Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Work it out

Things that annoyed me at the gym tonight:
- The guy in spinning who does the complete opposite of what the instructor asks us to, all the while wearing his iPod earbuds
- The guy in spinning who's buddy kept interupting the class to talk to him - twice
- The girl on the bike next to me who had to be told to get off her cell phone
- The girl on the bike in front of me who kept leaving and coming back
- The guy who came in 10 minutes before class ended, obviously had no idea what he was doing, proceeded to get on a bike next to me without adjusting it
- The substitute instructor for hip-hop class, which I took after spinning. His routines are way more male cheerleader than hip-hop and he spent more time teaching the routine than letting us actually get a workout from dancing.

Things that I enjoyed at the gym tonight:
- Perhaps all the frustration manifested into a better workout during spinning. I think I worked 25% harder than usual.
- Because it was the substitute teacher in hip-hop, lots of people left, leaving me with more room to dance.
- Sweat, lots of sweat.

"Okay, for the bizillionth time, yes I see other women in the shower at the gym, and no I don't look." - Monica, Friends


  1. Wait a second people talk on the cell phones at your gym? I think I would want to rip it out of their hand.

  2. Yuck - sweat! But at least you got a good workout. I'm already feeling the toll of not working out. :(

  3. What's the point of taking a spinning class if you're not gonna listen to the instructor? People kill me...


  4. Gyms are kind of bittersweet like that...

  5. Are you sure the name of the class wasn't "Take A Leisurly Stroll On A Bike With Someone Supervising?"