Monday, July 28, 2008

Good love is on the way

I barely missed passing the glucose test. Dang it! So now I have to endure the 3-hour extended test. Bleh.

Apparently any levels above 140 mean a second round of testing, and anything over 200 automatically means gestational diabetes. My results were 152. Bah. The nurse practitioner who called to explain the results and next steps said that because my levels were close to passing, she's pretty sure I'll pass the 3-hour test with no problems, but I still gotta take it. They're faxing over instructions for the next test tomorrow, which I'll probably take later this week or early next week.

Now onto my weekend!

Sunday night South African Ballerina Jen and I trekked down to Irvine to catch John Mayer in concert. We were met with an awful amount of traffic, trying to get into the venue. That stupid venue basically has two lanes to get in and out! Worse than Dodger Stadium! Ugh!

By the time we pulled in, parked, trekked into the venue, went to the bathroom, got a drink and a snack, we only got to catch the last song of Brett Dennen. I was so excited to see him, but it just didn't work out.

Here he is waving good-bye to me.
Brett Dennen

I couldn't complain too much, though, because my fan club seats ended up being in the fifth row of the orchestra section, which was behind only five rows of pit seats. SCORE!

Colbie Caillat, best known for her hit "Bubbly," was the second act.
Colbie Caillat
I wasn't a fan before the show, and frankly, wasn't that impressed. Truth be told there are only a few female singers I really like.

Finally it was time for John to hit the stage!

I knew he had shaved his head recently, which I didn't think I'd like (I love his longer locks), but by the end of the show the style had grown on me.

And we spotted Jennifer Aniston watching from the side of the stage. Awww...

The show was AMAZING! Check out the set list.

When John and his band busted out a rendition of Van Halen's Panama, I about lost it. Two of my favorite worlds colliding! (That's my favorite Van Halen song. Yes, I have a favorite Van Halen song. Shut up.) It also didn't hurt that John whipped his shirt off in tribute to Eddie Van Halen.
Shirtless during Panama

After the kick-ass show we then battled the traffic out of the parking lot. A half an hour later we finally were out of there. It was all worth it, though, as I drifted off to sleep with visions of the spectacular show in my head.

"Oh twice as much ain’t twice as good and can't sustain like one half could. It's wanting more gonna send me to my knees." - Gravity, John Mayer


  1. I had the exact same results for the glucose test with my first pregnancy. The worst part about the 3 hour test--besides having to be there for like 4 hours--was the fasting. I was SO HUNGRY when we left that I really thought I was going to DIE! OK, I wasn't THAT bad off but I don't think I've ever been so hungry in my whole life.

    I wasn't so lucky with the test results with the 2nd pregnancy. Now THAT was really awful! Boo!

    I'm sure you'll come out with a clean bill of health for you and little Em Dash! I'm glad you liked that crap you have to drink. Mine was orange flavor and tasted like someone took a nice cold cup of orange soda and added black pepper to it. Acky!

  2. Awww Nanette, I'm sure you'll pass the second test. [hugs]

  3. Good luck on the second test!
    I am so jealous that you got to see JM. I missed him this year becuase of the babe. Boo that Maniston was there.

  4. I still find it strange that he and Aniston are dating. Not that that is ANY of my bee's wax. :-)

    Glad you had such a great time!

  5. i don't know who i would have been more excited to see, john mayer or jennifer aniston. honestly.

    glad you had a great time and i'm sure the next glucose test will be fine.

  6. Good luck with the next glucose test!

    That show was awesome! You had amazing seats.. I loved the buzz cut, but I'm a huge fan of that look on men. And the no shirt deal was fantastic!

  7. I failed the one hour test during my pregnancy with Lila. I think I failed it pretty badly though. So, then I barely passed the 3 hr. test, and they still made me go on the! I'm sure you'll pass though since you just barely failed the first one...fingers crossed!!

  8. I am so sorry about the glucose test- that happened to me too (like I mentioned before) and I sailed through the three hour test. My three hour test was sooo boring, the video room they usually let ladies watch movies in was taken, so I got to sit in the lobby for 4 hours, it was a blast!

    JEALOUS about your concert experience: we don't get many cool acts like that up here in Idaho :(

  9. Oooh John. Isn't he the best in concert?!

    Sorry to hear about the glucose test, booooo. So close!

  10. Good luck with test #2. Sending you "passing" thoughts.

    I bet it's super fun to see John Mayer that close. I about died last year when he played Springsteen, so I know what you mean about Van Halen.

  11. Sounds like a fun concert. Em dash is getting a lesson in rocking in utero! lol
    I hope the 3 hr glucose test goes well. Get plenty of rest afterwards. You look great by the way. Those pics are adorable.

  12. I am sure the 2nd test will go fine. Fingers crossed!

    And JM is one hawt piece of ass. Glad you got to enjoy ;)

  13. OK, you already know how I feel about the shirt and song. Yum and awesome. How did you not get pictures of that so close up?

    I like John and Jennifer together. Some chicks in front of me in line at the bathrooms said they were sitting right in front of Jen, Courtney, and David in the pit. Cool beans.

    I mentioned to you that I was going but it was a while ago. Sadly I left my cell phone at home and couldn't call you to meet up. Boo to me.

    We actually liked Brett Dennen. We just couldn't catch his name to know who he was. Colbie--meh.

    Good luck on the next glucose test! I'm sure you'll do fine.

  14. oh wow looks like it was an awesome show by john. love the set list, love john. and so cute that jen was on the side! glad you had so much fun and got so many pics :)

  15. Boo on results and having to repeat the test! I have to admit I am envious of you for seeing the concert, he's one of my favorite artists!

  16. Ah man, good luck with test #2! I was impatient enough waiting an hour with the first one. I would have been really cranky if I'd had to do the 3 hour test. I'm crossing my fingers that your results will be normal... No pregnant woman should have to skip ice cream!

  17. Your weekend sounds awesome - except for Dodger Stadium parking/exiting and the glucose test...I uh, failed mine too and ended up with GD but you know what? It all worked out okay and I ate like a nutrition freak during the rest of my pg, didn't gain much weight, ended up with a BEAUTIFUL baby and gorged on snickers within 24 hours of her birth... :)

    ps - can you email me your address.....I'm not being creepy stalker but have something for Miss Em-Dash....

  18. I got all jazzed up when I saw the title of your post - and then to my delight there were pictures of my man JM!

    I saw him in Milwaukee a month ago, but he never took his shirt off!! Bummer for me, lucky for you. I like the new do for him - he's switching it up lately.

  19. Just looking at that bottle makes me gag. Serious...

    But not that last picture in this post... no... very nice, very nice indeed :)

  20. i know you'll do just fine with the 3-hour, but i know how daunting the very idea of it is. i hate needles, and i was absolutely dreading it, but by the 2nd blood draw, i was so over it, i just stuck my arm out and watched the clock.

    i dig OG van halen, too :)