Friday, September 07, 2007

Buy me some cupcakes and Cracker Jacks

Today is my co-worker's birthday. So I made cupcakes.
Pretty liners

The recipe is called "The Best Birthday Cupcakes" from "Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor."
Ingredients for The Best Birthday Cupcakes

I played around with fondant for the first time.

And put Brent to work, helping me decorate.
Hottie hubby helping

I think they turned out well. Oh, and did I mention that my co-worker looooooves baseball? A lot. He's a HUGE Dodgers fan.
The entire batch

I especially dig this one.

And this one. Brent hates baseball. He thinks it's lame. I agree. Hopefully my co-worker will have a sense of humor. If not, I'll gobble this one down before he gets too pissed.
Hubby's joke

They taste quite yummy, if I do say so myself.

Oscar: I can … help out if you need me.
Michael: I will use your talents come baseball season, my friend. Or if we box.
- The Office


  1. those are adorable!!!!!!!!!! My hubby would've even had fun decorating those! I wish I had your energy to bake as often as you do.

  2. You're gonna knock it out of the park with those... YUM! :)

  3. wow, your working with fondant...i'm jealous =)

    the hubs is too cute helping you with the detail.


  4. So, I am Guessing that you never have seen A Good Baseball Game.

    I LOOOOOVE Baseball. So does TAB. We both have A Hard Time understanding Why some people don't like baseball, too. It can be Such Exciting, Heart Pounding, Fun! I think you have been Missing Out!


  5. Those look awesome Nanners. B is too funny w/ the baseball isn't a sport. Booo!

  6. wow...fondant!

    too cute. i love the cupcake guy with a cap, too.

  7. Those are super cute!!!

  8. These are TOO cute! I wish I had your baking skills.

  9. They came out great! Did you end up getting the good fondant from Surfas?

  10. Why didn't I think of using fondant for the Transformer cupcakes?! These look great and I'll be CW loved them. Even the "baseball is not a sport" one.

  11. That cupcake dude is cute! You're a super great co-worker for making those cupcakes!!

  12. Ooh. I want to use a pen with edible ink.

  13. Angela6:50 AM

    oy, i kept trying to comment on this blog yesterday but my computer wasn't cooperating. these are super cute!! i LOVE the little guy in the baseball hat, but the hot dog one cracked me up too.

    ...when are you gonna come out with your own cupcake book? :)

  14. awesome cupcakes!! thanks for reading the page six post--i'll reveal the error later on. :) have a great weekend, nanette!

  15. Cute cupcakes! I dont think he should have a problem with the "baseball is not a sport cupcake". Only Dwight Shrute would put up a fuss.

  16. Anonymous11:44 AM

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  17. hey, those cupcakes look great! good job!

  18. ooh, you make me want to get some fondant and play too!

  19. it's official -- you're the cupcake queen! :)