Monday, March 20, 2006

Sneak Preview

Wanna see what I look like in my bridal gown?

Here's what I'll look like at my rehearsal dinner.*

And here's me on our honeymoon.

These cartoon renderings of me are brought to you by DesignHerGals, a fabulous design-a-gal site. I've already made ecards for some friends and am seriously considering the print-at-home option so I can make lots of fun little stationery items at home. Go design your own gal now!

*If I could find that cherry dress (and bag), I'd sooo wear it. Alas, I'm not really wearing that exact cute outfit.

"I already get the Cartoon Network, and I heard if you have that and the Sex Channel, they put you in some sort of file." - Drew Carey, The Drew Carey Show


  1. how cute! :) love the previews of what you'll look like in your outfits!

  2. You have lost waaaaaaay too much weight! I think 2 Subway subs would have been smart today.

  3. Fun! I tried it, but can not figure out how to save the image.