Friday, September 30, 2005

Blog It Like It's Hot

The weather has been so freakin' bi-polar lately (pun intended). One day earlier this week it was sunny, but not hot out. From out of nowhere came a 2-minute downpour of rain! And then it went away, revealing a sunny, clear sky. It had been getting a little chilly at night. We started closing our balcony door to keep it from getting too cold. However, last night was sweltering! I couldn't believe it! I paced around the house in a zombie-mode, complaining to Brent that we should have gotten a ceiling fan installed in the living room like we've been considering. He told me to quit pacing as I was just making myself hotter. We sat on the couch, trying to play our new "We Love Katamari" game, too lazy to actually get up and get our portable fan. I gave up and went to bed. Luckily we have a really good fan in our bedroom, so I slumbered comfortably.

Oh, by the way, I got shot in the face today. No, really. Ok, it was a shot, injected into my face. The zit I complained about two weeks ago? As of this morning it was still there and not any better. I know, I know - perhaps too much info. You can stop reading now if you'd like. I was able to get into my doctor's office this morning and she determined it was beyond zit-dom and more in the land of cysts. So she referred me to a dermatologist, who I was miraculously able to get into this afternoon. There, I was presented with options (cream, shot, nothing or a combo of all the above). I opted for the shot (directly into my face). The bump is significantly smaller and I'm significantly happier.

"Don't knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while." - Kin Hubbard

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lock It Up

When Brent locked his car from the outside with his key instead of locking it from the inside before closing the door...

Me: "Why didn't you lock it before you closed it?"
Brent: "I'm a puzzle...wrapped in an enigma..."
Me: "wrapped in bacon..."

"I'm never gonna get used to the 31st century. Caffineated bacon? Baconated grapefruit? ADMIRAL Crunch?" - Fry, Futurama

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happiness Is...

An Awesome Show: Thursday's benefit for Hurricane Katrina was one of the best shows I've seen! Hosted by Tenacious D, the show started with Fiona Apple. She performed three songs - two which I'm assuming are off of her upcoming album and "Fast As You Can" from her last album. She was really great and it seems as though she's changed her singing style a bit. Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age singer) and Jessie Hughes (singer/guitarist in Josh's other band, Eagles of Death Metal) took the stage next and totally rocked (even though Jessie scared me a little bit). The show also included stand-up from Sarah Silverman and David Cross. Tenacious D also rocked, of course, but my favorite performance was Dave Grohl. I've always thought he'd be really cool to hang out with, but now I REALLY think he'd be cool to hang out with. He did an amazing acoustical set - just him and his guitar. He performed an unreleased song called "Skin & Bones," which an audience member guessed before he even started performing. Dave laughed and yelled at him, "How did you know?!?! Boot-legger!" He also sang a really cool song about when he lived with the two guys from Nirvana about how WEIRD they were. During Tenacious D's performance he came out to play drums for them, but Josh Homme had thrown all the drumsticks out to the audience after his set. Dave played the drums with his hands while looking around the stage for sticks. Just then two separate audience members threw the sticks they had caught back up on stage. Dave got em and played the MOST AMAZING DRUM SOLO EVER! Truly unbelievable. The show ended with all of the performers (minus Fiona) in a jam session - a very awesome finale.

A Great Weigh-in: This morning I was happy to learn that I lost 2.6 pounds this week, bringing my 12-week total to 17.6 pounds!

Another Sneak Peek: Our florist got married today, coincidentally, at our venue. He invited us to check out the set-up (and his flowers) before his guests arrived. We did and I was taken aback by how BEAUTIFUL his centerpieces were. They were tall with a fall color palette. I'm so excited to see what he does at our wedding.

An Awesome Meal: Tonight we treated ourselves to a very yummy dinner in Chinatown at one of our favorite restaurants, Yang Chow. Slippery shrimp, Szcheun beef and Yang Chow fried rice - delicious! To keep ourselves from indulging twice, we dropped off the leftovers at Brent's parents'.

A Movie about Roller Disco: Saw Roll Bounce last night. Entertaining, but definitely a renter.

A Clean Condo: We've been organizing cabinets and closets so our place has been in disarray for a few weeks. We did a thorough cleaning tonight and are currently sitting in tidy bliss.

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life." - Burton Hills

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Photo Finish

When I woke up to the falling rain, I thought our engagement photo session would be off. When my photographer called me at about 10 a.m., she said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yup," I replied. "We're going to have cancel." She said that we should wait a couple hours and play it by ear. At noon I checked and saw that it was supposed to rain here in Santa Monica all day, all night - thunderstorms! So I called the photographer and cancelled. But then she called back a short while later and said that she was in Santa Monica and that it was looking pretty clear. I checked the pier webcam and saw that it was dry. So, game on! I left work early, got my make-up done at Macy's (Benefit is my official new favorite line of cosmetics, by the way), and then headed to the pier for photos.

Brent and I had a blast having our pictures taken, especially because our photographers are so nice and fun to be around (they're a married couple). The pier is a great place for photos - stairs, a boat (on the playground), swings, and ferris wheel, pier and ocean in the background. I can't wait to see the photos as I'm sure they'll turn out really cute. My photographers are awesome and it was great to get a glimpse of what taking photos with them will be like on our wedding day!

"I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, horses... taking pictures of your feet." - Charlotte, Lost in Translation

Monday, September 19, 2005

Picture Perfect

I sit here in our living room, looking out over our balcony at the cloudy night sky and the flashes of lightning. I should be enjoying the show, but instead I'm freaking out because it is supposed to rain tomorrow morning. And tomorrow night Brent and I are supposed to take our engagement photos at the beach! On the brightside, if it only rains during the afternoon but not during our photos, it can make for some really cool photos with clouds in the background and wet ground. So hopefully that'll happen and we'll be fine. Now if I can only get rid of this giant zit near my nose. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. Hopefully it's something a little make-up (getting it done professionally) and if extremely necessary, Photoshop, can take care of.

The new fall tv line-up is starting and I'm so excited! Saw Arrested Development tonight, which was hilarious! Watching Kitchen Confidential right now and it's funnier than one would expect. Looking forward to The Office, Grey's Anatomy, 24, Desperate Housewives and Lost! My TiVo is going to explode!

"You should have seen the face he made when - well, he's my twin brother, I'll show you!" - George Sr., Arrested Development

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Last night Brent and I, along with Los Angeles' goth population, saw The Corpse Bride. I'm a big Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fan, so I was very excited to see this. I really enjoyed it - just enough music and a really great look to it. However, Brent and I agreed that it probably wasn't as good as Nightmare Before Christmas. And I can't get over that they didn't hold on and release this around Halloween. It just seems so fitting.

After the movie we strolled down to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. During our stroll, Brent said to me, "Did you see that? Blair Underwood just walked by." That's the drawback to not staring at people and minding my own business - I always miss celeb sightings! At Coffee Bean we sat on the outdoor patio for the best people-watching spot. We joked that maybe Blair Underwood would walk by so I could see him. Less than 5 minutes later, he DID walk by and straight into the Coffee Bean! That man is almost as yummy as the Vanilla Latte I had.

Other random weekend ramblings included: a pedicure (pink), shopping at Target and Old Navy for some outfits (jeans and some sweaters) to wear for next week's engagement photo session, Saturday morning viewing of The Grudge (very creepy), hanging out with Josh, Jami and baby (or toddler) Hallie, finishing my first book in a few months, two really good workouts at the gym, and best of all, weighing in at Weight Watchers - finally hitting the 15-pound loss mark.

Friday I bought tickets to a "Concert for Katrina Relief" at the Wiltern on Wednesday, featuring:
Tenacious D and friends (Brent LOVES them)
Fiona Apple (I love her....and coincidentally, Brent went to high school with her)
Dave Grohl (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!)
Josh Homme with Jesse Hughes (some guys from Queens of the Stone Age - we dig them)
David Cross (LOVE him! Saw him perform at House of Blues once, freakin' hilarious)
Sarah Silverman (She's a crack up)
and special guests. (With a line-up like the above, we're thinking the special guests must be really special, like The Beatles, Mozart, Elvis....someone REALLY cool!)

"No one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." - Charles Dudley Warner

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Gone but not forgotten

Monday, Sept. 12 was the 2-year anniversary of my father's death. I didn't realize that the date had come and gone until yesterday. I was at work, looking at the calendar for some reason and then it hit me. And I started to get really upset. I could feel my eyes filling up, extremely disappointed that I had let that day come and go without acknowledging his death, his struggle, the void in my life without him. I wiped a few tears away in the hopes that I wasn't going to breakdown. I was going to call Brent, but I knew that I'd likely let the floodgates of tears open if I did. So I sent him an e-mail, told him about my disappointment and disgrace, and asked that he didn't call me because I'd probably lose it. He sent back just what I needed to hear:

Don’t get upset. Seriously. This does not make you a bad person or a bad daughter. The day is sort of arbitrary if you think about him everyday, which I know you do.

How did I get so lucky to have such great men in my life?

In memory, here is a pic of my dad and I on my first birthday.

"The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live." - Joan Borysenko

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

All The Small Things

I've been MIA, but really busy. Lots of little things to blog on, so here goes:

Things I Love: My new ponytail holders! I get so tired of having to redo my ponytail because the holder won't stay put, but I found the solution. They're flat rather than round. I wore one yesterday and didn't redo it all day - from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.! The true test will be in tomorrow night's hip-hop class. I'm also loving my new Muppet Show Season 1 DVDs, a lovely gift from Brent. Ma na, ma na...doo dooooo do do do!

Power Struggle: Yesterday's power outage resulted in some downtime at work where the Emergency Belt Packs filled with boxed water, whistles, "Need Help" sign and battery-powered radio came in handy. Ok, just the radio.

Kitchen Kook: Sunday night I tried to make a crustless Weight-Watcher friendly pumpkin pie (6 mini ones). When they came out all nice and golden, I was so excited! I added some fat-free whip cream and Brent and I dug in. I realized, though, that it wasn't sweet like I expected. I mentioned it to Brent and he noted that he just assumed that's what made it "diet" and that we were supposed to power through it. "Is there sugar?," he asked. Then it hit me. I forgot to add the Splenda! We laughed and laughed but my inner cook was crying. I made up for it last night, though, when I combined fat-free plain yogurt, a box of fat-free, sugar-free vanilla pudding mix and a can of crushed pineapple. It was truly decadent!

Best thing I overheard while grocery shopping last weekend: (woman on cell phone...) "Have fun at church. Tell God I said hi." I think she was being serious!

"No, not Janey Briggs. She's got glasses. And a ponytail. Ugh, she's got paint on her overalls. What is that?" - Jake, Not Another Teen Movie

Friday, September 09, 2005

Saving Face

I love spas (despite the recent beatings I've taken at Burke Williams). I love being pampered. I love treating myself. So imagine my delight when I learned about "Spa Week," where participating spas in Los Angeles offer various treatments for $50! I've been meaning to get a facial, so I'm definitely making an appointment. LA's Spa Week is Sept. 12th - 18th. Apparently spas in other areas (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Philadelphia) celebrate Spa Week, too, at other times.

Enjoy, LA guys and gals! Your pores can thank me later.

"Well, it's not good. Unless you want to give your butt a facial." - after Patty discovers the hot water coming from the toilet, Under The Tuscan Sun

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Animal Planet

Over sushi yesterday, which Brent and I aren't technically supposed to be eating on Weight Watchers, we were talking about the types of foods we've been craving since we've been on this diet. He mentioned strawberry shortcake and that we'd need to have that soon. I agreed - that sounded yummy. Little did I know how soon he meant. At 10 p.m. last night, Brent tells me that we need to go get strawberry shortcake - at that very moment. We had been to a restaurant in Santa Monica over the weekend called The Library, where we happened to stroll by some strawberry shortcake while we were leaving. That's where Brent wanted to go. I said, "Are they even open?" He replied, " They stop serving food at 11. I just called." So we went. I ordered apple crisp; he ordered the shortcake. After we stuffed ourselves while sitting on the outdoor patio and pledged to be very faithful to Weight Watchers from now on, we paid our bill. I didn't notice that Brent was getting antsy and that his eyes were bulging with an urgency. After we figured out the tip, he quickly got up, told me to hurry up and join him and then to turn around. I turned around and saw that mere inches from where I was sitting, a baby (yet not so little) possum was lurking! I tapped the waiter on the shoulder, pointed him towards the possum and stuck around long enough to hear the waiter yelp in fear. Apparently Brent had been watching the possum as it scaled the fence furthest from us, making its way toward our area. We got up just in time. I didn't want to be the one to have to tell the possum that we licked our plates clean and left no dessert for him.

This afternoon at work, I checked up on my lone frog, Gatsby, who is usually found in my cube in a nice tank filled with water. I was saddened to find him floating, belly up, at the top - dead. I told Brent that my frog had died and I joked about replacing my frog with a squirrel. Brent's response? He'll drown. I love a man who makes me giggle.

"You can't make friends with a squirrel. Squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits." - Carrie, Sex and the City

Monday, September 05, 2005

Weekend Warrior

All the devastation on the tv and radio and online is so overwhelming for me, from my cozy, dry little patch of Earth in California - I can't even imagine how those thousands of people along the Gulf Coast are coping. I was happy when Brent told me he had donated to Red Cross, even if it's only a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done.

In between watching the 24-hour coverage of the aftermath, Brent and I "labored" around the house this weekend after my mom and Shelby left. We organized the guest room closet and finally painted the bathroom. It's amazing what a couple coats of paint can do to a room. We rewarded our hard work today with a swim in Brent's parents' pool and a lovely meal of sushi - my first in more than two months.

Friday night we went to Versailles, where we saw Jesse Eisenberg and Emile Hirsch, eating together with a bunch of other kids their age.

We saw 40-year-old Virgin on Saturday. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much through a movie. Freakin' hilarious.

It was nice having a four-day weekend. Now who is going to go into work for me tomorrow? Bueller? Bueller?

"I don't believe this. If I was bleeding out my eyes, you guys would make me go to school." - Jeanie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shop Till You Pop A Salesgirl In The Face

Things I Learned While Shopping For A Wedding Dress

  • The shop that doesn't comment on the large size of my breasts, wins my business.
  • There are some really nice bridal shop employees. Then there are crazy ones who continuously yell at their assistants, tell me that I HAVE to wear a veil and that my dream gown is uncomfortable.
  • A nice bridal shop that treats their potential brides with respect is definitely worth the drive and sets the bar high for other shops.
  • There are some off-the-rack dresses that fit me with no problem.
  • There are others that don't, but I can still get the idea.
  • The specific dress I've been dreaming about for the past four months is even better in person, and the gown that I've decided on.
  • I have 216 days left to work on looking fabulous in said gown. (14.2 pounds down as of Saturday, by the way.)
  • Me + Shelby, my maid of honor + my mom + my future mother-in-law = lots of fun

"Character is the salesperson’s stock in trade. The product itself is secondary. Truthfulness, enthusiasm and patience are great assets to every salesperson. Without them, they couldn’t go far. Courage and courtesy are essential equipment." - George M. Adams

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bruised by Burke

I surprised my mom tonight when she arrived by taking her to Burke Williams for a belated birthday massage. I got one, too, along with getting my eyebrows plucked. I had my massage with a different masseuse than last time. I only had to tell him once to ease up on the pressure.

When I was getting my brows done, I winced a few times, but was otherwise fine. Last time I got my brows waxed there, it resulted in couple yucky scabs. I thought the plucking route was the way to go, but I left the spa and saw that I had a few red spots around my brows. Sigh...

And I just got out of the shower and saw that I have some bruises from the massage on my arms, and a couple on my legs! DAMNIT! I shouldn't be surprised. It's only the night before my wedding dress shopping day. "No ma'am. Those aren't track marks. Those are bruises. My fiance doesn't beat me. Yes, I know black and blue don't go with white."

After our massages, we walked along the 3rd Street Promenade and my mom had some interesting observations.

(when she saw two clantily clad girls walking down the street) - "Are those hookers?"

(seeing a homeless guy, in a fit of rage, rubbing his hat to itch his head) - "He has cooties."

(walking past Hooters) - "Hooters! Don't they sell shirts there?" "No, Mom. You are NOT buying a Hooters shirt!"

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Edison