stuffed ourselves silly with Polish food at a restaurant called Warsawa. This weekend Brent and I also saw Blade: Trinity (lots of ass-kicking, but still a crappy movie. Loved Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds, though) and Life Aquatic (long, but very funny).

I've spent much of my free time over the last week finishing the scarf I posted about a while ago, as well as starting and ending another fun, fuzzy scarf. I bought some more needles and yarn tonight. I hope this chilly LA weather keeps up for at least a little while longer so I can wear some of my creations.

In other news, I found out last week that I may be able to extend my London/Paris vacation in March by spending a few days working in our firm's parent company's London office! Not only will I get to enjoy life as a London tourist, I'll get to see what it's like to be part of the working masses! I'm already envisioning myself running around the London office with a list of words for everyone to read off because I love the sound of British accents. Of course, those visions are accompanied by visions of them deporting the crazy Californian girl for disrupting their work day. London will never be the same.

"And these days, I wish I was six again. Oh make me a red cape, I wanna be superman." - John Mayer, 83

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Eve!

You've got G-mail

If you don't have G-mail, I just received six invitations so leave me a comment with your address (or e-mail me, if you know me) and I'll be happy to send you an invite. As I've mentioned before, G-mail is awesome and life-changing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Attack of the viruses

I started feeling yucky yesterday and as I should have expected, had an awful night's sleep and woke up this morning with a fever and sore throat. I'm hoping it's not strep again and I'm hoping that it's just a 24-hour virus that'll be gone by tomorrow morning. It's no fun being sick. And the worst part was probably while I was a bit delirious and trying to sleep last night, I had 12 Days of Christmas and the Rock Me Like A Hurricane (AC/DC) stuck in my head. Poor Brent had to come in and turn the jazz station on so I could try to get myself to sleep.

Speaking of viruses, our home computer has been under siege for the past 48 hours from a nasty spyware virus. Luckily Brent was able to fix it. He's a handy guy, that one.

I better get to bed and pray to the Health Gods that I'm ok tomorrow. Maybe I've been cursed by that guy from the Netherlands (see last post) with some voodoo spell for not responding to his e-mail.

"She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world." Adlai Stevenson, Eulogy of Eleanor Roosevelt, November 7, 1962

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What the...

I got this weird e-mail in my work in-box today. I have no idea why anyone would think I have any idea about travel agents. I've never worked on a client that would allude to that. On occasion I get e-mails about patients wanting more info about their diagnosis and conditions (despite the fact that I simply represent medical devices; I'm NOT a doctor), but this takes the cake. Check it out:

Dear Nanette,

This may be a funny request, but I found your Email-address by reading an article on the site of Bloomberg. My wife and I are big fans of the U.S and we want to visit New England in the fall of 2005.(foliage)

We want to travel around by escorted bustour. However it is difficult to make such a tour by Dutch travel agencies. Now I wonder if you can give me some (email)addresses of travel agencies in the U.S. who offer such tours, so that I can directly contact them.

I would be very grateful.

Many kind regards,
(Signed by some guy from the Netherlands.)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Very Long Post

This was a nice weekend. Friday night we saw "A Very Long Engagement", which starred Audrey Tautou from one of my favorite movies, "Amelie." A Very Long Engagement was good, but kinda long. The plot was a bit complicated because of the numerous characters and as Brent pointed out, a lot of them had mustaches so that added to the confusion. And coincidentally, A Very Long Engagement seemed like A Very Long Movie at 134 minutes. But I recommend it and I especially liked listening to all the French as I look forward to my trip to France in March.

Brent and I haven't really been to the movies lately. The last one we saw before A Very Long Engagement (which has A Very Long Title, doesn't it?) was the Incredibles. There are a lot of movies in the theater and about to come out that I want to see. They include Spanglish, Blade: Trinity (can't help it - because of Brent, I now thoroughly enjoy watching Wesley Snipes kick vampire ass), Lemony Snicket's, Closer, The Life Aquatic (this is high priority - gotta see this soon!), and The Phantom of the Opera. And don't get me started on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny Depp and Tim Burton together again! Trivia: it's the fifth movie they've made together.

On Saturday, my friend, Jen (one of many Jen's I know, by the way) and I took a knitting lesson from a woman we found on Craigslist. Brent had taught me last year, but I had forgotten and thought it might be nice to take a lesson from someone else to avoid stabbing Brent in the eyes with knitting needles, overcome by frustration. (Not that I would, but better to be safe than sorry. We always hurt the ones we love, right?) Alison, the woman who taught us, was really great. If anyone in the LA area (particularly Westside) wants to learn, I highly recommend her. More info here. And her ad is correct - we were knitting in less than 2 hours! I'm currently working on a scarf and this is what I've finished so far.

Warning: as my knitting progresses, you'll likely be blessed with more pictures of my handy work. And another warning for friends and loved ones: if I get good enough, you may be blessed with Nanette-made knits. Just smile and pretend you love them, ok? :)

Today I went with Jami to a sample sale, which didn't produce any fun finds like my Coach shoes like the last sample sale. But I got to hang out with Jami and her adorable daughter, nine-month-old Hallie. (Seriously - she's the world's cutest baby. I'm not kidding. Really.) We also had some yummy Hawaiian food for breakfast from a place called Rutts. Ain't nothing wrong with rice for breakfast.

Alright kids, I'll give you a topic. Alias' move from Sundays to Wednesdays after Lost is a highly anticipate event (at least in my house...ok, at least for me.) Discuss.

Today's quote is for Brent, the world's biggest Karate Kid fan.

"This is a karate dojo, not a knitting class. You don't come into my dojo, drop a challenge and leave, old man. Now you get your boy on the mat, or you and I will have a major problem." - Kreese, Karate Kid

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Coffee catastrophe

It's late, so here's the shorthand version of an event from today.

  • Woke up this morning.
  • Chose outfit to feature cute new Coach shoes (see previous posts).
  • Left for work.
  • Called co-worker to see if she wanted drink from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. She said yes.
  • Got two drinks from CBTL (one for me, one for her).
  • CBTL employee offers drink carrier.
  • I said yes.
  • Get to car, open door, notice that one coffee cup not so secure in drink carrier.
  • Set carrier down in passenger seat to secure not-so-secure drink
  • One drink topples over, spilling mass quantities of steamy, latte liquid into passenger seat.
  • First drink knocks second drink out of carrier, resulting in a pool of coffee on seat so deep that Baywatch is asking to film an episode in my latte lake.
  • Expletives screamed.
  • Shoes inspected. Shoes are OK!
  • Jeans, cream-color sweater and passenger seat are not ok.
  • Call co-worker to tell her I'd be late as I'm covered in liquid.
  • Quickly drive the few blocks home.
  • Clean out car, change clothes. Leave for work.
  • Stop at Ralph's to pick up Febreeze, upholstery cleaner and towels.
  • Remember that new mobile car wash making first appearance at work!!!
  • Arrive at work, pull out sticky parking card.
  • Talk to mobile car wash man. Request shampoo of seat.
  • Car wash complete. Pay man.
  • Man says, "I pulled A LOT of coffee out of that seat!"
  • I smile on the outside, but curse myself on the inside.

That's a whole latte craziness.

"Since I just got promoted, I just thought you two should know - I take my coffee with a little milk, two sugars and a lot less of your bullshit." - George, Dead Like Me

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play

So I went to my first sample sale today, which I believe is just designer stuff sold really cheap. Why they're cheap, I don't know. Maybe they're damaged. Maybe they're not really popular. Maybe they were hanging out with the wrong crowd. This particular sample sale included a lot of Von Dutch (which I even knew was sooooooo 5 minutes ago), Ralph Lauren and some other "labels" I wasn't familiar with. I've never been a "label whore" and into "designers," unless you consider Paul Frank a designer. In my hometown, it was a big deal to have anything Esprit or Guess (neither of which I ever had). This particular sample sale also included some Coach items, which I've always admired but never owned...until today. I bought these shoes because they're really cool looking (even though I tend to hate logo-fied stuff) and very comfortable. Oh, and about half the retail price. The picture doesn't do the shoes justice, really. They're fabulous and I love them. I'm going to buy them dinner, take them out to a movie and then take them home to meet my mom. Luckily her feet are about three sizes smaller than mine (thanks, Dad, for my size 10 feet despite the fact that I'm only 5'4"). Tangent story: my mom likes to put her size 6/7 feet in my size 10 shoes, walk around giggling and saying, "Look, I'm playing dress up in my mom's shoes."

happy, happy, joy, joy

"Can I pull of mysterious and perky? Keep in mind, I will be wearing different shoes." - Claude, Less Than Perfect

Monday, December 13, 2004

Get out!

The latest LA Insight from I'm a little late with it, but better late than never.

1. Favorite outdoor shopping area?
I really like the atmosphere of the Grove, but it doesn't have that many stores - so I'm gonna say the Promenade in Santa Monica.

2. Favorite outdoor dining patio?
Maybe C&O in Venice.

3. Favorite outdoor mode of transport (bike/walk/skate/run...)?
I like my bike so much that I have to choose that mode.

4. Favorite outdoor lounging spot (park/beach/yard...)?
My balcony. I was out there on Saturday during the 80 degree weather, lounging and reading. It was really nice and best of all, I don't have to go far at all.

5. Favorite outdoor scene in LA (pretend you are taking a picture, set it up)?
Venice Beach - ya got great chacters like Elton and Betty (scroll down for a description and a link to part of their cable access show), not to mention the tourists (native and foreign) and the crazy outdoor runway guy at that one leather store.

6. Favorite outdoor hike (urban or mountain)?
Sorry, I've never really been hiking.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

If I were a cartoon character...

this is what I would look like!

I didn't like the picture of me that I had in my blogger profile, so Brent drew a cartoon character version of me! I love it! (And I hope you do, too...)

Brent is amazingly talented! I'll have to find some of his other pictures to display on here. You'll be awestruck if you haven't seen his work yet.

Random stuff

A few random thoughts on a Sunday night.

Yesterday was crazy warm - 80 degrees! I posted about it on, so be sure to check it out. I joked about a heatwave in Los Angeles when I bought my first coat a few days ago, but I didn't mean for it to be a prediction. I was going to get some more Christmas decorations, but it just seems weird to shop for holiday stuff in flip flops. We did get a poinsettia at the store tonight, so the holiday spirit is creeping in slowly but surely.

Did anyone see the "John Mayer Has a TV Show" show on VH1 last Thursday? Freakin' hilarious! (And I'm not just saying that because I like John - he's really funny.) Check it out on re-runs if you get the chance.

Speaking of musicians, I have a few concerts lined up that I'm VERY excited about. On Tuesday night, I'm going to see Sara Bareilles (also known as Sara B.) She's like the lovechild of Alicia Keys, Sarah McLaughlin and Tori Amos. On Jan. 29, I'm seeing Ray LaMontagne, the seemingly long lost brother of Van Morrison. And I just found out about Marc Broussard's show at HOB on Feb. 4. Yay for live music!

Last night I went to a really fun party at my friend, Tori's, place. I love it when people are into the holiday spirit. And I really love it when people are such good hosts, like Tori. She kept the drinks and laughter coming.

Today Brent and I went to the Bazaar Bizarre. Despite my not feeling "hip" enough to attend, I bought two really cute bibs for two of my co-workers at work who are pregnant - one with a boy and one with a girl.

Here's the one I got for the one having a boy because the mom loves cats. The bib is yellow but it's hard to see in the picture.

And here's the one I got for the baby girl. It's pink, but it's hard to tell in this photo.

The Bazaar Bizarre inspired me to be more crafty, although I don't think I'll be taking another sewing class. I'll probably take a knitting class, though. I need a hobby.

"Think of it as a hobby. Something you do to relax. You're an 'assassination enthusiast.' "
Jim Byrd, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Moblogging brent

Friday, December 10, 2004

And the award goes to...

Tonight was my company's holiday party, which was tons of fun. I actually received an award tonight (one of five or so given out, as voted by my co-workers) for being the most helpful/dependable at my firm. Cool, huh?

In other news, I posted on tonight. Check it out.

I'm really tired, so no fun quote and not many fun Nanette-isms tonight. Maybe I'm not so helpful after all...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Auntie Nanette

My mom called me yesterday at work and said, "Hi Auntie Nanette." I didn't really hear her and went on with the conversation. "What's going on?" I asked. She said, "Didn't you hear me?" "Huh?" "Auntie Nanette." "What the? Oh.......... Chris (my brother) is going to have a baby. And you're gonna be a grandma!" I've mentioned on here before that my brother and I don't get along at all. But I am happy for him, I guess. I don't know that he's ready for a kid, but who ever is? He already has a 3-year-old step daughter.


Anyhow, I had brunch with some of the folks last weekend. That was pretty cool as they were all really nice, although I have to admit that it was kinda weird to meet people in the flesh that I've known only as online personas.

In preparation for my London/Paris trip next month and because it's been so chilly here in Los Angeles, I bought my first coat ever yesterday. It's very similar to this one:

Growing up I always had jackets, but never coats. I'm very excited to wear this, although knowing my luck, Los Angeles will probably have a heat wave now.

"You'd better be careful with that coat... You'll start a war!" - Kramer, Seinfeld

Monday, December 06, 2004

Now featuring

Ok, kids. I did a little exploring and playing around with my blog tonight. I've been wanting to add some of these new features for a while, but didn't get around to doing it until now.

The updates include:
  • links to my favorite sites
  • links to my favorite blogs
  • new names for my "recent posts" and "archives" sections
  • a section to feature my posts
  • a guestbook (which I may delete if no one uses it)
  • a guestmap (so I can see where all of you are)

"I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better." - G. C. Lichtenberg


I was exploring some helpful info on today and find out how to "moblog" - blogging with my mobile. I can send pictures (like the test picture below) and/or text to directly to my blog if I'm not at a computer. Rock on! What this means for you, the two people who read my blog, is that now I can send fun pics and blogs while I'm on the go. Fun!

By the way, the test picture below highlights the multitude of liquids I had on my desk today: one water bottle and TWO containers of coffee. (One from the morning and one as a late afternoon break.) I was wired, needless to say.

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Testing moblog

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Latest LA Insight from

1. Do you own a winter jacket?
Nope. I have a leather jacket, but have only worn it twice since I've lived in LA.
2. Do you like the winter mountain sports? Skiing, boarding, sledding, snowshoe, etc...
Well, I tried skiing once and liked it, despite my desire to give up halfway through the lesson. I'd like to try boarding.
3. Big Bear, Mammoth or other?
Never been to either. When I skied, it was in Tahoe.
4. Favorite hot drink?
Chai Tea.
5. Heater setting?
Right now it's not on. Brent has to try to light the pilot without blowing up our condo.
6. At night, more blankets, more pajamas, more heater are all of the above?All of the above once we get our heater turned on. For now it's more blankets, pjs and my carring around a space heater from room to room.
7. Do you go out and enjoy the cold or bundle up and stay inside?
Bundle up and stay inside.
8. Cold temps. Stay for a while or bring back the 70s?
Bring back the 70s!

Santa hits Tinseltown

My post for your viewing enjoyment.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Vicious Re-cycle

The gate into our parking garage at home is on the fritz, so our garage hasn't been secure for the past few days. We found out tonight that one of our neighbors had two of their bikes stolen, which were not secured. That in itself is sad, but get this... whoever took the two bikes left the crappy bikes they were riding! Our neighbor was laughing about her misfortune. She said, "Who would want to take a 10-year-old bike?" Brent told her... "Someone with a 15-year-old bike."

Luckily, our bikes were securely locked (isn't that an oxymoron?) on this. Since our bikes are so new - I've riden mine less than a dozen times - we would have been LIVID if they were taken.

"Well, you have a sweet bike. And you're really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you're like the only guy at school who has a mustache." - Napoleon Dynamite (to Pedro)

Not my fault!

Just because Courtney Love is hanging out with me (notice the bag?) doesn't mean I'm to blame for her bad plastic surgery. Gross.

Photo from A Socialite's Life, a very entertaining site.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Chili cheese lies

As much as I'd like to think that my life is amazingly interesting, I'm well aware that it's probably not. However, I do have friends with some pretty funny stories that I may need to share on occasion.

My first example is something that happened when my friend, Stacie, came to visit recently. She was working from my condo while I was at work, but decided to take a break and walk to the nearby liquor store for a snack. Hanging outside the liquor store were a couple of guys, one who approached Stacie and had the following conversation.

Random Guy: Do you have $5 to ride the bus?
Stacie: No.
Random Guy: Ok. How about $3?
Stacie: Wait a sec...I thought you just asked for $5.
Random Guy: Well, I wanted the $5 to ride the bus...
Stacie: But now you only want $3?
Random Guy: Ok, it's $3 to ride the bus. The other $2 were for chili cheese fries.
Stacie: ... (laughing)... ok, I'll give ya $3.

I'd like to say this would only happen in LA, but I have a feeling that there are needy folks across America telling more of these chili cheese lies.

The Cereal Life

Today I saw this story and almost lost my mind in excitement. Ironically, I was snacking on dry Fruit Loops when I read it! That's how much I love cereal, especially for dinner. Reading the article, I had visions of my own LA-based franchise and my everlasting sugar high. Landscapin' the front of the restaurant with Fruity Pebbles, hangin' out with the boys (Cap'n Crunch and Toucan Sam), telling all the English tourists, "Cheerio(s)!" My restaurant would be successful because I'd have so many Lucky Charms. Of course that'll never happen, but that's Life.

"Oh, I miss those days with Mary. Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed. Cleaning the sheets... cause there's food in the bed." - Dick Soloman, 3rd Rock from the Sun

Move along, little doggie

I posted a sad doggie story at last night. Go check it out.