Friday, September 21, 2007

Rollin' dirty

Gotta make this quick, but I'm squeezing in all the blogging I can before we leave.

- Last night I checked out the weather for our Italy trip. It'll be raining in at least two of the cities we're visiting. It'll still be a fabulous trip, but this may throw a couple wrenches into my light-packing and laundering-while-there strategies. And perhaps it won't really rain, like they said it was supposed to here yesterday. I didn't see a drop.

- I IMed a co-worker, "I puffy <3 that." He sits behind me and ask aloud, "Nanette, what does 'puffy less than three' mean?" I had to explain that he just got another glimpse into my crazy, teeny-bopper-like mind.

- My boss' 6-year-old daughter came to visit our office recently. Apparently we have a mutual crush on Zac Efron (I know. It's awful. I felt like a dirty ol' woman when I saw him on Rolling Stone recently. And I'm fully aware that he likely plays for the other team...) She strolled past my desk, stopped and said, approvingly, "Cool desk." Yup, you heard it. I'm BFF with the 6-year-old set. Jealous?

Girls: Guy is totally crunching on you.
Josie: Do I want to be crunched?
Girls: By Guy? Oh, yeah.
- Never Been Kissed


  1. i think rain can be romantic =)

    too funny with the co-worker and 6 year old, i admit i only recently learned of what the <3 stood for =)

  2. Two weeks of no blogging from you? Whatever will I do? ;) I can't believe it's already time. Rainy days can be romantic and times when you stay in. nudge, nudge. wink, wink. Enjoy your trip and get the hell out of that office for the day! :)

  3. are you kidding me with that Rolling Stone cover?!? I hadn't seen it. Shoot, I'll be a dirty old lady right with you sister! You'll have a wonderful time with or without the rain. Take one big umbrella for the both of you and snuggle underneath it while you stroll the streets of Italy. So jealous! :)

  4. I Puffy <3 Zac Efron, too. He is said to be dating his HSM Co-Star, Vanessa What's Her Name. You know, the one who "accidentally" had Naked Photos of herself leaked to The Internet.

    Oh, and The Six Year Olds are My Most Loyal Customers. Without Them, I'd have Nothing.

    Have Fun in Italy!


  5. have so much fun in italy! we will miss your blog posts!!!!!!!!
    we puffy <3 you.

  6. Better quote:
    Kelly: "Thanks Angela, I'll text you!"
    Angela: "Wait, no...I DON'T DO THAT!"

  7. u will have a blast in italy! it's so gorgeous! is this ur first trip there?

    my 6 yr old <3 zac too. for her bday party, it was HSM themed... but of course ;)-

  8. Yeahhh! Have a GREAT trip!!

  9. bwahahahaha! i'm always having to explain my e-mails to the hub, because he never gets the acronyms and stuff.

    and, you KNOW the kid is in 12-year-old lust with zac. you know this.