Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend in review

The weekend started off fabulously at my Friday a.m. Weight Watchers weigh-in. I was down 1.8 lbs that week, finally hitting 10 lbs. total. It's nice to know all my hard work paid off. And hopefully it won't take nearly as long to lose the next10 lbs. as I'm really in the mindset to eat right and workout. I'm even squeezing in workouts around weeknight evening plans.

Saturday I met up with WeezerMonkey, Jenny and Connie for tea at Jin Patisserie. It was a lovely time, topped off with perfect weather. Check out WeezerMonkey's lovely write-up.

After a lazy weekend nap Brent and I met up with his family at a local Indian restaurant. I'm not a big fan of Indian food as most of it is spicy, strange textures and/or strange colors, but I'm a good sport and won't protest if it's what everyone else wants. Brent helped me pick out something that I did end up enjoying, even if it was crazy neon shade of yellow.

Then Brent and I went to see Eagle vs Shark, an indie film featuring one of the creators of Flight of the Conchords on HBO (that show is pretty funny, by the way). The movie trailer looked freakin' hilarious and immediately it made me think, "Hey, if Napoleon Dynamite had a New Zealand cousin, this would be his movie." Turns out it wasn't as hilarious as the trailer made it out to be. It was still cute but it was a bit more depressing than I had anticipated. I'd recommend it as a rental, but don't know if I'd suggest you spend your money to see it at the theater.

We saw the film at a nice, new indie theater. We saw Once there last weekend. This weekend our film was playing in a "living room" theater with couches instead of standard seats. Pros: it made it easier to cuddle with Brent, the couch was relatively comfy (leather). Con: the couches have low backs so it was nearly impossible to rest your head on anything. And as long as the ushers stick around to make sure nothing nasty happens on those couches, I'd see another show there.

Sunday we met up with Tori and South African Ballerina Jen for brunch at one of our favorite spots, John O'Groats. (You'll notice that I *just* gave them a stellar review last week.) Sadly we were disappointed by their service. It took more than 45 minutes to be seated and folks who sat down after us got their food before we even had our drinks. Lame dash o.

That night Brent and I attended a BBQ at my boss', which was a lot of fun. It's nice to see folks (in this case, co-workers) out of their natural habitat (the office) and on more casual terms. The food was great, as was the company. Oh, and we learned that my boss and I are related. Actually, he and Brent are related. It's quite a long story, and an even longer story on how we even got on the subject, but Brent's dad's cousin was once married to my boss' great aunt. Try saying that five times fast. Yup, strange but true.

Last night Tori and I went to the Hotel Cafe to see Julian Velard. It's a tiny venue. We arrived early enough to grab a table in the front row. We caught the act before Julian, a gal named Amy LaVere. She sounds like the love child of Sheryl Crow and Norah Jones. And I was truly impressed to see her working the stand-up bass like she did. That's not something you see every day!

Julian was awesome. I was taken aback by his performance at first. He appeared to have just awoken from a nap. (Or as Tori pointed out, was probably high.) You would never guess by his music, but he's a very goofy performer. He's kind of Jerry Lee Lewis with his facial expressions and bug eyes. I found myself giggling quite a bit. His ballads were amazing, too. His final song was beautiful and sad and nearly had Tori and I in tears. (Shut up! Music can do that, especially live.)

We also had the opportunity to meet him after his performance. He was very appreciative and quite friendly. He shook our hands and asked our names. Our groupie selves were soooo excited, as you can imagine. I hope to catch him next time he's in our neck of the woods.

"Last night I had a dream I was dead. Somebody put an arrow through my head. They were going for the apple. But I guess that they missed. Couldn’t help be reminded of the first time we kissed." - A Dream, Julian Velard


  1. I cried the first time I saw Muse live. And it wasn't even sad music!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss!!! I just keep gaining and gaining. Ugh.

    I was at the Landmark Sunday night and was not too impressed. I was impressed that they sell Pocky at the concession stand, but the screen was sooo small and the leather...ick...I hate leather seats. It smelled like a car. I guess I just prefer the Arclight.

    I cry at concerts ALL the time! I cried at one of The Police shows last week, a little. Okay, so I cry at just about anything...sometimes from laughter at things like Flight of the Conchords, my new favorite show!

  3. So sad I couldn't make it on Saturday!! Connie was telling me how yummer yummer everything was!

    Sadness. Woe is me.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! My husband and I LOVE Flight of the Conchords! We are so bummed their show at the El Rey is sold out :( BTW, hyterical that Brent used to call you his "co-signer" :)

  5. Congrats on the weight loss - way to go! I'm so loving the living room theater idea - how cute.

  6. oooh, couches in the movie theater? i like it!

  7. Yay for the weightloss! I'm pretty sure I found and kept my Vegas weight. But, I did buy a new fabu workout DVD, Walk A Way the Pounds. It's easy and works up a sweat.

    Also, you have a ton of Jen friends. But, then again, I think Jen's are great!

  8. I always love reading your weekend recaps! So fun; Living vicariously through you. :)

    Hotel Cafe is one of my favorite venues. I love the people they get to play there and the small size.

  9. Congrats on the 10!! I need to learn how to fit in s'more workouts, for sure, but even more I need to stop eating all the yummy stuff I shouldn't eat!!! Argh.

  10. i cried at several shows. not like michael jackson mania type crying or beatles-like wailing, but i've shed a few. esp. at REM. they are my favorite sounds in my ears. and they played my favorite song, which stipe said at one time he'd never do live. and that made me cry. it was like a present just for me. stop by and say hi, you haven't in a while. :)