Thursday, March 30, 2006

The More You Know

After more than a year of a "virtual" friendship, gift exchanges and IMing, I finally met the infamous justJENN in person tonight! We had a yummy dinner and she gave me the fabulous wedding programs she created for us. In addition, she gave me a really nice frame with our monogram and one of our engagement pics!

It was only appropriate that we had dinner on a Thursday night, the same night as our mutually favorite show, The Office. Tonight they aired a couple fake "More You Know" PSAs during commercials in honor of April Fool's Day. They have about a dozen more on their site, all of which Brent and I watched. Our absolute favorite was this one, for obvious reasons. (You may have to sit through a short ad to watch it.) There's also another wedding-related one that's pretty funny.

I'm happy to report that the weather forecast is looking better and better. Thanks for all the kind words! Keep doing the anti-rain dance. It's working!

While you're at it, you can add anti-weird-wedding-dreams dances. Tuesday night I dreamt that Wentworth Miller was trying to woo me away from Brent with love notes that he was sneaking out of prison to give me. Last night I dreamt that Nick Lachey tried to hit on me while hanging out on Santa Monica Pier. I tried to get away in a VW Bug, but the key broke in the ignition. Strange...

"SORRY? No, pal, sorry doesn't cut it. You left me standing on the ALTAR! My mother had come all the way from France! I was wearing her white heirloom wedding dress! THE CAKE WAS FILLED WITH LEMON CUSTARD!" - Benjamina Gunn, Muppet Treasure Island


  1. My husband doesn't stand a chance next to Wentworth Miller!

  2. Nick Lachey. LOL!

  3. Ha! :) Thanks for putting the link up to the PSA's. I loved them.

  4. Was Nick Lachey working at the SAMO pier? Har, har. So sad.