Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Brentversations

At the house
Me: Crap! My wedding ring won't go on!
Brent: But it fit yesterday?
Me: Yup. I'm just extra bloated today. I don't want to leave the house looking like an unwed mother.
Brent: Don't worry about it. Just don't have sex with any other men.

Over IM
Brent: I ate that crappy Balance Bar because it said it had all the protein but I'm still hungry
Me: Eat bacon
Me: That has protein
Brent: Yeah. Because there's a big plate of bacon here and I'm still deciding whether or not I should eat all the tasty bacon
Brent: It's right next to the bag that says "free money" that I'm on the fence about

"Oh, I've had this conversation before. You're marrying my mom, aren't you?" - Kenneth, 30 Rock


  1. love the mention of bacon.

    sorry to hear your rings don't fit. :(.

  2. Is it possible he is related to my SO?

  3. That's pretty much what I sound like at home too.

  4. Maybe try putting on your ring in the morning when you're less bloated?

  5. I totally felt like that too about the rings. For some reason, my wedding band still fit a lot longer than my engagement ring did so I didn't have to go too long without either of them. I jammed them back on within the first week after Rex was born!

    I love that Brent would associate a big plate of bacon with a bag of free money- guess he really likes bacon!

  6. i love these posts. too funny!

  7. Wait, there's bacon at your house?

    Knock Knock

    May I borrow a cup of bacon?

  8. This one had me and the hub cracking up. Very Chandler-esque "...and my diamond shoes are too tight!" hahaha.

    Don't force the rings. I suggest putting them on a chain. My boss had to have hers sawed off and it took her years before she could afford to repair it.

  9. Bwah, ha! Ha! You guys are cute!

  10. haha aw you guys are funny.

    put your ring on a necklace, that's what my friend did when it stopped fitting :)

  11. You guys are too funny :)

  12. Same thing happened to me during the 3rd trimester. I tried the chain thing, but it made my husband nervous that the chain would break an I'd lose my rings. And so, I tried a fake ring from Target. It was awesome for like 2 days until my finger turned green. And so... in the end... unwed mother. :)

  13. I've actually been wearing Eric's wedding band for the past week because his fingers were swollen. Wait...I wonder if he's pregnant!

  14. Don't remember if I commented before, but I had to this time!

    I read this right before I went to make dinner. It really helped... omlettes and bacon and toast it is!

    As for the rings, I wore mine on a chain.

    BTW, if you haven't clicked on my site before.. it is just one page and something every pregnant woman should read.

  15. Haaa your husband is as witty as mine! I emailed him my weekly pregnancy fruit comparison (courtesy of the Nest) last week with the subject line, "Orange you glad you married me?" M replied, "Yes, but I wonder sometimes why I knock knocked you up."

  16. I think I may have just fallen in love with your husband!

    I am dying over here! hahaha!

  17. I'm totally cracking up right now and wondering if Brett and Mr. P are somehow related. Brothers in sarcasm?

  18. mmmmmm...bacon.

    that is all.