Friday, December 14, 2007

I will crush you!

Jen pointed out that today is Reveal Your Blog Crush Day. The timing is perfect because I know that a certain someone has a blog crush on ME. How do I know that? Well, for the past week that certain someone from Santiago, Chile has been spending an hour or more a day reading through the archives of my blog from the very beginning. Last I checked they were on May 2007. (Thanks, Site Meter. You never fail me.)

My initial responses to seeing those stats were 1) I hope they're not splogging my stuff in an attempt to try to pass it off as their own, which I've seen happen to other bloggers and regularly with my company's site and 2) I hope they're not doing bad things to or with my photos. The last thing I need to see is my face plastered on some Chilean porn site.

Brent's guess is that maybe I'm a microcelebrity, although I doubt I have any microfans who have started a Yahoo group about me. But I'm willing to bet it's something closer to his theory than mine.

I'm humbled that someone finds me interesting enough to spend hours and hours over a short period of time to read about my lil' ol' life. They've read quite a chunk of my archived 3 1/2 years. (Wow! It's been that long, huh?) So, dear Chilean blog reader, please feel free to delurk and make yourself known. Kthxbye.

But back to the big celebration of blog crushes! My blog crushes (I'm celebrating two today) won't be that much of a surprise because they know I'm a regular reader/commenter and they regularly read/comment on my site, but I'll happily take the opportunity to gush over them.

The first is Mrs. Twink at My So-Called Wedded Life! I think she found me while planning her own marvelous wedding. We are similar in so many ways, not just because we happen to both be mixed children of Asian/White couples. She's got such spunk in her writing and I bet she'd be a riot to hang out with!

The second is A Mental Fracture, who happens to be a close friend of Mrs. Twink! I found him while egosurfing to see who was linking to this site. He is... well, he's virtually indescribable. He's smart and witty and hilarious. I always laugh out loud when I read his entries.

Alright, your turn! Who are you blog crushing on?

"The flowers were lovely, thank you. No, you hang up first. Okay, on the count of three. One, two, three. No, I didn't hang up either." - Jack (on the phone with love interest), 30 Rock


  1. i too have a blog crush on "a mental fracture". :) plus, lucky me, he happens to be one of my greatest friends! and he is as hilarious, witty and adorable as he is on his blog.

    i'm also very lucky to know mrs twink (who i met through "a mental fracture" and another friend) and she is an absolute riot! okay, so i have a mini-blog crush on her as well. hahahahaha!

    but i do have to admit though, that i have a mini-blog crush on you as well. i thoroughly enjoy reading about your daily adventures. you live quite a life! :)

  2. hmm...that's a toughy. But I blog crush all the blogs on my blogroll! :)

  3. Haha, I agree with Jolene I have a crush on everyone on my blog roll and in my google reader. I can't just pick a few, I love them all!

  4. You know, I don't think I have anyone crushing on me. Guess I'll have to check. I still need to add some folks to my blog roll and google many blogs, so little time.

  5. You are a microcelebrity! Midgets love you! Wait. I don't think...that's...

  6. i haven't had time to develop a blog crush yet :(

    and splogging? that's crazy talk! i don't have to worry about that, i think - my life is far from exciting enough for someone to want to swipe.

  7. Heh, could be nothing but if he does turn out to be a splogger, send me an email and let me know. I'll help you handle him!

  8. wow ... i'm in awe ... you have a blog crush on me ... i'm honored, thank you. ::blush::

    yeah right ... like i blush anymore. i think i lost that ability years ago!

    i have to second your blog crush on mrs.twink. i. love. her. and her blogs. they are always packed full of witticism and at times they move my heart.

    my second blog crush would have to be you. i found you via mrs.twink and i certainly am glad i did. you are such a bright spot on my normally dreary days at work and i love to read your very well written posts. you make me smile ... you have made me cry. i'm definitely a nanette-o-holic.

    i'm also addicted to talk about crying. girl. get a hanky. and some of the secrets are just downright hilarious.

    well, looks like i posted a blog on your comment page. again, i'm honored. i have a big ol puffy heart for you!

  9. i would totally stop, stare, and gawk at you. :) you, microceleb, you!

  10. How much do I love you?! Its so funny you said we're similar because when I started reading your blog I kept thinking, "Its like someone is living my life on the west coast!" Ha!

    I have lots of blog crushes so I'm going to defer and just say I have a blog crush on everyone in my blogroll and then some. :)

  11. well now that i'm thoroughly embarrassed i guess i might as well say hello! sorry for what must have seemed like creeper behavior...i promise you are neither becoming porn nor having your stuff stolen :) the (slightly less interesting) truth is that i just started a blog and through the magic of the internet found yours. i guess i took it as a sort of literary challenge to read it from beginning to present, since i've never faithfully read one blog. also, i went to ucla, so it was fun to see someone else's perspective on places i know so well. plus the pictures of food all looked great! haha, but don't tell my boss how much time i spent, ok? anyway, mystery solved!

  12. Having a blog crush is easy when your girlfriend blogs.

    Tell Brent to get on the 'net and then you can crush w/o feeling guilty...

  13. I'm blog crushing you. You always have something to write about and you do all the fun things I used to do when I lived in Cali. So I live vicariously through your adventures.
    My 2nd would be Pioneer Woman
    She has amazing pics of her rural ranching life, and she's just darn fun.

  14. I love the blog crushing idea :) It's hard though...I blog crush everyone on my blogroll too :)

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  16. I can just imagine what site meter tells you about how I stalk your blog, lol. But since I like the same blogs you do, I use your blog as a go-to point to click on other blogs so I don't have to memorize a million web addresses. :) After reading yours of course! Also, thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting!!!!!!!!!

  17. LOL....this makes me want to do weird things to your blog stats.

  18. Thank you for the term "egosurfing," it fits perfect in a feature story I'm doing about how things we post today (or people we know post or newspapers post) come back and get you in trouble later! Hey - if you or anyone you know has a story like that to tell - please let me know!