Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend in review

I was such a busy worker bee on Friday (and for all of last week, actually) that by the time I got home, I was just pooped. I sat on the couch and refused to get up for dinner. Luckily Brent picked up food for us so I could further enjoy my laziness.

A couple weeks ago when we drove along the California coast, we realized that we take our close proximity to the beach for granted. Saturday morning we awoke to the most gorgeous day! It was 87 degrees, a perfect day for a bike ride at the beach. So we dusted off our bikes and hit the bike path that follows the coast along Santa Monica and Venice all the way to Marina Del Rey. We rode nearly seven miles, stopping for a break to enjoy some lemonade and people-watch. I gripe about our condo being too small, but on days like yesterday I'm ecstatic to be exactly where we are.

This morning I met a co-worker for a class at our gym. It's called Body Works and includes an intense workout with free weights and steps. I. AM. SO. SORE. ALREADY.

And I finished off my weekend with a three-hour cooking class with a dozen of my girlfriends. We took the class through a company called Hipcooks. Check out the description of the particular class we took:

Dinner for four, six, or eight? Want to wow them with a gorgeous meal that you can effortlessly serve without spending all your time in the kitchen? Okay!

Arugula, roasted beets and caramelized cashews with ginger-chile dressing
Perfectly cooked filet with a red wine demiglaze and the most delicate mashed potatoes
Orange almond cake with marscapone cream
Featured wine: Zinfandel

The class was a blast and I highly recommend it to the So. Cal locals. The instructor, Bonny, was delightful, informative and entertaining. I hope to take another class with another group of gal pals.

I'm looking forward to recreating the meal for some guests, probably my in-laws as I've never hosted a meal for them. As I described myself during the introduction, I like to bake but I don't know how to cook...yet. (Let's just pretend that I didn't try to make a scramble for breakfast yesterday with month-old eggs. Yes, a month old! Luckily we caught the expiration date before the eggs hit the skillet.)

I also spent a large portion of my weekend updating my iPod with some new music, including:
- Belinda Carlisle's (yes, THAT Belinda Carlisle) new album, "voila." The reason I'm digging it so much is that the majority of it is sung in French! I don't speak French, but the soundtrack from the French movie, Amelie, is in my heavy rotation, so I was excited to find something else along those lines.
- Teitur's new album, "Stay Under the Stars." I'm hoping to see him perform at a local dinner club next month, where they don't allow any chatter during the performance. Just my kind of show!

Also, you'll see that I've added a new little feature in the right column of my site with "recently played" and "most played." It's a widget from that is connected to my iTunes to show you what I've been listening to. And if the song is in iLike's catalog, it'll include a play button next to the song so you can hear a clip for yourself!

"Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks." - Lin Yutang


  1. I was just telling Hilary that I wanted to take A Cooking Class and I had found this place on The Internet called, 'Hipcooks." And then you Write About Taking A Class There.

    A Sign from The Cooking Gods?

  2. dapotato8:11 AM

    mmm...mascarpone "frosting."
    thanks for carpooling!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend!

    I'll have to add the iLike widget to my blog too. I put it on myspace and think it's fun. Not sure why I neglected the good ol' blog. :)

  4. Cooking was super fun! Must do again :) It was great to see you and the cute hair! And OMG, I didn't know Belinda Carslisle still makes music! [heaven is a place on earth... what?] And in french, c'est tres belle!

  5. I'm just so jealous of the fact that riding your bike is possible and of the 87 degree day.

  6. DH and I took a class at Hipcooks a while back...we loved it! The owner, Monika, is great...I didn't realize she had different instructors now - she must be growing. Didn't you just love her cool and so fun!

  7. It sounds like you had a nice weekend! I'm super jealous of the nice weather... its 30 degrees in Maryland. Ick!

    Oh and I committed the cardinal sin in blogging the other day. I used real names and it was found and I got reemed out by the future mother-in-law. Fun stuff! My blog is going on a hiatus. :-(

  8. Ooh ... a bike ride sounds so nice. I got my pretty green cruiser last b'day and I still haven't really had a chance to ride it. I want spring so bad!

  9. It was indeed a perfect day for a bike ride. Glad you took advantage of it. I did the same thing, too! :)