Thursday, February 16, 2006

Coffee Bean There, Done That

This morning at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf...

Male barista (or is it baristo, like in Spanish?): "Can I have your name?"
Me: "Nanette."
Barista: "I like that name!"

I know he likes my name because he tells me EVERYTIME I GO THERE! I may start switching it up just to see what he says.

"Your name?" "Hilda." "I love that name!"

"Your name?" "Gertrude." "I love that name!"

"Your name?" "Open sore." "I love that name!"

"Your name?" "Syphillis." "I love that name!"

"Because you're worse than a traitor, Nina. You don't even have a cause, you don't believe in anything. But you would sell anyone and everything out to the highest bidder. So [throws table] [shouts] stop wasting my time. Gimme a name!" - Jack Bauer, 24


  1. Try Esther...or go Shakesperean. Try Goneril. I bet you at least get a double take on that one.

  2. Oh my god. COME ON. You didn't tell him your name was Jack Bauer? For shame, Nanette, for shame.

  3. No, but I did consider using that as an example fake name while I wrote this blog post. Does that count?

  4. my sisters and i always give a pretend name... mine's always natasha! ehehehe!

  5. Please say your name is syphilis, PLEASE.

  6. My name is Chlomidea.