Monday, January 09, 2006

Freak On A Leash

I like dogs, as long as they're not barking or jumping on me. I completely understand the appeal of taking dogs out with you when you're going to dog-friendly places, like the park, certain outdoor cafes, etc. What I don't understand, which runs rampant especially here in Los Angeles, is taking dogs shopping with you. Inside the stores. And not carrying them. I was at Banana Republic this weekend when a woman walks in with her Yorkie on a leash. A long leash, at that. I caught the eye of one of the sales people there, who seemed to be thinking the same thing I was: "What the???"

Brent and I have also had too many recent encounters with dog owners on very busy, small sidewalks in a shopping area, where they've let their dogs wander a good 15 feet away from them, all the while we're trying not to trip over the excessive leash while they're on their cell phone or chatting about poser-hipster stuff with other poser-hipsters. Brent has threatened to start carrying scissors with him - for the leashes AND for haircuts that offend him. I'd pay to see that, as long as I could pretend he wasn't with me.

In other bizarre-o neighborhood encounters, we were at a restaurant patio this weekend having breakfast when a man pulls out two packs of cigarettes and a lighter. He grabs one of the packets of Sweet N Low. "Wanna see how bad this sweetener is for you?," he asks his friend, who also just pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He proceeds to rip open the package, light his lighter and sprinkle the sweetener over the flame. "It's flammable!" Irony, anyone?

"Is it fair that Pluto has to wear a leash and sleep in a doghouse while Goofy, who is also a dog, gets to drive around in a car and play golf with Mickey?" - Louis Stevens, Even Stevens


  1. What about kids on leashes? Man, I see those everywhere!

  2. I would pay to see that too. Bring a camera.

    Oh and the Sweet N Low thing, I knew I didn't like that stuff...