Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How To Jinx Yourself

After taking care of your fiance and his cold for five days, think to yourself right before you go to sleep, "Wow! Good thing I didn't get sick!" Fast forward a few hours to wake up miserable with a stuffy and achy head.

"And it will fall out as in a complication of diseases, that by applying a remedy to one sore, you will provoke another; and that which removes the one ill symptom produces others" - Sir Thomas Moore

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cutest nephew ever!

My Thanksgiving included lots and lots of quality time with my nephew Jayden.

Those big blue eyes are to die for!
LOVE his big blue eyes!

Robes never looked better

Uncle Brent also had some quality time with him.
Uncle Brent

At four months and 18 pounds there's a lot to love, but I got plenty to give.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Harad. I'm going to be delivering your babies. And by the way, I love Fonzie." - Dr. Harad, Friends

Friday, November 25, 2005

Doe, A Dear

Dear Brent's Immune System,

Please stop attacking Brent with the cold/flu/congestion or any variation of that. This is the second year in a row that Brent has been sick on Thanksgiving. And he'll be the first to admit that he's not a good sick person. He's a bit of a wuss and complains and complains and complains. However, I still like taking care of him and he enjoys being taken care of - but leave him alone!



Dear Collar Bones,

Thanks for making an appearance during tonight's workout. It's been a while since I've seen you and you've been sorely missed. Perhaps you were hanging out with my shoulder muscles, which also made a cameo tonight. If you happen to see my triceps, please feel free to invite them to come out and play, too.



Dear Holiday Sales,

Please stop calling out to me. I need to be shopping for other people, not myself! I don't really need any new skirts, shoes, perfume, CDs, jewelry - so leave me alone! I don't care if you're on sale! I don't care if you're limited edition, limited quantity and make me the hippest girl on my block. I don't need you. At least, that's what I'll be telling myself between now and New Year's.



Dear Thanksgiving vacation,

If there is any way possible to extend yourself another few days or so, that would be great! I'm not ready to go back to work. I have books to read, movies to see, gifts to buy, and a sick fiance to take care of.



"George Michael was getting ready for school when he came across a box of love letters he'd written, but never sent, to his cousin Maeby. One letter, titled "If you weren't my cousin," was particularly incriminating." - Narrator, Arrested Development

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy (almost) Turkey Day!

Tomorrow Brent and I are heading up to Visalia to see my mom and my nephew. I've requested that instead of a turkey, which my mom doesn't like anyway, we have some of my mom's yummy Filipino food. I'm sooo looking forward to it!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd post some things I'm thankful for - some serious and some playful.

I'm thankful for...

  • Brent - everything about him and everything he does
  • Sex and The City reruns
  • This blog and my fabulous readers
  • My mother and the support provides me
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf vanilla lattes
  • My loving future in-laws
  • Live music
  • Our condo
  • My health
  • Bay Cities Deli turkey sandwiches
  • Old Navy
  • Sephora
  • My blog friends
  • My non-blog friends
  • Candles
  • Polka dots
  • My sense of humor
  • Perfume
  • My new nephew
  • Lost, Grey's Anatomy, The Office
  • TiVo
  • Cheese
"You can't have Thanksgiving without turkey. That's like Fourth of July without apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas." - Joey, Friends

Gobble me up!

They're assembled! Did you know a group of turkeys is called a rafter?

Turkey for me, turkey for you

For the potluck we're having at work tomorrow

A 3D Turkey

These look more like Elmo than a turkey, but oh well...
Gobble, gobble

Tiny cupcakes that look more like donuts than cupcakes.
Little cupcakes

Nutter Butters waiting to be assembled into Turkey Cupcakes tomorrow.
Turkeys in Waiting

"Turkey lurkey doo and Turkey lurkey dap. I eat that turkey then I take a nap." - Adam Sandler, Thanksgiving Song

Monday, November 21, 2005

Before & Almost After

Thought I'd post some pics of Brent and I that illustrate the progress we've made with our new healthy lifestyle. This pic is from a friend's wedding about a year and a half ago:

He can no longer wear the blazer he has on in this pic. He's swimming in it now!

This picture is from a couple weeks ago at a dinner with his parents (please ignore the funky lighting on my glasses):

almost after

Crazy, huh?

"The tasks are done and the tears are shed. Yesterday's errors let yesterday cover; Yesterday's wounds, which smarted and bled, Are healed with the healing that night has shed." - Sarah Chauncey Woolsey

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cake Walk

In theory, a day consisting of meals of cake would be the best thing ever. In execution, not so much.

Saturday we had cake tastings across Southern California. We started at a little place in North Hollywood called Jacqui's. She gave us a list of cake flavors, which we paired with various cake fillings. She put them together and brought them out as huge pieces to taste. They were definitely yummy, but we didn't have anything to compare it to. I think I was already full by the time we left. Our next place was Porto's in Glendale, a very popular bakery with amazing desserts but lackluster wedding cakes. They tasted like bad sheet cakes. After a couple bites we knew it wasn't for us. We then moved on to our third place, Susina Bakery in the Hollywood area. The owner was really nice and brought out two really delicious pieces of cake - one chocolate and one vanilla/berry. We have another flavor that we want to taste, but have to have her make it ahead of time. I think we're going to have to visit that bakery/cafe again for lunch and other yummy treats. Lastly we went to Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills. By then, we were absolutely STUFFED and delirious from all the sugar, but were on a mission. We tasted nine (yes, nine) various flavors there. We have three more tastings next weekend.

It's sad to realize that the dreams I had as a child of eating ice cream all day or living in Willy Wonka's factory where I could stuff myself full of sugar probably wouldn't be the best thing ever.

Here are some of the leftovers we took to Brent's parents.

In our sugar-induced stupor, we saw Walk The Line. I was really excited to see this film, which is strange because I've never been a Johnny Cash fan. I think the trailers just made it look so appealing. Oh, and I'm a big fan of Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. I think I enjoyed the movie. I have to say "think" because Brent and I spent the last half of the film pissed about how hot it got in the theater. He complained, but it didn't change. It was seriously a good 15 degrees warmer than it should have been. I tried to concentrate on the movie, but was definitely distracted. I think the movie had really great performances, which featured the actual voices of the actors, not dubbed. I think the storyline was interesting. I think that without the stifling heat of the theater that I could have been easily consumed by the film. I think that movie theater sucks.

Speaking of heat, it was 82 degrees in Los Angeles today. There's something strange and maybe even wrong about wearing flip flops, skirt and tank top just a few days before Thanksgiving.

"The fool that eats till he is sick must fast till he is well." - George W. Thornbury

Friday, November 18, 2005

Jesus is Brent's Homeboy

Brent went to the UCLA basketball game tonight and sat behind Jesus...
aka Jim Caviezel. I am sad I didn't get to see the hottie Count of Monte Cristo up close and personal myself. My "celeb" sightings consist of people like Beth from the Real World at Banana Republic. Bleh...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh Yes, It's Ladies' Night

Last night I had a lovely dinner at Angie's house, along with Atineh, South African Ballerina Jen (now with Kung Fu kicking action) and Tori. We've known each other for nearly 5 years as we all worked together at a PR firm back in 2000. We've since gone our separate ways workwise, but we manage to keep in touch (along with Miwa and Liz). Collective picture of all of us at a past gathering here. We like to take turns hosting brunch/lunch/dinner at each of our places. It was Angie's turn to show off her new digs and let me tell ya, Martha ain't got nothing on Angie. Between her fashionista decorating (Pottery Barn, eat your heart out!) and her decadent homemade Italian dinner (bruschetta, baked ziti and tiramisu), we had an absolute blast.

I imagine that Atineh is going to become more of a regular reader of my blog. Last night the rest of the gals kept referring to things I've mentioned on here (e.g., the time my mom thought college girls we saw while shopping were hookers, my review of Just Friends, etc.) that Atineh hadn't read. And then we joked about things that I hadn't written about on my blog, just to throw her off.

I love nights like that - dining and gabbing with a bunch of gals about boys (no more lunch dates, Tori!), clothes, vacations, Atineh's Dave Navarro sightings (lucky!), jobs, nothing at all, till the wee hours of the night. Ok, until 11...we are working girls, after all.

"Women need women friends. Take my wife. We used to fight all the time. Then she started hanging out with this nice gal down the street. Got her into weight lifting, ladies' professional golf, home repair, now I get my Saturday nights to myself while they lock the door and play board games in the basement. Yep, we got a perfect marriage all thanks to her special friend." - Kenny, Baby Blues

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Laugh In

You ever set the bar low for something, expecting a mediocre outcome, which then results in something much better than you anticipated? That happened to Brent and I tonight. We went to a screening of Just Friends, starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart. Although I'm a pretty big Ryan Reynolds fan (he's yummy) and I've always enjoyed Amy Smart, I don't know that, based on the trailers, I would have chosen to see this movie in the theaters. I may have considered it for my Netflix queue. For those of you who aren't familiar with the inner workings of the movie "biz," they often hold screenings for movies to either obtain feedback from the audience to tweak the movie, if necessary, or just to create a "buzz." Tonight was the latter.

Brent and I didn't discuss our expectations before the movie, but we learned at the end that we both were pleasantly surprised. It was actually one of the funniest comedies I've seen in a long time! We laughed throughout the entire thing. The casting was ideal - Anna Faris, as a nutso pop star was a definite film highlight. And the relationship between Ryan Reynolds' character and his brother was PRICELESS!

If you like to laugh, DEFINITELY see this movie. If you don't like to laugh, then, um, why are you reading this blog? Hee, hee.

Oh, and one of Ryan Reynolds' upcoming movies looks really hilarious, too, on the description alone: In order to win the favor of his dream girl's family, a young man (Reynolds), who is a cognitive therapist specializing in non-violent communication, accompanies her tough-as-nails brother (Dwayne Johnson, yes, as in the ROCK!) on his police beat. I couldn't have handpicked a better duo.

"Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society." - William Makepeace Thackeray

Monday, November 14, 2005

Parking Unstructured

Brent and I tried to go to Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang at the 3rd St. Promenade on Sunday night. We were running late, so in our hurry to get out of the car after we parked in one of the parking garages, Brent closed his (locked) car door and realized the car was still running. I waited near the car for AAA while Brent waited at the garage entrance. A man in a Porsche parked while I was waiting. He went to the Promenade and came back to find me still waiting. He asked if I was stuck and I explained what Brent had done. He mentioned that his fiancee had done the same thing recently. We started chatting about wedding stuff and he asked if I did any research online. I said yes and he asked what site. I said, "The Knot!" He laughed and I asked if his fiancee was on The Knot a lot, too. He said, "No. My company is the WeddingChannel.com and The Knot is our rival. Everyone always says 'The Knot' when I ask them that!" I laughed and tried to explain that I had visited his site! We chuckled and he left. (Based on his Porsche, I'm assuming that he's pretty high-up at the company, if not the owner.)

After the AAA driver arrived, we were too late for the movie so we grabbed a bite to eat, wandered around the Promenade and then left. Brent realized that he had no cash, nor did I, to get out of the garage. I figured the parking garage cashier would just send us a ticket (I've seen them do that before). When Brent told the cashier we had no cash, she asked if we had an ATM card, which we assumed meant they took ATM cards. "Yes!," we said hopefully. She replied, "Great! Park your car in the spot back there and run across the street to the ATM!" We were dumbfounded, yet amused. So we parked, Brent ran to the ATM and we were able to get out of the parking garage, now known as the "Vortex of Wackiness."

"It seems every week the Simpsons go through a situation like this. My suggestion is to just ride it out, make the occasional smart-aleck quip, and next week, we'll return right to where we were, ready for another wacky adventure." - Lisa, The Simpsons

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I wonder...

  • if I'm the only person who hadn't seen Say Anything until today. I'm a shame to John Cusack fans everywhere.
  • how long the Choxie tiles I just bought will last in my pantry.
  • why there were sooo many people at the gym this morning at 10 a.m. Don't people sleep in anymore?
  • if I can find more $1.50 yoga capris at Old Navy. I thought they wrang me up incorrectly, so I went back and asked the cashier. The customer he was helping laughed at me, as if to say, "You fool!," but according to the cashier, the pants were on clearance and that was the price. Maybe I'll use the 10% off from the survey and get them for $1.35!
  • why chai tea is sooo damn yummy.
  • when I'll breakdown and finally get an iPod. I saw the new video iPod today and it was awesome! I'm tired of all the CDs scattered in my cube and in my car.
  • when I'll freshen up my grammar skills and re-learn how to use commas correctly.
  • what the hell Fox executives were thinking when they decided to cancel Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential. If they dare cancel 24, I will go Jack Bauer on their ass.
  • how long it'll take me to finish the Chronicles of Narnia - I just started.
  • if Walk The Line, Aeon Flux and Match Point will live up to my expectations. (We got tickets for a preview of Match Point at LACMA - woo hoo!)

Lloyd: "Hey my brother, can I borrow a copy of your 'Hey Soul Classics'?" J-Man: "No, my brother, you have to go buy your own." - Say Anything

Feed-back to Back

Apparently the word is out that I'm the World's Biggest Consumer. Last weekend while shopping at Banana Republic, I was randomly chosen for a customer survey, resulting in 10% off my next visit. Today at lunch Brent and I were randomly chosen for a customer survey, which gives us a free appetizer next time. After lunch today we stopped by Old Navy, where (do you sense a theme here?), I was chosen for a survey, giving me 10% off next time.

I know, I know - it's part of the larger ploy to get me back into those establishments, but I have no shame. Bribe me, baby!

"Zero. Then I asked you, name a time when people usually go to bed. You said, of course..."Night." Our survey said..." - Richard Dawson, Family Feud

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We Interrupt This Blog...

...to bring you this special announcment:

Exactly 5 months until Brent and I get married!

You may now resume your regular blog reading.

"Oh, that's so cute! You're just afraid that because you're a woman you're gonna do something stupid, like buy that time-share or not realize that your husband taped over our wedding video with soft-core cable porn." - Peter Griffin, Family Guy

Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Warriors

Friday: Brent and I went to the UCLA exhibition basketball game against the Canadian champion team. The highlight of the game was during UCLA's "trash time" (i.e., they were up something like 65 to 40) when they put in this 5'7" guard. The crowd went nuts! I told Brent, "You'd think this guy had 'special needs' or something. Why is everyone so excited?" He explained that this player probably tried out for the team, as opposed to being drafted like the other 6'8" players on the team. And that this may be the only time he gets to play all season. It was seriously like a scene in "Lucas."

Saturday: Shelby came to town! After we hit the gym (Shelby is also in bridal slimdown mode as she prepares for her maid of honor role - she's lost 30 pounds and looks FABULOUS!), we met up with Josh and 19-month-old Hallie for lunch and a stroll down Venice Beach. Hallie was in rare form - she started out very, very shy and quiet, but something flipped the switch and she turned on her charm with lots of impromptu hugs, giggling, singing (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old Macdonald) and high-fives.

Sunday: Shelby and I got pedicures and then hit Old Navy and Banana Republic as we're both shrinking into smaller clothes. Lots of $19.99 sale jeans at Gap, by the way! I would have gotten some if they weren't exactly the same as the pair I was wearing. Then we saw Shopgirl, 104 minutes of pure enjoyment, minus the lady behind us who over-reacted to every line - "Oh my god!" Brent, Shelby and I agree - Shopgirl was everything that Lost In Translation should have been. It had an amazing soundtrack and it was so easy to love all the characters. I think I'll invite them all over for dinner, maybe a game of Taboo.

By the way, as much as I love the holiday season, I'm already sick of Christmas music. It's not even Thanksgiving!

"And now, in the spirit of the season: start shopping. And for every dollar of Krusty merchandise you buy, I will be nice to a sick kid. For legal purposes, sick kids may include hookers with a cold." - Krusty the Clown, The Simpsons

Friday, November 04, 2005

She loves me, she loves me not

My friend Stacie had been feeling under the weather, so on a whim I ordered flowers online on Wednesday to be sent to her yesterday at her home in Sacramento. I hadn't heard from her by the time I left work, so I called her.

Me: Hey, just called to say "hi." (wanting to be sly and not like "Hey! You never acknowledged the flowers!")
Stacie: Hey! How's it going?
Me: Did I catch ya at a bad time?
Stacie: Nah, I'm in the car on my way from Phoenix to Flagstaff.
Me: Um....when did you leave for Phoenix?!?!?
Stacie: Today around 2.
Me: Uh, so ya probably didn't get the delivery I sent...
Stacie: Delivery?!?!?!
Me: Yup.
Stacie: No...
Me: I sent you flowers.
Stacie: OH NO!!!

She's going to have a friend drop by to pick them up, if they're there. And she'll be back on Sunday. Even if she doesn't ever see them, I'm happy that she at least knows I sent them. In this instance, it's the thought that REALLY counts.

"The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose." - Hada Bejar

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I wanna go to Haaawaaaaaaiiii

Brent and I need to book our Hawaiian honeymoon soon. And by "soon" I mean "yesterday." However, we're a bit overwhelmed by all our options. We want to enjoy the tourist attractions, but also want to just relax like they do in the Corona commercials, replacing the Coronas with girlie umbrella drinks.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to visit the state of island paradises:

Which island(s) did you visit?
Which island was your favorite? Why?
What was your favorite activity/activities?
Any restaurant recommendations?
What about hotel recommendations?
(You can e-mail responses to me if you don't feel like commenting...)

I promise that answers to these questions will result in a very happy blogger who will post plenty of beautiful Hawaiian honeymoon pics in April/May 2006 for your viewing pleasure.

"You folks are from Hawaii and you came to L.A. on your honeymoon?"
- Sheriff, Quick

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Today I had a few of what Weight Watchers refers to as Non-Scale Victories (NSV). First, the skirt I wore turned out to be too big and kept shifting around my waist, almost completely backwards. The blazer I wore today used to be big enough to wear and look fashionable, but not big enough to button up...until today. I buttoned it and wore it proudly, even if no one realized it but me.

And lastly, Brent and I planned to go the gym tonight. He came home to find me napping on the couch. He woke me up and even though I wanted to go back to sleep, skip the gym and veg out, I got my very sleepy butt up and dragged it to the gym for a pretty good workout.

Sometimes the numbers don't mean much to me; it's the winning of the daily battles that keep me going.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." - Henry David Thoreau