Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ups & Downs

- Received pictures of my two flower girls in their dresses. I might as well show up in sweats because, believe me, these two little girls are going to steal the show.
- Decided to e-file my tax returns today and was pleasantly surprised to be receiving a refund large enough to pay for at least a couple of our wedding vendors. Brent will probably have a fatty return, too.
- My wedding hair and make-up trial is tomorrow!
- My bridal shower and bachelorette party are in a couple weeks and I'm BEYOND excited!
- 49 days till our wedding!

- Felt like crap all day today. Thought it was my allergies at first, but then had a funky, tingling feeling in my head that only accompanies a cold/flu. Slept for a couple hours tonight and am feeling a little better. But my face is raw from all the nose blowing, which doesn't bode well for my make-up trial tomorrow.
- I'm having a hard time deciding what to wear for my bridal shower. All I know is that it's a tea-theme. To my friends and family who were invited, the rest of the shower is a surprise, so don't accidentally reveal anything! :-)
- I've been hovering around a total 30 lbs. weight loss. I'd like to lose another 10 lbs., but I don't know if I can make that happen in the next 49 days. I'm switching from Weight Watchers' Core version of the plan, which didn't require counting, to the Flex version that requires I keep track of everything I eat. Hopefully that'll get me to my goal.
- Because I felt like crap today, I didn't make it to the gym for my typical hourlong Saturday workouts.
- We watched 21 Grams last night. That's two hours of our lives we'll never get back.

"Personally, I'm drawn to the symbolic journey of the roller coaster carrying you through life's ups and downs... till you puke." - Cadpig, 101 Dalmations: The Series


  1. Nanette,

    Thanks for your concern. You prompted me to finally purge some of what I have been feeling lately, so thanks for the motivation.

    I can't believe your wedding is in only 49 days! That is so exciting.

  2. I have had that thought about many a movie...hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. 30 lbs is huge - don't put too much pressure on yourself, girl! :)

  4. OOps. That comment was actually from me - I'm using Huz's computer!

  5. I think you can do another 10. I have faith in you.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments on my journal - much appreciated.

  7. You look terrific! Don't make yourself crazy about 10 more lbs right now... it'll happen!

    Maybe your new cherry skirt for the shower? I haven't seen it in person, so don't know if it seems like it would be appropriate (e.g., what the fabric is), but it's so cute and springy and new!!

  8. Yayyyy! so many awesome good things!