Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Flakey and itchy

Last night Brent and I went to meet one of our potential vendors at a Starbucks in Santa Monica. We were supposed to meet her at 7. She called at 7, after we arrived, to tell us she was stuck on the freeway, running 10 minutes late. Fine, no problem. Around 7:15, a woman walked into the Starbucks, looking like she was searching for someone. She asked one of the baristas if there were other Starbucks nearby (and of course, there always are). As she walked around the Starbucks and passed our table, I asked her, "Are you [insert vendor name here]?" She looked at me, shook her head, and said, "No." Brent says to me, "Oh, great. She probably thinks we're swingers." We waited until 7:45, after leaving a message for this potential vendor. With no word from her, we left. A few minutes after we left, she called to let us know she was there. I told her we weren't coming back to meet her and that we were on the way to meet friends for dinner. Then I said thanks and hung up. The one thing we'd want our potential day-of coordinator to do is show up on time. I'd FLIP if she were an hour late for our wedding. FLIP! And it probably wouldn't have been a big deal if she had just called again to let us know she was still running late.

However, our 3rd Street Promenade adventure did result in a C-list celeb sighting - Jerry from last season's Bachelorette.

This morning, I woke up with an immense itch all over my skin. I scratched my arms to the point of bruising. The itching subsided, but then I got to work and it started again. It ebbed and flowed throughout the day, but at about 3 p.m. I noticed that my skin was turning blotchy in addition to itching. I ran into my boss' office, told her I had to go home and take Benadryl, which knocks me out. I got home, took my meds, and thankfully after a two-hour nap woke up itch-free. I have no idea what happened. No new detergent or soaps, no strange foods, no bug bites. I wish I could take my body into the doctor for a complete overhaul. An Extreme Health Makeover would be nice.

Brent made it all better, though, when he came home with two surprises for me - Karaoke Revolution (first edition, which completes my collection) and a dozen donut holes! That's definitely Fiance of the Year material!

"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action." - Benjamin Disraeli

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Friends and family

A couple weeks ago I got an e-mail from Purita, the maid of honor in Andrea's wedding next year. I'm one of her bridesmaids. Purita told me that she and Andrea, who live in Virginia, were coming to Visalia this last weekend to finalize some of her wedding plans. We decided to surprise Andrea with a visit from me. Later that week Andrea called me to let me know that she was coming to town. I already had a story lined up, "Oh, no! I can't come that weekend! I'm going to be in Chicago at a tradeshow that weekend!" She was sad, of course. Well, rewind to last Friday night. I got into Visalia, called Purita on her cell and found out where they were for dinner. I found them in the restaurant waiting area. Andrea wasn't looking up when I walked in, so I walked up to her and said, "This isn't Chicago! What the?!?" Needless to say, she was pleasantly surprised.

We hung out all weekend and I got to experience firsthand the Andrea-Purita phenomenon. They are the Shelby-Nanette combo of the East Coast. They finish each other's sentences, they giggle a lot and they get in lots of trouble. Lots of fun, those girls, especially over a steak dinner with a bottle of wine (and a strawberry daquiri for me).

I saw my grandpa this weekend. Is it just me or does everyone's older relatives (parents and grandparents) always try to give you tons of stuff when you visit? I left my grandpa's with cucumbers, a cactus and Capri Sun. Apparently that visit was sponsored by the letter "C."

"Generosity is not giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is giving me that which you need more than I do." - Kahlil Gibran

Friday, June 24, 2005

Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round

Well, my plans to wake up at 5:30 a.m. yesterday to make a 6 a.m. spin class fell through. I kept hitting the snooze alarm and didn't realize it until 6. However, I did make myself bring my gym gear with me to work so I could go straight to the 6:45 p.m. class, which I did. So I'd like to think that makes up for my early morning laziness. But the Pop Tarts I had for breakfast today might have cancelled out that hard work. Baby steps, baby steps.

"...baby steps get on the elevator... baby steps get on the elevator... Ah, I'm on the elevator." - Bob Wiley, What About Bob?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Cupcake Runneth Over

I made cupcakes last night, probably for the first time in my life. (I honestly can't remember ever making them before.) They were in honor of my co-worker Jen's promotion. (Congrats, Jen!) I made more than four dozen out of two boxes. Yellow cake, some with buttercream frosting and others with chocolate. Oh, and some with chocolate sprinkles and others with candy flowers. They turned out amazingly moist! With the plethora of cupcakes, I decided to take some to my condo neighbors. There are seven units in our building. The first two units didn't answer, despite the fact that all of their cars were in the garage. (Do people go to bed before 9:30?) The third unit answered. She opened the door and looked at me as though as I was offering her used motor oil. Granted, we'd never been introduced, but we always say hi in the parking garage. She took two of them, reluctantly, and I decided that I wasn't going to head to the rest of the units. More cupcakes for me and my co-workers! Hmph! They were a big hit at work, so pissy neighbors be damned! (I know that the one unit we really like wasn't home because their cars weren't here.)

I watched Beauty and the Geek tonight. It really is a great show. I have a love/hate relationship with Richard, the nerdiest geek of them all. He is simultaneously entertaining and really annoying!

I skipped hip-hop tonight because I'm lazy. I am going to try to make it to a 6 a.m. spin class tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll have better luck with a pre-work workout. Someone please feel free to kick my butt. I need to get into shape!

"Bingo, man, bingo. 7-Minute Abs. And we guarantee just as good a workout as the 8-minute folk." - Hitchhiker, There's Something About Mary

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Heavy Rotation

I've been tagged by Hil who asks what my current six favorite songs are (in no particular order). I've included links to an Amazon page where you can scroll down and listen to clips of most of the songs:

1. Who is he (and what is he to you) - Bill Withers (Marc Broussard does an amazing version of this in concert, which I don't have)

2. Gavin's Song - Marc Broussard (There's no link to this song on his Amazon cd page.)

3. Wonderful Night - Fatboy Slim (I'm considering using this as our wedding party introduction song)

4. Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz (It's on one of the ipod commercials right now. Really catchy!)

5. Better Together - Jack Johnson

6. Feeling Good - Michael Buble (pure coincidence that two of my songs are about feeling good)

I'm gonna tag Kiki, Glamis, Cheryl and KVB.

"You and I are meant to be together, Joey. Period. The end. Cue happy-ending music." - Dawson on Dawson's Creek

On a lighter note...

I'd like to point out that I didn't mean to end my last post so abruptly. It took me a couple hours to write that because I was starting to get really upset and had to take a step away and then come back to it. And by the end, well, I lost my composure and just wanted to get it done. I had meant to post it on Father's Day, but I think I consciously tried to forget it was Father's Day. It was definitely cathartic to get all of that out, though. I tend to be very upbeat and positive on my blog, but sometimes another side of me needs to come through.
And since I referred to my father as vibrant, I thought I'd post this pic that I have sitting on my desk at work. It's one of my favorite photos and was taken probably a couple years before he got sick. That's my adorable mom next to him.

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." - Anonymous

Monday, June 20, 2005

My dad's battle

I think my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2001 after suffering through numerous misdiagnoses. The doctors thought his severe stomach pains were a result of lactose intolerance and then Crohn's disease, ignoring the fact that my dad's mother had passed away from colon cancer. They diagnosed his colon cancer when they conducted a surgery to remove part of his colon, thinking it was Crohn's disease. "We've never seen anything like it," the surgeon told my mother and father. "The colon cancer was mimicking Crohn's disease." My dad underwent chemo and radiation sessions and more surgeries to remove more of his intestines in the hope of winning the battle against the cancer. And then one day they thought they'd gotten it all. His chemo and radiation continued as more of a preventative than reactive measure. They did a PET scan, which I was told would determine if there was any cancer left. The test came back with no traces of cancer.

But he started feeling bad again in September 2002. He underwent another surgery to exam his intestines and low and behold, not only had the cancer come back, it had come back with a vengeance. In fact, they gave him anywhere from "one week to one year" left to live. It threw my family's whole world into a tailspin. I began coming come to Visalia (three hours from my home in Los Angeles) nearly every weekend. I moved in with Brent and his family and applied the money I was using for rent to help my parents fix up their house, something my dad had wanted to do but was derailed because of his illness. When my dad was in the hospital off and on for the next year, Brent and I, along with my mom when possible, picked out new linoleum and carpet and painted all the rooms. I, of course, also spent many hours with my dad in and out of the hospital. At one point there was an incident where my dad was suffering from stomach pain, this time caused by a rubber tube that the surgeon had left inside him!

On Friday, September 12, 2003, my team of co-workers and I had given a presentation to our client. Upon returning to the office around 4 p.m., my boss told my teammates and I could go ahead and leave early because of all our hard work on the presentation. I was all packed and ready to go to Visalia to visit my family for the weekend, so I hopped in the car and started the three-hour trip directly from the office, thankful that I had a chance to beat the increasingly hectic Friday night traffic. I arrived home to find a strange warning on my parents' door, warning smokers that there was oxygen in use in the home. I walked in and found my dad, hooked up to oxygen and gasping for air, my mom on the phone, trying to get a hold of the doctor. I told my mom, "Dad looks really bad!" She knew he wasn't doing well and that's why she was on the phone with the doctor, but spending so much time with him, she was unable to really gauge how bad he was doing. I gave my dad a hug, he hugged me back and I told him that I loved him. My mom joined us in the living room, and all of a sudden my dad stopped breathing. His eyes stared straight ahead, open, but he wasn't breathing. He just stopped. My mom started screaming, I grabbed the phone and called 911. The operator tried to walk me through CPR, but at this point, it was too late. He was gone. No more suffering. His decline was over - from the vibrant father and husband to a shell of himself who couldn't eat (he spent more than a year fed intravenously), had lost more than 100 pounds (he went from resembling John Goodman to, well, smaller than me), and didn't know what day (or year) it was. That day will always remain in my head, every detail, including what my mother wore, the fact that if I hadn't been allowed to leave early that day that I wouldn't have been there and only my mom would be there (I had only been home for 15 minutes before he passed away), and how I couldn't eat for days.

Cancer is a shitty, shitty disease. It took my father way too soon. He was only 49.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Wedded Blitz

Time for a quick wedding planning update. (It's only 295 days away and counting!)

We've got:
- venue
- florist
- photographer
- hair and make-up artist

We're really close to getting:
- caterer
- string quartet

Still gotta work on (among other things):
- DJ
- My dress (I'm scared to look.)
- My girls' dresses
- Tuxes
- Invitations
- Rentals company
- Cake
- Officiant
- Honeymoon
- Shoes and accessories
- Guests' hotels

I'd say I've got a pretty good chunk of the planning done, given that we still have almost 10 months to go. I'm still really enjoying the planning process. And Brent is getting very good at saying, "Yes, dear. Whatever you want."

We're going to Jen's wedding tomorrow, our first one since we got engaged. So excited! Everyone go wish Jen a happy wedding! (Ok, you don't have to, but it'd be nice! If you don't know her, tell her Nanette sent ya!)

"I had to go to Greek school, where I learned valuable lessons such as, 'If Nick has one goat and Maria has nine, how soon will they marry?' " - Tourla Portokalos, My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fantasy Island

On the way to one of last weekend's concerts, I asked the gals if there was an island somewhere where they breed all of these dreamy 20-something singer/songwriter boys to sing songs of broken hearts, passion, and wonderland bodies. "If there is, I'd like to go there to teach," said one concert buddy.

The island question led to an in-depth discussion of who would make it on the island. At first, we determined that they had to be good looking. John Mayer? King of the island (although we did agree that he's not necessarily the kind of guy who'd make your jaw drop walking down the street). Gavin Degraw? Totally on the island! Jack Johnson? Check! Josh Kelley? Yup, although I maintain that he reminds me of Jason Schwartzman. Jason Mraz, Damien Rice and Marc Broussard? You bet. Ray LaMontagne? Um....well....his songs are amazing but he's not really "hot." He looks like Kenny Loggins from the 70s, including the full beard. So then we decided that there could be another part of the island where the boys are heard but not seen. I dubbed it "Audio Island." There, the boys play their wonderful, dreamy music but are hidden behind the foliage. You hear them from your boat as you're sailing by. Along with Ray, Teitur is on the island.

Perhaps I can serve as Mr. Tattoo on that island, welcoming all the new arrivals. "There's your guitar. There's your piano. I'm your muse. NOW COMPOSE!"

Anyone else who should be admitted to the island?

"This fantasy is rated PG. We're under age." - Fozzie, Muppet Babies

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You say tsunami, I say WTF?

When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka a couple months ago...

Me: We're only a few blocks from the beach.
Brent: And?
Me: If a tsunami hit the California coast, we're at risk, aren't we?
Brent: No, we're too far from the ocean and we're uphill.
Me: But that Sri Lanka tsunami went inland really far.
Brent: I promise, it can't happen.

Fast forward to tonight. Brent arrives home...

Brent: Don't panic.
Me: Huh?
Brent: Don't panic!
Me: Why would I panic?
Brent: You haven't heard? There's a tsunami warning...for the California coast. You haven't seen a warning on tv or anything?
Me: What?!?! No, I'm watching a recorded program on TiVo. Damn you! (while laughing) You promised this wouldn't happen.
Brent: Um...

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Key

Monday, June 13, 2005

Surprise, surprise

As you can tell from my previous 5th-grade level post, I attended the Marc Broussard show at House of Blues tonight. The first opening act, David Ryan Harris, toured in John Mayer's band. As part of his last song, he introduced a "special guest," which to my happy surprise turned out to be John Mayer himself! Three of the five of our group who went are HUGE John Mayer fans. We were so shocked that it was hard to really take it in. John has also grown out his hair, which is curly and now resembles Adrien Grenier from Entourage. While I prefer my men clean-cut, I did enjoy John's new coif.

The show was awesome, although maybe not as good as Friday's version of Marc's show. Still enjoyable nonetheless. And now I have a vacation day to look forward to tomorrow, which may or may not include reading, spinning, shopping and lunching. Tough life, I know.

"God of Rock, thank you for this chance to kick ass. We are your humble servants. Please give us the power to blow people's minds with our high voltage rock. In your name we pray, Amen."- Jack Black as Dewey Finn in School of Rock

Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Picture Share!

U cant really see him but this is john mayer, surprise guest with opening guest @ marc b show!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Death and Destruction

Yesterday at work I put food in my frogs' tank. The tank was home to my two African Dwarf frogs, which live exclusively under water. Anyhow, I looked in the tank and only saw one frog. I looked behind the rock, under the Roman ruins and around the filter, but couldn't find Myron, one of the two original frogs left from my original purchase in March 2001. I recruited the help of my co-workers, but we just couldn't find him. I was convinced that Myron had been frog-napped! But who would steal a frog, especially one who could only survive under water? And I could have sworn that I'd seen him a couple days ago. The filter isn't powerful enough to suck up a frog. It's hidden beneath the rocks.

I put up a "missing" sign on my tank that read, "Missing: One frog. Goes by the name of Myron. Last seen on 6-8-5. If you have information, please see this desk ---->" Sympathetic co-workers, aka my resident detectives, continued to examine the tank in search of signs of foul play. Then one of them noticed something and said, "Hey! I think that might be a bone!" I took a look and low and behold, I saw one bone hidden amongst the rocks. And then a second. And then some skin. Myron had not been kidnapped. He died and I didn't even noticed. I wasn't able to give him the proper burial at sea like his girlfriend, Leona. I'm very saddened by the loss of Myron. And I'm especially saddened knowing that I probably didn't see him the other day like I thought. It was probably the reflection of Gatsby, the other frog, in the hexagonal tank. I'm a bad mother. I can only hope that Gatsby doesn't suffer a similar fate, especially without me noticing.

My emotional pain turned into physical pain today. I slammed one of my middle fingers in our bedroom closet door. Brent heard the commotion and came in to find me in the fetal position on the bed, crying hysterically. My fingertip turned purple, swollen with little broken blood vessels. Brent kindly brought me ice. At this moment it's much better, but very sore. Sometimes I think I need to coat our house in foam padding. I'm such a clutz.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike

Thursday, June 09, 2005

At My Concert-aholics Anonymous Meeting

Hi. I'm Nanette.

crowd echos - Hi Nanette.

I'm a.....concert-aholic.

The crowd nods their head in agreement, sympathizing with my plight. They've been there, too.

I try to stay away, but I have a dealer who is always pushing his product on me. His name is Los Angeles. He offered me shows like Maroon 5, John Mayer, Bon Jovi...

The crowd gasps!

Bon Jovi! I know!!! There's no way I could just say no to that! I tried to quit cold turkey. That worked until Ray Lamontagne came to town. I tried to gradually ween myself, but....

Someone in the audience hands me a tissue.

but then Marc Broussard announced his tour! He's coming to the House of Blues Sunset Strip this Friday AND Sunday! And....I bought tickets for both shows!

My sponsor tries to pry the tickets from my hand, but I hold on firmly.

I can't help it! I love live music! I love dancing! I love singing along! And the only live music I experienced growing up was what I played in concert and marching band!!!

Playing your own live music just isn't the same!, someone shouts from the crowd.

Exactly! So, I'm going to the shows this weekend. And then I'm going to promise to stop going see live music for a while! I'm strong! I can do it!

The crowd starts with a slow clap. One by one, they all join in.

Um, at least until Ray Lamontagne and Rachel Yamagata come to town next month.

"Reality can be beaten with enough imagination." - Anonymous

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Run! Run! Go without me!

On the way to work this morning, I was the first in a line of cars to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. This wasn't any ordinary pedestrian, however. She was wearing a hoodie (with the hood on) and carrying two huge duffel bags. With a presence like something out of The Ring, she stared at me, straight in the eyes, as if to say, "I can see through to your soul and I'm going to have it for dinner with a side of vengeance." As she passed my car, she continued to stare at me. And after I had pulled away, I saw in my rearview mirror that she was fixated on my car.

On the way home tonight, I was again the first in a line of cars to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Same street. Different crosswalk. SAME PEDESTRIAN! She recognized me and instead of staring with a look of attack, she stopped in front of my car, stared (in a creepy manner), and waved and smiled at me like I was her long lost sister. Anxious to get her out of the way (and fearing that a swarm of locusts was about to attack my car), I half-waved back. As she started to pass the next car, I pulled away - completely freaked out!

God IS running out of extras in my life and now he's decided to cast me in a horror flick!

"Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed." - Michael Pritchard

Revisiting Jake

Apparently I'm not the only one who loved Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. Coincidentally, I stumbled across a site in a magazine ad, featuring the following t-shirts:

love this scene!



The site also offers shirts from some of other fav. films, including Napolean Dynamite (I already have the Vote For Pedro shirt) and Office Space. Freakin' awesome!

Oh, and if you want to read more about Jake Ryan (aka Michael Schoeffling), check this out.

"Why do you think you're a dork? I don't think you're a dork. I don't think Mom thinks you're a dork. " - Jim Baker, Sixteen Candles

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Danke Schoen

I'd like to pause from our regular programming to thank all of you who visit my blog, especially those of you who comment on my silly little posts. I started this blog to keep in touch with my far-away friends and family and never dreamt that I'd develop any sort of following and make such good virtual friends! I enjoy following the lives of all my regular reads (see Jelly area in the right margin), as well as finding new blogs to read. I also enjoy running into comments from bloggers I know on other blogs I read. It makes this massive blogosphere seem more like a little town.

Rock on, my blog readers. Rock on!

"Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - G. K. Chesterston

Monday, June 06, 2005

Girl on Film

Sarah tagged me with this meme, for your viewing pleasure.

1) Total Number of films we own on dvd:I'm too lazy to count but if I had to guess, probably 35.
2) The last film I bought: Um, can't remember.
3) The last film I watched: At the theater, Monster in Law. At home, we tried to watch Say Anything from Netflix, but the DVD was broken.
4) Five films I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
  • Love Actually - I can watch this over and over again. I love how the all the separate stories tie together. And Hugh Grant's dancing isn't bad, either. Update: Props to justJENN for pointing out the Hugh Grant dancing link. Meant to include that in my original post - it's good Netiquette.
  • Napolean Dynamite - Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I'm training to be a cage fighter.
  • Sixteen Candles - Two words: Jake Ryan. "Donger's here for five hours, and he's got somebody. I live here my whole life, and I'm like a disease."
  • Beauty and the Beast - I saw this movie on my first date ever. While I haven't talked to that date in nearly 10 years, I still love the movie!
  • Office Space - "No one in this country can ever pronounce my name right. It's not that hard: Samir Na-gheen-an-a-jar. Nagheenanajar. "

Since the last meme I tagged people with didn't really get executed, I'm tagging all of you, so feel free.

"When guys are persistent, it's romantic, they make movies about that. If it's a woman, then they cast Glenn Close." - Ally McBeal

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ingredients for a Fabulously Fun Weekend

1 arrival of Shelby
102 minutes of Monster-in-Law
45 minutes of Wheel of Fortune on PlayStation2
1 bike ride through Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey
1 turkey sandwhich from Bay Cities Deli
30-minute ride in a convertible
1.5 hours at IKEA
45 minutes at Target
1 really cute brown, white, green rug
yummy roasted pork Versailles
8 rounds of Karaoke Revolution

Take all ingredients and mix it all together. Cook over one Saturday and Sunday. Serve with a side of laughter.

"On the moon, the weekend has advanced beyond your wildest dreams. Weekends now take up the entire week, and jobs have been phased out accordingly." - Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Taking away my lifelines

Gmail isn't working for some reason today (and I'm not the only one it's happening to.) They might as well have told me that Target is closing down and Coffee Bean is no longer serving Vanilla Lattes.

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." - Winston Churchill

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Gym, laptops and product plugs - oh, my!

I spent two hours tonight at the gym - an hour in hip hop and an hour in pilates. The bridal regimen? Oh, it's on! It really does feel refreshing to sweat so much every now and then, or in my case, hopefully at least four times a week.

And instead of sitting in front of my desktop computer in our second bedroom, I'm sitting with a laptop in the living room in front of the tv. That's because I came home from the gym tonight to find a laptop with a big red bow. Brent and I had been talking about buying a new laptop and he took action and got one!

My tv viewing tonight included Beauty and the Geek, which was surprisingly entertaining. The "geeks" weren't that geeky, and the beauties weren't all that dumb. Let's hope it'll stay entertaining through the rest of the season. Now I'm watching Dancing with the Stars. I didn't think I'd watch it, but I have to give it a chance - probably because of my recent viewing of Mad Hot Ballroom.

It's been a while since I've plugged my favorite products. Some of my recent find include:

Loreal Tanning Towelettes - Up until a couple years ago, I was a sun worshipper. I didn't think twice about spending hours in the sun or frying my hyde in a tanning booth. However, I've seen too many leathery old women and realized the errors of my ways. I still spend time in the sun, but probably a quarter of the time I used to, if not more. Anyhow, this year I've tried a few different self-tanning products, mostly on the recommendations of others. I had tried the Neutrogena Build-A-Tan, but I didn't rub it in well enough and ended up with splotches on my feet and legs. After seeing the awesome results my boss was getting, I tried Loreal Tanning Towelettes and love them! They're easy to use (even for clumsy me), and I ensure I don't end up with splotches on my feet and nails by moisturizing a little first. The results look very natural.

Bath and Body Works Island Hot Spot - I bought this stuff to prep my skin pre-self-tanning. It's an exfoliating scrub that gets warm when it comes in contact with water. It smells YUMMY and doesn't leave a film on my skin. This stuff is my favorite part of my showers!

Carnation Creme Brulee Creamer - When the grocery store cashier scanned this item, she looked at me, wide-eyed, and said, "Have you tried this?!?! It's sooooo good! I thought we were out of this! I'll have to get more!" I bought it during a lunch break and when I got back to the office, I made a pot of coffee just so I could try it. This stuff is amazing! I love creme brulee and I love cream in my coffee, so this is a match made in heaven! It's a special, limited edition and I can't find a link to a pic - find it in the refridgerated creamer section.

"Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - G.K. Chesterton