Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Sometimes technology can be a savior. It can connect us with long lost loved ones. It keeps us up-to-date on the latest news worldwide. It helps us get our work done and let's us order bizarre trinkets from across the country. In other instances, it's not so helpful. Brent introduced his parents to the wonderful World Wide Web a couple years ago. When we lived with them, on a daily (ok, hourly) basis, we'd hear their requests screamed across the home for "TECH SUPPORT!" This request was usually followed by, "I can't get my b-mail to work." "Ya mean e-mail?" "Tree-mail?" "No, e-mail." "Me-mail?" AARG!

When we moved to our condo, we thought we had given them all the tools they'd need to successfully navigate the internet. Nope. Now our phone rings at least daily (ok, hourly) with requests like, "This page isn't loading." "What's the Web site address?" "Huh?" "The Web site address? Ok, open another window." "What's a window?"

Brent tries to get me involved with answering their questions, but I can usually respond with, "If Brent doesn't know how to fix it, I certainly won't."

I've often thought of showing my mom how to use the Web so she could e-mail me and learn to order things online for herself, but then I'm sure I'd get tech support requests, but this time with a Filipiino accent. "Nanette, how do I get on da Beb?" "The Web?" "Dats what I said, da Beb!" "Just enter a Web address and click 'enter'." "But I don't know da address. And bear's the "enter" button? How do I play solitaire? Can I ebay?"

Next time you surf the Web, send an e-mail, upload an attachment or leave a comment (hint, hint), think how fortunate we are to know what we know about technology. And if all else fails, you can yell for TECH SUPPORT!

"I wanna wake up! Tech support! It's a nightmare! Tech support! Tech support!" - David, Vanilla Sky


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Oh my god, do I know how you feel?!?!!! My mother's a complete idiot when it comes to the computer. I was trying to teach her how to edit a Word doc and for some reason, she immediately went to the Internet. And then, if/when she doesn't know what she's doing, she'll try to blame the computer if it's not working. I try to have patience, but sometimes it's really hard.


  2. the paragraph about your mom is cracking me up! the accent!

  3. I'm really lucky that both of my parents (and even my grandma) are super tech savvy. My dad has been online since '95, when they still charged by the minute! Although Roth's parents? Not so much. They've had the same computer for years and are afraid to upgrade b/c they might lose stuff -- hello, you can transfer it all to the new one! And Roth will even help! AND they still have dial up. My god, it's insane trying to check e-mail at their house, let alone download something. But then these same people managed to purchase an iPod, even though they can't download anything onto it. They are stuck with the songs a friend of theirs originally put on it - forever! They crack me up!

  4. My mom is great with computers and the internet. We're trying to get her used to cell phones though.

  5. I think it's funny how when I talk to my parents or in-laws about the Internet, it's like..wha?? Like recently my mom asked me, Did your sister airmail you? HAHA she meant, email..what a trip!!