Monday, July 14, 2008

BlogHer preparedness

I know these fine ladies are attending BlogHer this week:

- Gorgeous Footsteps in the Sand
- La Petite Chic
- The Spohrs Are Multiplying
- Sizzle Says
- Greeblemonkey

Am I missing anyone else who regular reads me and vice versa? I want to make sure I make arrangements to meet everyone in between the stuff I'll be doing there for work.

And I'm stealing the following from La Petite Chic, who stole if from someone else.

Things You Should Know About Me When We Meet at BlogHer

1. There are some bloggers who are more extroverted online than they are in person. Or they're more blunt online than they would be in person. Me? In person, I'm just like I am online. What you read is what you get. A pleasant online Nanette is just like the pleasant real-life Nanette.

2. If I know you (and I feel like I know the gals mentioned above), I'm fine with you touching my pregnant belly if you're a belly-toucher. I know there are some pregnant women who don't like others to touch their bellies, but if I know you, it's cool. If I weren't pregnant, though, I would find that weird. Can you imagine women just groping each other? Ok, wait - that sounds dirty...

3. I haven't really given a lot of thought to what I'm going to wear. I may end up pretty casual in jeans or maybe I'll wear a dress. I think it all depends on the shoes. These days high-heels are no longer my friends, so I spend most of my days in flip-flops and flats.

4. I'm attending BlogHer because of work, actually, so I may bug you about your thoughts, from a blogger's perspective, on a piece or two I'm writing about the event. I also may have to leave a very social and fabulous conversation to go track down more info for my pieces and network as I've promised my editors.

5. I smile a lot. It just comes naturally. I can't help it. If you are a brooding, dark personality, I apologize in advance for offending you, heh.

6. I also giggle a lot, but I'm (hopefully) not annoying or obnoxious. I try to find the fun in everything I do and everyone around me.

7. I might hug you. I do that to a lot of peeps when I feel I already know them from the blogosphere. (I already know that Sizzle is a hugger, too!) Hey, if it didn't scare justJENN, then it probably won't scare you. Having said that, if I get a "please don't hug me" vibe from you, or if you're wearing something with a lot of spikes, then I won't hug you.

8. I talk fast. Feel free to ask me to repeat myself.

9. I may totally blank on your name or tell you something I've already told you or lose my thought in mid-sentence. I promise I'm not always so flaky - it's pregnancy brain.

10. I may complain about being thirsty because it's not second nature for me to remember to drink a lot of water, especially when I'm really busy at events. I may also leave you a lot to use the restroom, thanks to Em Dash.

"The internet is like a giant jellyfish. You can't step on it. You can't go around it. You've got to get through it." - John Evans


  1. I hope you have fun at Blogher! I wish I could be there! Drink water! lol

  2. Why is there no L.A. stop?! Although, had I known about this, I would've been willing to make the short trek to SF. Now I have the circus baby shower on Sunday, though.

    We should make sure Julie Q knows about the Boston stop in October. :)

  3. I talk fast and gesticulate wildly. I also pee a lot. (I drink a lot of water, it's not a pregnancy thing since I am not pregnant.)

    We're totally gonna HUG!

  4. I love hugs, I talk fast, I listen faster, I am bringing 837 outfits but will most likely wear the same pair of jeans to everything, I love to laugh, I am LOUD, I cuss a lot more in real life than on my blog, I rarely wear heels over 1" in height, I constantly forget names, and I will remind you to drink lots and lots of water.

    Can't wait to meet you finally!

  5. i just emailed you back, woo!

    and seriously, you sound so similar to me it's mildly crazy, haha. i am a fast talking smiling hugger who's pretty much the same person on my blog as i am in real life and will most likely be rocking the jeans and flip flops all day, woot.

    can't wait! :)

  6. You sound absolutely lovely!! Not like you didn't before in all of your posts, but I really liked your list. Looking forward to meeting you in person :)
    P.S. I still don't know which sessions I'm attending!

  7. Oooh, I'm sure you'll have a great time!

  8. I mostly read you in a reader, but I'd love to meet you in person at BlogHer! I'm a hugger so feel free, just please don't touch my belly! ;)

  9. I'm outta the loop on this event, but I'm sure they are gonna love you as much as I did at our first anonymous meeting oh so long ago. How could they not?!

  10. I hope you have a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. man i wish i was going to blogher to meet you!!!

  12. dang it I so wish I could come. Have fun!

  13. Have a great time!! I wish I could go, just to marvel at some of my favorite bloggers.

  14. How fun!!!!!!

    I hug and kiss on the cheek. That's how I always used to say hi. It took a huge conscience effort to learn to stop when meeting new people. I still struggle with it.

  15. Oh man - that sounds like such a great event! Maybe I'll muster up the courage (and moolah) to go next year.

    I can't wait to read all about it though!

  16. i was NOT all about the belly touching. at ALL!

    hope you have a great time!

  17. have so much fun!

  18. Can't wait to hear about BlogHer! Tell us everything you learned :) Enjoy meeting the fellow BlogHers.

  19. have an awesome time at BlogHer!! That's exciting you get to meet Katelin and all the other girls :)

  20. It was nice meeting you this morning int he opening session. Thanks for coming by our table. Your blog is really cute!