Thursday, March 30, 2006

The More You Know

After more than a year of a "virtual" friendship, gift exchanges and IMing, I finally met the infamous justJENN in person tonight! We had a yummy dinner and she gave me the fabulous wedding programs she created for us. In addition, she gave me a really nice frame with our monogram and one of our engagement pics!

It was only appropriate that we had dinner on a Thursday night, the same night as our mutually favorite show, The Office. Tonight they aired a couple fake "More You Know" PSAs during commercials in honor of April Fool's Day. They have about a dozen more on their site, all of which Brent and I watched. Our absolute favorite was this one, for obvious reasons. (You may have to sit through a short ad to watch it.) There's also another wedding-related one that's pretty funny.

I'm happy to report that the weather forecast is looking better and better. Thanks for all the kind words! Keep doing the anti-rain dance. It's working!

While you're at it, you can add anti-weird-wedding-dreams dances. Tuesday night I dreamt that Wentworth Miller was trying to woo me away from Brent with love notes that he was sneaking out of prison to give me. Last night I dreamt that Nick Lachey tried to hit on me while hanging out on Santa Monica Pier. I tried to get away in a VW Bug, but the key broke in the ignition. Strange...

"SORRY? No, pal, sorry doesn't cut it. You left me standing on the ALTAR! My mother had come all the way from France! I was wearing her white heirloom wedding dress! THE CAKE WAS FILLED WITH LEMON CUSTARD!" - Benjamina Gunn, Muppet Treasure Island

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Rain, rain, go away and don't come near my wedding day!

Brent has been watching the 30-day and recently the 15-day weather forecast to make sure everything is all clear for our wedding. Before we picked our wedding date, he even checked the farmer's almanac, which indicated that it hadn't rained on that day in Los Angeles for more than 25 years!

I hadn't been keeping tabs on the weather, but I think today's storm inspired me to look up the 15-day forecast on this morning. Bad, bad idea. According to the site, it's supposed to rain...on our wedding date. We have an outdoor wedding planned, with an indoor facility at our venue as our back-up plan.

Brent, who knew about the potential rain before I found out this morning, has been great. He didn't want to say anything until things looked more concrete. He even looked into renting a tent to cover the ceremony and called our venue to find out their tent policy.

Now I know that regardless of weather, we're going to have a fabulous, beautiful, memorable day. Indoor or out - it'll be great! Having said that, I'm still going to be doing the anti-rain dance for the next 11 days. I really hope it's clear enough to have the outdoor wedding I've been envisioning over the past year.

Next on the wedding to-do list:
Marriage license tomorrow morning!
Final meeting with our photographer!

"Rain? 'Hi, my name is Rain. I have my own kiln and my dress is made out of wheat.' " - Ross, Friends

Monday, March 27, 2006

He's wonderful, he's brilliant and we're getting maaaarried!

Brent just sent me flowers to cheer me up! Extra bonus points for sending them to me at work, and on a Monday so I can thorougly enjoy them all week long!


"The best things in life are nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life. " - Robert Louis Stevenson

Sunday, March 26, 2006

12 days left!!!

- Had dinner with Josh, Jami and Hallie. Then Brent and I went to some Hollywood party at a club not far from our place because one of his co-workers assured us we'd end up with a fabulous gift bag. After some yummy desserts and two very, very strong martinis, Brent and I left. We received a "gift bag" on our way out, containing some chocolate, a magazine and a deck of cards. GHETTO!
- Another very bad night of sleep.

- Figured out what we're doing for our guestbook - FINALLY!
- Went to pick up our wedding bands from our jeweler in Downtown LA.
- Arrived downtown and wondered why traffic was awful. Noticed that the streets were packed with people dressed in white shirts, carrying Mexico and U.S. flags. "I wonder if it's one of those mass naturalization ceremonies," Brent said. Then we noticed anti-Bush signs. Brent looked up the news on his phone. Turned out we were smack dab in the middle of a rally/protest.
- After finding the world's luckiest parking spot, we strolled amongst the protestors to get to the jeweler. My band turned out perfectly, but they ordered Brent's too large so they had to order a new one. Oops!
- Fit into a size 8 for the first time, since high school!
- Stood behind one of the girls from Mean Girls and Big Love at Coffee Bean. She sneezed. I blessed her. I think that means we're besties now.
- Saw Inside Man. I enjoyed it, but in my eyes, Clive Owen and Denzel Washington can do no wrong. Brent liked it, too, but he figured out a big plot point surprise right at the beginning so it wasn't as exciting for him.
- Stayed up too late (2 a.m.!), which meant too little sleep because I had to get up early today.

- Went with Jami and little Hallie to pick up my wedding dress from the seamstress, who told me that I'm not allowed to lose anymore weight or else my dress won't fit. It's quite a strange problem to have.
- While I was working on our wedding seating chart, I found out from my grandfather that he's too sick to come to my wedding. I spent a half-hour crying. I'm sad about him not being able to attend my wedding and take the place of the father/daughter dance with me, but I'm way more sad that he's sick.
- Went to meet with our day-of coordinator. Finalized our timeline.
- Finalized our vows.

Are we there yet?

"At the beep please leave your name, number and a brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man's existential dilemma and we'll get back to you." - Troy Dyer, Reality Bites

Friday, March 24, 2006

I don't go to sleep to dream

There's really nothing worse than a bad night's sleep. Ok, maybe a meteor crashing into the house would be worse... unless it was carrying the future Superman. Then it wouldn't necessarily be worse.

Last night I was on a roll, gluing pink and green ribbon to 48 votive candle holders. When I finally went to bed at 1 a.m., I fell asleep pretty easily. However, I woke up at 4 a.m. and had the worst time falling back to sleep. I could feel the tiredness behind my eyes, the kind that makes you think you'll fall back to sleep quickly after waking up momentarily. But I just lay there, awake. Then I started playing the number game. "Ok, if I fall asleep now, I'll still have had 5 1/2 hours sleep." A half hour later, "Ok, if I fall asleep now, I'll still have had 5 hours sleep." Thoughts about work and the wedding just wouldn't calm down long enough to let me slumber. I debated about getting up and getting online for a while, but I didn't. I may have fallen back to sleep around 5 or 5:30. And now that I'm officially up, I don't feel tired. Actually quite the opposite. I feel really jittery, like I've had two cups of strong coffee on an empty stomach. I'm going to take this as a sign that this may be a very strange day.

"This mind, this body, and this voice cannot be stifled by your deviant ways. So don’t forget what I told you, don’t come around, I got my own hell to raise." - Fiona Apple, Sleep to Dream

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

And I ran.....I ran so far away

I had another training session tonight with my personal trainer. We did a half an hour of upper body, which made it difficult to even lift my water bottle. When we were done, he told me I needed to try running. Let's set things straight - I've learned to love cardio on the elliptical machine (typically an hour at a time), in spin class, hip-hop (sometimes spin class followed by hip-hop), but I don't run. The longest I've ever run continuously is 15 minutes, and that was once about a year and a half ago.

My trainer told me to start with 20 minutes (what?!?!?) and eventually we'll work up to 30 minutes. He told me that running will really help me burn the rest of the fat I'm hoping to lose. This is probably the reason why 5-mile-a-day-running Shelby - my maid of honor - has lost more than 60 lbs.! Woo hoo!

So, I got on the treadmill - reluctantly. I started running, or actually, more like jogging. A few minutes in and I was still ok. My heart was beating but I wasn't gasping for air. 10 minutes later and I was still jogging away. After I reached the 20 minutes my trainer had asked for, I thought, "Hmm...let's see if I can do 25." When I hit 25, I thought, "Can I hit 30? I bet my trainer would flip!" I kept going and completed 30 freakin' minutes on the treadmill!!! I may have been able to continue running, but I was afraid my body would reject me for biting off more than I could chew. I spent another half hour walking on the treadmill for a total of an hour. I bet the endurance I've built with spinning, hip-hop and the elliptical played a very important role in my success tonight.

Poor Brent. Since we started our weight loss journey last year, he's been a faithful runner. He even did a 10K on a whim last month! He's always told me to try running, but I never wanted to. I tried jogging with him a couple times, but I couldn't get into it. When I called him on my way home from the gym, he dished up some excitement for me, along with a side of "I told you so!"

"Remember Jim Fixx? The big famous jogging guy? Jogged fifteen miles a day. Did a jogging book. Did a jogging video. Dropped dead of a heart attack when? When he was fucking jogging, that's when!" - Dennis Leary

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sneak Preview

Wanna see what I look like in my bridal gown?

Here's what I'll look like at my rehearsal dinner.*

And here's me on our honeymoon.

These cartoon renderings of me are brought to you by DesignHerGals, a fabulous design-a-gal site. I've already made ecards for some friends and am seriously considering the print-at-home option so I can make lots of fun little stationery items at home. Go design your own gal now!

*If I could find that cherry dress (and bag), I'd sooo wear it. Alas, I'm not really wearing that exact cute outfit.

"I already get the Cartoon Network, and I heard if you have that and the Sex Channel, they put you in some sort of file." - Drew Carey, The Drew Carey Show

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lil Ol Me

[Insert standard been-too-long-since-I-blogged apology]
  • Saw Kristin Cavalleri (from Laguna Beach) at my gym last week. (She goes to college down the street from my gym.) She did less than a half-hour on the eliptical. I did an hour, and a 1/2 hour with my trainer! Take that!
  • Enjoyed the 30% off sale at Paul Frank today. Got my first Paul Frank sweatshirt, two shirts, some more undies and flip-flops! Made out like a bandit! By the way, Paul Frank of Paul Frank Inc. apparently is no longer with the company. Shouldn't that just make it "Inc."?
  • Saw V for Vendetta on Friday. A bit too long, but lots and lots of ass-kicking. I wonder how many of the masked "V" characters we'll see during Halloween this year.
  • Think I found what I'm wearing to our rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.
  • Everyone send good vibes my way Monday afternoon. Can't tell ya exactly why...yet! (Sneaky, sneaky!)

"Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind." - Samuel Johnson

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Picture pages, picture pages

I've gotten most of the pics from my bridal shower and bachelorette party, so the albums are now ready for your viewing pleasure!

Here are a few more highlights! (Click for larger photos)

Notice my fabulous tea party dress? And of course, the world's most adorable flower girls!
Brent's mom & IShelby and I
Shelby & I
Stacie & I
Stacie & I

The cowboy gets whip cream in my veil.

"Calm down. The veil is not attacking you." - Peggy, Runaway Bride

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


  • Bald men (fit or fat) with beards
  • Drinking energy drinks at the gym (like Rockstar) instead of water
  • Watching people watch other people
  • Adding more cereal to your bowl instead of drinking the remaining milk when you're eating cereal
  • Pussycat Dolls
  • Love of monkeys
  • Hatred of birds
  • The new Eminem/Nate Dogg song
  • Drinking enough water each day
  • The last movie you saw

"You know the monkey is the only cookie animal that gets clothes... .I wonder if the hippo is like, 'Hey, were are my clothes?' and the monkey is like, 'I mock you with my monkey pants.'... All monkeys are French, you didn't know that?" - Oz, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sunday, March 12, 2006

If you need me...

When I went to meet a seamstress for alterations last week -a freakin' two-hour drive thanks to traffic- another bride stopped by to pick up her dress while I was finishing up. She was getting married this weekend (in Vegas) and was just a bundle of questions.

"When are you getting married?"
"How long have you been engaged?"
"What do you do?"
"What does your fiance do?"
"How are you going to wear your hair?"
"What kind of jewelry are you wearing?"
"What about shoes?"
"What size are you?"
"Wanna see my dress!?!?!?"

Don't get me wrong - I love talking about wedding stuff as much as the next bride, but the rapid-fire questions were a bit much. Amidst all the questions, I learned that her fiance's name is Brett. And then I learned that her name is Annette! Brett and Annette! A couple more N's and they'd be Brent and Nanette!

With 26 days left to the wedding, I've gotten tons done, but still have lots and lots to do!

My to-do list:
Oven rental for caterer
Decide on alcohol at reception
Brent's clothing (shoes, shirt and tie)
Ring engraving
Placecards (I can't decide what to do, and I can't really work on these until I get all the RSVPs back)
Seating chart (again, gotta wait until I know who's coming)
Table numbers (once more, gotta wait until I know how many people are coming)
Put dad's pic in locket (to be part of my bouquet)
Label butterflies with names (to honor deceased family members in our floral arch)
Finalize programs with Jenn
Provide "must play" and "do not play" lists to DJ
Finish writing vows
Review vows with Brent's dad, who is marrying us, and convince him NOT to cry. (Apparently he was crying after seeing action/adventure film, 16 Blocks, which didn't necessitate tears! Brent and I are screwed!)
Dress alterations/fittings (two more)
Final payments to vendors
Final meetings with vendors (florist, photographer, day-of coordinator, caterer)
Track down remaining RSVPs (We've only received about 70 of the 170-something we invited! Deadline is this Saturday!)
Marriage license (getting it this week)
Plan bridal luncheon
Guestbook (I can't decide what to do!)
Gifts for flower girls (I bought them some Bridal Barbies, but I want to make a little kit of things to keep them busy at the wedding - coloring books, paper dolls, etc.)
Gifts for groomsmen
Thank-you notes for gifts we've received (Lots of AWESOME stuff already, including the creme brulee set from Jen!)

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." - Germaine Greer

Friday, March 10, 2006

Picture Tease

I'm awaiting some more shower and bachelorette pics before I post the link to the album here, but since I haven't had an opportunity to post in a while (too freakin' busy!), thought I'd share a couple with you now. More to come!

Josh, Tyler, Brent, Nicole and Mark get ready to go to Brent's bachelor party dinner. (Nicole is Brent's groomsmaid, so she's allowed to hang out with the boys.)

Me opening presents. I look naked, huh? I'm not! I promise!

My flower girls! I can't stand how cute they are! Must....look....away! And I love that their mom dressed them in our wedding colors - pink and green!

Brent and I. I'm the luckiest gal alive! I can't wait to become NannersM!

"Oh, I totally misunderstood that groom-can't-see-the-bride-in-her-wedding-dress-thing." - Dharma, Dharma & Greg

Monday, March 06, 2006

Shower Me With Your Love (aka the Longest Blog Post Ever)

My shower and bachelorette party this Saturday were AMAZING! I'll post some more pics once I get them in, but in the meantime you can enjoy this recap.

My shower was held at Brent's parents' great house. It's huge so it could easily hold the 35+ women who attended.

I was very excited to wear the dress I found especially for the occasion at JC Penney, of all places! My maid of honor, Shelby, brought her sister, Megan, a professional hairdresser, so I was fortunate to use her fabulous talents to make my normally straight hair into a fun and curly mane!

Because we didn't have an engagement party, Brent's mom went all out and hired our wedding caterer - who does all the dinner parties for her circle of friends - to make delicious treats for the tea party. We had watercress, chicken salad and other yummy crustless tea sandwiches, shortbread with lemon mousse and berries, lavender orange cake, scones with jam and creme fresh, brownies with macadamia nuts, tea and a tea-infused punch. There were tons of leftovers, which are thankfully not at my house otherwise I'd need to get my dress taken out instead of in!
In addition to the "tea party," there was a theme for the shower gifts. My shower organizers - Shelby and Brent's mom - asked that attendees bring gifts that Brent and I could use for entertainment. (Get your dirty minds out of the gutter!) So, we received a fabulous assortment of gifts, including gift certificates for cooking classes (three different kinds!), a dance lesson, restaurants (including Versailles!), movies, community theater, Disneyland, and a fun set of gift certificates especially for Third Street Promenade that included gift certificates for dinner, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, movie, Sephora and even a tip for a street performer! I also got a gift certificate for a wolf sanctuary (this was from my wacky aunt. Don't ask), as well as other great gifts like a fondue set and cookbooks, baking pans, cocktail shaker and bartending book, board games, a picnic backpack, and a wine insulator with adorable plates and silverware.

I also got to see my flower girls (Brent's second cousins). I had met the eldest flower girl, Jadyn, when she was about 7 months old; she's now 5. Her younger sister Alexa is 3. They were adorable in their matching dresses - Jadyn in green, Alexa in pink! Our wedding colors! I couldn't stand it! It was cute overload! And they were so well behaved the entire shower. They sat quietly while I opened my presents and watched in awe as I got ready for the bachelorette party. Apparently the upcoming wedding is all they talk about! Jadyn even talked about coming to the shower at her class show-and-tell last week!

After the shower my gals got me ready for the bachelorette party. I was presented with a shirt I had to wear that included a checklist of specific kinds of guys for me to find, including "Named Brent," "eldest child," "went to Cal Poly," "drives a Honda Civic," "28 years old," "was married or getting married in April," etc. They also dressed me in a white boa, an awesome tiara that said "Bachelorette" and tulle for my veil.

We started at Jillian's Hi Life, a club/bowling alley at Universal Citywalk. We bowled two games there, where I found almost all the guys to fit the descriptions on my shirt. Then we headed to Buca di Bepo for dinner, where some of the gals found a guy who'd pretend his name was Brent, the last item on my list. This was after walking around Citywalk, scaring the crowds by screaming, "Brent! Is there a Brent here?" So as Fake Brent is initialing my shirt, his friend runs up screaming, "Calvin! What you doing?" to try to get him busted, but my girls let it go and I was able to finally change into the top I bought just for the occasion.

Dinner was delicious and instead of a celebratory dessert, the waitress agreed to a celebratory shot for me. And when they brought it out my gals burst into their rendition of "Going to the Chapel," which sounds amazingly nice sung by 10 girls (and some women at a nearby table who sung along).

Next we headed to Howl at the Moon, a really great piano bar at Citywalk, featuring two baby grand pianos and singers who offer renditions of songs like Brown Eyed Girl, My Humps (HILARIOUS!), Roxanne, Kid Rock's Cowboy and other fun-to-sing-along diddies. My group bought me a shot from one of the waiters who straddled me and injected a giant syringe filled with a Jello shot, followed by a squirt of whip cream. We hooted and hollered! Not too long after the first shot, he came back because someone else (not from our group) bought me another shot from him! I thought it was Fake Brent because he was there and said hello to us, but it turns out that a really nice woman standing nearby with her boyfriend generously decided to buy me a Congratulations shot!

I had a really great time with a bunch of awesome friends. And now I know where I'm going for my birthday in July! I need some more piano bar time!

"You may kiss the bride - and if you don't, I will." - Jolly Minister, Brokeback Mountain


I'm still recovering from my fun-filled, fabulous weekend, but until I get to blog about all of it tonight I'll post a preview pic here. I had a BLAST!

Me & the Ladies

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shot through the heart and you're to blame

44 years ago today the world welcomed my first celebrity crush with open arms. Happy 44th birthday, Jon Bon Jovi. Like a fine wine, may you continue to get better with age!

"When you’re brought into this world they say you’re born in sin. Well, at least they gave me something I didn’t have to steal or have to win." - Blaze of Glory, Bon Jovi