Saturday, September 01, 2007


I have a fun-filled weekend planned, so instead of a "War and Peace" recap late Monday/early Tuesday, I'm going to try to break them up into more digestible chunks.

Last night Brent and I joined Jodi and her hubby at the Hollywood Bowl to see the LA Philharmonic's Tchaikovsky Spectacular. As we waited for Jodi by the Bowl Store before the show, Brent and I tried to snap a photo of ourselves. A passerby offered to take our picture for us. As we posed, we noticed she was aiming really high. After we saw the pic, we realized why:

At the Bowl Store, obviously

She thought we wanted to capture the Bowl Store in the background. No, we wanted just our narcissistic selves. Ha!

We got settled into our seats and noshed on fresh bread and burrata cheese. Have you ever had burrata cheese? Think mozzarella gone crazy - in a good way! So. Freakin. Delicious.

We enjoyed the performance, cuddling underneath the stars and trying to stay cool in the warm summer evening. They ended with the 1812 Overture (Brent's favorite), accompanied by the USC marching band ("boooo," as Brent noted). And the best part? Fireworks!

(You can hear me say, "All I'm capturing is smoke... oh, wait! There it goes!) And I had to stop recording because I realized I was missing out on all the fireworks glory.

Thanks again, Jodi, for a great night!

More weekend fun to come...

"Darn it, Debbie! You are not going to spoil my visit to Disney World! Now, I didn't say anything at 'It's a Small World' when you went on about low birth weight in babies or during the fireworks when you started talking about Feline AIDS..." - Lindsay Lohan during Debbie Downer skit, SNL


  1. Ah, gotta love the 1812!

  2. I love fireworks at the Bowl!! Glad you had a blast! :) (pun intended.)

  3. i LOVE those nights. we used to go once a year when i was a kid. :)

    glad you guys enjoyed, too. :)

  4. love the photo... you guys are way to adorable together.

  5. looks like fun! cute picture, too :)

  6. I really really enjoyed the conductor (Thomas Wilkins).

    And Gabriela Montero's improvisation was stunning.

  7. burrata rocks!!!

  8. Thanks for joining us! And I second what Joz said about the conductor. E and I really liked him and are thinking he'd be a suitable replacement for Mauceri, who we loved!