Monday, January 02, 2006

Storm Watch 2006

Looks like we're going to be stuck inside all day today because of all this crazy rain. It's seriously raining sideways! We were watching the Rose Parade (those poor parade participants, drenched) and a flash flood warning scrolled across the screen. Good thing we're on the second floor.

Yikes - as I type this, the rain just got about five times worse! The sky just opened up and is POURING gallons and gallons! I should have asked Santa for a boat this year.

"Now let's go to Greg The Weather Mime. OK... it's going to be cold... lots of wind... and it looks like parents are going to throw human fecal matter from the rooftops onto their children... oh, GOD. That's awful. No wait, it looks like rain. Yes, rain." - Tom Tucker, Family Guy


  1. We just had a thunderstorm! Yes, here in Indiana it's 65 degrees with thunder in the middle of Winter!

  2. Rain, schmain. I'd like to see all those Californians survive one week in Seattle right now. It's been raining buckets for weeks.

    *I can now say this as an official Seattle-ite - I've become a bit jaded, I think.*

  3. Whoo hooo yeah It's always raining in seattle, even one day out of the summer months... Come by my blog when you can...