Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Someone Grant Me Immunity

The illness I mentioned in my last post? Well, I'm still feeling crappy. So much, in fact, that I was on my way to work this morning and about a mile away from my office, I turned around and drove home. I don't think I've ever been sick for four days.

I managed to suck it up and go to my wedding hair and make-up trial Sunday afternoon, mainly because it took forever to get the appointment because she's so popular. Despite my illness, she made me look fabulous. And I'm now officially a fan of false eyelashes!

I'm expecting (and hoping) to feel better tomorrow. Keeping up with my meds, rest and liquids. And I got a fun present in the mail today from justJENN, which always lifts my spirits! In response to my cupcake post where I mentioned I used a chopstick to check when my baked goods are done, she sent me a cake tester! It's even labeled "Cake tester!" (I got the green one.) It's the perfect excuse for some more baked goods....when my freakin' immune system is up for it.

" ...and the prince climbed up Rapunzel's hair to the top of the tower and said, 'Come with me, and we'll live happily ever after.' Then Rapunzel left her plastic bubble and died. The end." - Mrs. Livingston, Bubble Boy


  1. awww...that's a long time to be laid up. hope you start to feel better soon! i always find a fabulous lipstick and pretty eye makeup do a world of good. ;)

  2. fell better soon! The cakes need you and so do we bloggers.

  3. Oooh. A picture of you with false eye lashes would be fab.