Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hypothetically, if I organized a get-together for my blog readers, who would be interested in attending?

It would probably be a weeknight happy hour in West LA in February or March, so, if you were hypothetically interested, what nights work better for you?

And you should hypothetically leave your email address in the comments section or drop me a line via the "contact me" link in the top left column. I may pull a hypothetical WeeMo and do an invite-only blog for the dates and details.

"Ah no, I could make up some excuse Kenneth but I have too much respect for you; during your party I'll be home listening to some Schubert, and ironically, viewing some Canadian pornography." - Jack, 30 Rock

Monday, January 28, 2008

Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!

Anyone remember that skit from Sesame Street where Bert and Ernie go fishing and Ernie's fishing technique is to scream, "Here, fishy, fishy, fishy" and then the fish all jump into the boat? Here, watch it on YouTube.

Tonight was my third restaurant of the Dine LA event. The group of gals I met at my first PR job and I tried out I Cugini, an Italian restaurant in Santa Monica with an expansive seafood menu. For a split second I thought about just ordering off the regular menu like most of the other girls, but I felt obligated to try the Dine LA menu because I've been so boastful about it. Tori joined me in the special $34 tasting menu. Here is what we had:

I started with fried calamari while Tori had a salad. Don't worry - I didn't eat all this fried goodness myself. I shared with some of the other gals!

Tori and I both had the Idaho (no! YOU da 'ho!) trout, which we both enjoyed. It came with potato puree and arugula-fennel salad. See, I got some greens in, too!

Our meal ended with tiramisu, although I didn't remember to snap a photo until halfway through. Oops!

I think the food was pretty good overall, although Jen's cod had too much garlic. The waiter was also very nice and offered to split our bill for all six of us, which was a pleasant surprise. I'd definitely visit the restaurant again.

We had some fun girl talk, as always, including celebrity gossip, talks about where our old co-workers are now and some interesting conversation about the "why's" of blogging. More on that to come. Right now I must get my fish-filled belly to bed.

Here are the girls and I!
The gals!

"Dr. Nick, this malpractice committee has received a few complaints against you. Of the 160 gravest charges, the most troubling are performing major operations with a knife and fork from a seafood restaurant." - Hospital chairman, The Simpsons

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend rewind

Brent is getting over a cold, so we were pretty low-key most of the weekend. It was the perfect weekend to do that, given the sporadic storms. I caught a marathon of Celebrity Rehab. Man, those folks are f'ed up! And I think Dr. Drew is a total hottie, which was surprising to my dinner companions tonight. Anyone else with me in this hot doc crush?

Today I tried not one but TWO restaurants participating in DineLA. The first was lunch with my in-laws at Border Grill in Santa Monica. One word to describe the experience: eh. The company was fun -- never a dull moment with my in-laws -- but the food was nothing to write home about. They also brought out our entrees before our starters, so that threw things off a bit. Take a look at the pics and the corresponding key below, but So. Cal folks - don't go out of your way to actually try some.
Lunch at Border Grill

1. My starter, 2. My entree, 3. My dessert, 4. Brent's dessert

Tonight Hilary, justJENN, Jami and I had dinner at Simon LA. This meal was much better than my lunch.
Dinner at Simon LA

1. Crab Salad, 2. Jami's starter, 3. Entree, 4. Jenn's entree, 5. Hil's entree, 6. Dessert, 7. Hil's dessert, 8. Jenn's dessert

I got a kick out of the baking-centric conversations because the three girls are my baking inspirations. They all make fabulously tasty treats. Jenn even brought us some of her goodies. Let's do it again soon, gals!

"We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are." - Adelle Davis

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance says that NKOTB is reuniting. My only question is:

Who's gonna go with me to catch them when they go on tour?

I never got to see them the first time around, but I puffy hearted them. And for the record, Jonathon was my favorite.

UPDATE: Danny himself says it's not true. Son of a. Now what am I going to do with the case of mousse I just bought?

"If you try to keep us down we're gonna come right back. And you know we're hangin tough, hangin tough, hangin tough." - Hangin' Tough, NKOTB

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bestie news

On Christmas Eve I got wonderful news from my best friend, Shelby. It was so wonderful that I cried tears of joy. I can now share that news with you. Actually, you can read the news on her blog.

And I get to see her next weekend when she comes out from Iowa to attend her sister's baby shower. They're going to have babies like four months apart. How cool is that?!?!

Shelby and her husband Rob are going to be such great parents! I'm beyond ecstatic for them!

Come on. Squeal with me!

"It is true that I was born in Iowa, but I can't speak for my twin sister." - Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happiness is...

- Getting pre-sale tix to catch the highly-anticipated next local performance of the magnificent Gavin DeGraw.
- Getting the pre-sale tix after joining the highly-anticipated Gavin DeGraw fan club.
- Having reservations for five of LA's coolest restaurants during DineLA. Even better? Having reservations with various groups of girlfriends, family and one-on-one romantic dates with my hottie hubby.
- Chocolate chip cookies from A co-worker received some as a birthday gift yesterday. They were so freakin' amazing that I'm scared to ever bring in my homemade chocolate chip cookies ever again. I'm such a baking groupie that I sent the owner an email to tell her how much I loved the goodies.
- Learning that John Mayer has been hanging out in my neck of the woods a lot lately. Exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C. This means that my dream of meeting him some day may finally come true. I better get out of my condo more and start working out outside.
- Leftover chocolate cake from Susina Bakery, where our wedding cake is from.
- A fridge full of gourmet cheeses from the Beverly Hills Cheese Store.
- No more dental work! As of today, I'm officially done with the laundry list of crap I needed to do to fix my neglected chompers. I just have to go back in three months to see if I've improved my gum health with more diligent flossing. I know, I know. Here's my wrist. Go ahead and slap it.

"Take all of your wasted honor. Every little past frustration. Take all of your so called problems. Better put 'em in quotations." - Say What You Need to Say, John Mayer

Monday, January 21, 2008

Who's down with OTC? Yeah you know me

Tonight I went to pick up my prescription for Zyrtec, the allergy medication I take daily. I figured my co-pay would be higher than normal tonight because I have a prescription deductible to meet now that the new year has begun. The cashier at the pharmacy was taken aback when it rung up as $71. After she took a closer look at the meds, she noted that Zyrtec was about to transition from prescription to over-the-counter, much like Claritin did recently.

When I inquired as to when that would happen, she double-checked the circular and said Jan. 23 - as in two days from now! It'll have the same dosage as my prescription and will debut at my pharmacy for $18.99 for a 30-day supply. I think I've been paying a $35-40 co-pay for my monthly prescription. Needless to say, I didn't pick up the $71 version tonight. I'll rely on some other OTC meds over the next couple of days. Then I'll stock up on a few months' worth of Zyrtec. I'm a happy camper all around. That's the only medication that puts a sufficient and consistent damper on my severe allergies/hay fever.

In other health maintenance news, I had to make a special request for my next dentist appointment. My dentist office is small and staffed by a few dental hygenists. They've all worked on me during my numerous dental appointments over the past year, but the one male hygenist seems to be assigned to me more and more. The way it works in this office is that the hygenists/technicians have a lot of interaction to make the molds for crowns, etc., while the dentist does any necessary drilling, placing of the crowns and other heavy-duty stuff.

I put up with this particular hygenist's fumbling for a bit (he never seems confident in exactly what he's doing) and I tried to ignore the fact that my dentist had to scold him often while working on me teeth. "I told you never to cross my drill!" she told him once. "No! Not that [intricate, specialized dental equipment]! The other one!"

But my appointment two weeks ago for the last of too many crowns was too much. It took him four attempts to get a good mold of my tooth. If I wasn't biting correctly, then fine - he should have told me. But he said no such thing. He just kept doing the same thing over and over again, noting, "We need to get it just right." Son of a...

Just wait, though. It gets better, or worse, as the case may be. Ya see, this guy sweats. A lot. Profusely, in fact. He wears a terry cloth sweat band on his forehead. And he sweats even more when he gets nervous. He gets nervous when he's not getting a mold correct. Let it be known that I'm perfectly understanding when it comes to uncontrollable medical conditions like overactive sweat glands, but I'm sure you'll feel me when I say that a huge wet drop on my forehead during the last appointment turned out not to be water at all. Mmm hmm. He sweat on me! I could concentrate on nothing more than the building beads of sweats on his forehead for the rest of the appointment as he continued to lean over my open mouth while trying to get the mold "just right." I thought I was going to vomit. (Luckily I did not actually ingest any of his sweat - that I know of.)

If you don't know me well enough by now, you should know that I'm not big into confrontation. I avoid it when at all possible, probably to a detriment at times. The dentist on duty that day was not my normal dentist and I was in a little shock over the entire thing so I didn't say a word. But as my appointment drew closer, I knew I had to make my request and complaint known. I confirmed that I would not have to have him work on my teeth at this upcoming appointment and I'll be sure to complain to my dentist face-to-face. I do feel bad for the guy, but a patient can only be so... patient.

"Now I have to wear this for 30 days. If I even have a drop of alcohol in my sweat a signal goes to the ankle bracelet headquarters in Denver and I go to jail! And now this time of the year - Ludachristmas, Nude Years Eve, Martin Luther King Day - all you do is drink!" - Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend highlights

Brent and I chilled at home until we caught a late concert at a nearby dive bar called 14 Below. One of the three bands playing that night featured a friend of mine on drums. His band, Rejn (pronounced like "rain"), reminds me of Tool mixed with System of a Down. I'm typically not into that kind of music, but I was happy to support a friend's musical endeavors. A couple of my co-workers joined us and we all enjoyed the show, especially watching Rejn's hardcore fans.
At the Rejn show

1. Brent and I, 2. My friend, Adam, 3. Balloons, 4. Janson and I

I attended the birthday party that justJENN threw for her eldest son. Jodi and I both enjoyed the fruits of justJENN's culinary labor. The mini donuts were soooo cute and yummy, as were the pirate cupcakes and other goodies. Jenn's friends and family are quite nice and I always enjoy hanging out with them.

After the party I swung by the Target near Jenn's house. Her Target is much better than mine.

That evening I whipped up some sweet treats - Burger Bites and my old standby Mexican Wedding Cookies - for a Sunday gathering.
Mexican wedding cookies

I wrapped them up in cute little monkey Valentine treat bags.
Treats in monkey bags

The treat bags were monkey-themed in honor of WeezerMonkey, who hosted a blogger brunch for about 20 of her friends/readers. It was held at one of my favorite brunch places - John O' Groats. I finally got to meet the lovely Leslie, although we'll have to make sure we get to chat more next time.

Check out all the lovely ladies!
Ladies who blog...

And stay tuned because I may finally host a blogger get-together of my own soon for my So. Cal readers.

"You're a part time lover and a full time friend. The monkey on your back is the latest trend. I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you." - Anyone Else But You, Moldy Peaches

Friday, January 18, 2008

The way more fun party

It pains me to go more than a few days without blogging. It's like a little devil sitting on my shoulder, growing larger and more egregious as each day passes.

Not a lot to report from the past few days other than the smashing post-holiday party that my company's Social Committee (me and two others) planned for last night. It was too difficult trying to pick an open night during the busy holiday season, hence the January celebration. We hosted it at a relatively new Beverly Hills restaurant called Gonpachi. We had our own private room overlooking a Japanese garden. I had never been there before, but it was recommended by one of my supervisors. The food was pretty good, the drinks were even better. I had a "moshisho" -- a Japanese version of a mojito (pictured in the top left), which went down like water. It was perfectly sweet and I couldn't taste the alcohol. That's exactly how I like it.

Because of our large group, we had to have a set menu ahead of time. We opted for the five-course menu, included in the pics below. (You can click on each of the corresponding photo names for close-up pics.) Some folks also supplemented dinner with a la carte sushi orders, but I'd say everyone was sufficiently stuffed by the time the third course arrived.

The mosiac also includes a picture of the White Ale, a popular drink last night, because the bottle was just too cute. A co-worker requested I take a picture for posterity. I also took a picture of the bathroom sink because every time someone went to the bathroom, they came back raving about the sink's faux-branch faucet.

Everyone said they had a great time. It's always nice to chill with my co-workers outside of the office. They're a great group of folks that I'm fortunate to work with. And I'm looking forward to going back to Gonpachi with Brent to try it out on a smaller scale.

Dinner at Gonpachi

1. moshisho, 2. owl ale, 3. bathroom sink, 4. tapas, 5. skewers, 6. croquette, 7. cod, 8. cold soba, 9. custard

"If you’re interested in the way more fun party, all the info can be found here on our more brightly colored flyer." - Pam, The Office

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I got hos in different area codes

Brent and I are always on the lookout for fabulous new sushi places to fall in love with. This weekend we discovered THE most amazing sushi place, which turned out to be easy on the wallet, too. It's a place in West LA called Kiriko. It's one of LA food critic Jonathan Gold's Top 99 restaurants and it's also in the Michelin guide. Brent had been there with Josh previously, but didn't remember until we walked in. We sat at the bar and found ourselves being served by none other than the owner himself, Ken Namba, who was positively adorable. He helped us narrow our choices down without being pushy. He was very diplomatic as he helped us decide between dishes and he assured us that we had made some very wise picks. Oh, did we ever!

We enjoyed two kinds of miso soups -- clam and seaweed -- which were just a couple of the half a dozen or so that they offered. We had blue fin tuna sushi that had a husky taste. (Really, I can think of no other way to describe it. But I mean "husky" in a good way, I assure you.) We ordered my must-have dish whenever we eat sushi - fresh water eel. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing the quality of the eel was. I've tried a lot of fresh water eel in my sushi-eating days and this was THE. BEST. EVER. And Brent absolutely agreed. We loved it so much that I had to order more of it. Wow, just wow. Brent had his required order of Spanish mackerel, which was fabulous. We also had enjoyed some panko-crusted deep fried oysters. Out of this world, I say! And last but certainly not least, we ate smoke salmon collar, which sounds funky but was purely delectable. The owner, who is known as a salmon expert, smokes the salmon himself over some fancy schmancy wood to an edible perfection that is hard to put in words. This was an amazing dish and we ate every last morsel that we could get our grubby little hands on.

Other highlights from the weekend:
- Bike riding along the beach. The weather was perfect!
- Spying some paparazzi as they awaited Katie Holmes' departure from a nearby hotel.
- FINALLY getting our beloved Kozyndan print framed. All we need is the perfect-strength nail to keep it on our guest room/home office wall.
- I bought my mom this Chinese take-out lunch box for her to tote her bingo dobbers in (don't ask), and in true Filipino mother fashion, it wasn't enough. "I want a fortune cookie key chain to hang on it!" And in true Nanette fashion, I hunted down a cute silver one for her in a little boutique in Chinatown this weekend. When the sales clerk drove herself mad looking for a boxed key chain, I told her that she could just sell me the display. She overcompensated by wrapping it in a much-larger-than-necessary gift bag, complete with gobs of tissue. Brent burst into laughter when he saw it and noted that it was just like that scene in Love Actually where the guy who plays Mr. Bean takes forever to wrap up the character's jewelry gift.
- Since my oven and I are on speaking terms again, I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies recipe. Even though I ate way more cookie dough than should be allowed, I still managed to get nearly six dozen out of the batch.
- I met Jenn and Jodi for dinner at Cobras and Matadors, a tapas place. Jenn gives the full recap. That place was delicious and I'd definitely go again.
-Lastly, I joined a social network on called Thirty-Something Bloggers. If you fit the bill, join in the fun!

"In Mexico we have a word for sushi: bait." - Jose Simon

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great news, Meh news

Great news: I got tix to see the Foo Fighters, a band that I've been dying to see! And the tix? General admission floor/mosh pit, so I can get as close to the group as the fanatical crowd will let me! Now my dreams of Dave Grohl and I becoming besties will come true! Even better, my buddies Amber and Aline are going, too!
Meh news: Ticketbastards screwed over Aline and told her that she also had floor seats but then when her e-tix arrived they were different seats. Hopefully that won't be the case when my hard copy tix arrive.

Great news: This morning I got tix to see The Hives with The Donnas. I've always enjoyed The Donnas and I fell in love with The Hives after seeing them open for Maroon 5 recently. They are amazing performers and the venue is small. I can hardly wait!
Meh news: I want to see Velvet Revolver on Feb. 6 because I think Scott Weiland was the most amazing frontman when he was with Stone Temple Pilots and I'd love to see him again but I don't know anyone who'd want to go with me. If you're in LA and you're interested, let me know.

Great news: My oven, which stopped working for me in August, works now!
Meh news: When the Gas Co. came out on Sunday to fix it for us, wouldn't you know it? The damn thing turned right on. Son of a...

Great news: I used one of JustJenn's fabulous recipes and made cookies called Burger Bites. They were a hit at my work, Brent's work and a party last night. They're super easy and super impressive!

burger bites

Meh news: I put too much coconut on them and then the tops wouldn't stick right. I improvised by connecting them with a squirt of frosting. Seems like I always mess up a recipe the first time I try it.

Great news: Last night I attended a fundraiser held by a group of gals I had met online while planning our weddings. It was so great to meet them in person after all this time! They're running the LA Marathon and are raising money for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They had a raffle in which I won three fabulous prizes, including a Jamba Juice gift certificate, a California Pizza Kitchen gift certificate and cookbooks, and a gift set that I thought was wine but is some sort of fancy super fruit juice, which I'm excited to try.
Meh news: I didn't take any pics. But never fear - Wan did an extensive, photo-filled recap for your viewing pleasure!

"And Mr. Jordan himself said, 'Don't let no one in who's not on the list, 'cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi.' So haters to the left." - Kenneth, 30 Rock

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Delurking is delovely

It's National Delurking Week, so make thyself known if you haven't already, por favor. And if you have a blog, please be sure to include it in your comment if your profile is set to private and you want me to check it out.

Other bloggers, feel free to grab your own delurking pic from here. Spread the delurking love!

"All people want is someone to listen." - Hugh Elliot

Video killed the radio star

Brent was out of town on business the past couple of days. Last night before bed, at the height of my loneliness and missing my lovely husband, I listened to some Teitur songs as he's one of the few musical acts we both enjoy. I found this super cute video. Even though it's in Faroese (the native language of the Faroe Islands), the song is fun and the video makes me want to fold a million cootie catchers.

While Brent was out of town, I took the opportunity to have some more quality girl time with one of my gazillion friends named Jennifer. (Seriously, I have like a dozen at this point.) We had dinner at a nearby Polish restaurant where we enjoyed dates wrapped in bacon. Mmm... bacon. In the spirit of bacon, check out this video I found via Dooce. It's funny 'cuz it's true.
To cancel out the calories consumed by watching that last video, check out this video I saw on Boing Boing of an orchestra playing instruments made out of vegetables! The makers of Rock Band should add some of those options to the next edition of the game. I bet I'd kick ass on the head of lettuce!
"If I wait for you longer my affection is stronger." - I Was Just Thinking, Teitur

Monday, January 07, 2008

Whatchoo talking 'bout, Willis?

Scenario: Brent, just out of the shower

B: What's the worst that could happen when your razor falls in the shower? Besides cutting my penis?
Me: Um...
B: Look! (He points to a tiny bare patch on his leg, with a little bit of blood in the center) I don't care about the blood. It's the missing patch of hair I don't like!

As he goes on and on, I slowly reach for my box of band aids, unwrap one and apply it to his leg, thinking that he's seeing exactly what I'm doing.

When I'm done, I wait for about 15 seconds then...


Scenario: At restaurant with my in-laws

Mother-in-law: Nanners, you look nice!
Me: I wasn't sure what to wear because we have reservations, so I erred on the side of dressy.
Mother-in-law: Maybe you should tell that to your brother-in-law.
Me: (I look over to see that he's wearing a green windbreaker.) I think that looks fine.
Brother-in-law: Do you want me to take it off?!?!
Mother-in-law: Yes.

He unzips it to reveal a t-shirt that reads -- in bold text over an arrow pointing down -- "GONNA BE HUGE!"

Mother-in-law: (laughing) Zip that up!
Father-in-law: Nanners, you need to blog that!

Scenario: At work, talking to my co-workers about There Will Be Blood

Me: (to Co-Worker 1) I think you'd really like it.
Co-Worker 1: Really?
Me: Yup.
Co-Worker 2: Is it really gory and violent?
Co-Worker 1: (after a short pause in disbelief) IT'S CALLED "THERE WILL BE BLOOD!"


"One doesn't have a sense of humor. It has you." - Larry Gelbart

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Staycation, all I ever wanted. Staycation, had to get away.

I'm not happy that this is my last day of vacation before returning to work, but life can't go on like this forever, I suppose.

I had all these grandiose plans for my staycation, but I ended up spending the majority of it lounging on the couch, watching bad tv and on one day I met Tater for lunch, which was nice. I didn't do nearly as much shopping or pampering myself as expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed my "me" time.

Because of the looming threat of rain -- Stormwatch 2008, y'all! -- I didn't feel like leaving the house much.

I spent much of my staycation time focused on my health. I worked out a couple of times and read quite a bit about healthier lifestyles. I'm halfway through Skinny Bitch, a bitchy no-nonsense guide to health. The two authors are former models-turned-nutritionists. Leslie wrote a recent review of Skinny Bitch that's also worth checking out. From what I can tell they basically suggest we live off of organic carrots and tofu burgers (ok, not really) but they are against meat, fish, dairy (including cheese! EEK!), sugar, caffeine, etc. Maybe the book will have a surprise ending and the authors will say, "Nah, just kidding. Eat all the pasta you want, Nanette!"

I don't think I'll adopt the exact lifestyle they're suggesting, but I'll definitely think twice about what I'm putting in my mouth. Brent and I have gone back and forth about becoming vegetarians, but we're not quite ready to give up our sushi or roast Cuban pork. And I think I may also look for more info about eating organic.

My staycaton also included a lot of rockin' out. Brent and I played Rock Band online (via Xbox 360) with our friends Matt and Nicole, who live in Northern California, on Saturday night. We finally figured out how to talk to each other during the game, although we weren't able to figure out how to get them to be able to hear me singing during the game without a lag.

My brother-in-law came over today to try his hand at Rock Band. We cracked up when he decided to go straight for the "hard" level although he'd never played before and has never been musically trained. He eventually settled back on "easy." And when he left after a couple of hours of playing, he promptly declared that he was better at the game than BOTH OF US. Dahahaha! Um, noooo.

Oh, and as a quick follow-up to my last post and some of the questions in the comments, not all theaters here have assigned seats. There are just a few in LA that do. Whether it's online or at the theater, you get to see what seats are already taken and then you choose where you want to sit. It's nice to order tix online and not have to get to a theater an hour ahead of time just to get a good seat.

"The people who say they don’t have time to take care of themselves will soon discover they’re spending all their time being sick." - Patricia Alexander

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lazy day

Today I woke up at 10:30, which was later than I expected but perfectly fine. I did a little shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, mostly from the Beyond section, then went to see Atonement.

I have no problem seeing movies by myself, although I can't remember the last time I did that. The first time I did that was while working at the movie theater back in high school to see A Walk in the Clouds.

I bought my ticket online today and was excited to see that only a few seats had been sold. I was looking forward to a nice, quiet, hopefully empty movie. When I got there, though, the theater was much more filled than I expected. I realized that the vast majority of the movie-goers were 65+ (who else is seeing movies in the middle of a weekday?) and didn't really use the internet to buy tix. But still, all the seats are assigned, so I was surprised that not only one but two separate people had decided to choose the seats on either side of me. Sigh...

I still managed to be comfortable, despite having to fight for some elbow room. As for the movie, it wasn't bad but it didn't move me much. Something about it didn't engage me like I'd hoped, although I will say that the ending surprised me. That's always nice when so many movies are predictable. In the end, I'd say save your money and rent it.

"No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy, even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending solely on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strength." - Jack Kerouac

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

All about New Year's Eve

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a safe holiday. Brent and I had Josh and Jami over last night to celebrate with a variety of cheeses, meats, breads, booze and sweet treats.

We played a little Rock Band and ended with a round of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, which Brent won.

I don't have any resolutions, per se, but I'm hoping to host more gatherings at our place throughout 2008. I tend to think that at our place is too small, but then I think about people in places like NYC with tiny little places but are able to throw fabulous shindigs.

I had yesterday and today off, and I'm taking the rest of the week off for my staycation. I'm looking forward to relaxing and catching up on some of my to-do list.

"The future is the past returning through another gate." - Arnold Glaslow