Monday, January 16, 2006

Three-Day Weekend Highlights

First, I'm apparently the only person in the world who doesn't know about this world-famous photo from Martin Luther King's assassination.

Second, my three-day weekend was nice and relaxing. It included:

- Dinner with Josh, Jami and Hallie
- Addressed wedding invites
- Went to the gym, where I was on an eliptical machine next to a woman wearing white gloves (and not the workout kind). I thought she was a germaphobe (or a hand model) but she took them off half-way through the workout. I think she was a little crazy, though, because she started hitting and cursing at the machine for no apparent reason.
- Dinner at PF Changs with Tori, Jen and Toni
- Watched Red Eye on DVD, which was surprisingly good
- Woke up in the middle ofthe night last night again thinking it was an earthquake. Alas, a search this morning didn't indicate any nearby earthquakes.
- Went to the LA Zoo with Josh and his daughter Hallie, where we saw the CUTEST baby red ape. Lemme tell ya - ain't nothing cuter than experience the zoo through the eyes of an almost-2-year-old.
- Shopped for wedding rings
- Started knitting again
- Enjoyed the start of the new season of 24. Actually, "enjoyed" doesn't fully cover it. I screamed, my heart was pounding, and I kept yelling, "OH NO!!!"

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." - Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. truly enjoyed 24! i was telling my husband that the show is actually a hazard to my health... 'coz it felt like i was holding my breath all throughout the show! the first few minutes was intense!

  2. I love the ground chicken and eggplant at PF Changs! I was wondering whether Red Eye was any good - I'll add it to my Netflix queue.

  3. Very nice weekend. Red Eye is on my Netflix so it's good to hear it's good. Thanks for the picture share!

  4. hey nanette, it's eileen! glad i found your blog ... hehe ... now i will read every entry and make fun of you! jk ... my mom said you two had a website, where is it?