Sunday, August 03, 2008

Buon compleanno!

My father-in-law's birthday is July 31.

My bro-in-law's birthday is Aug. 1.

My hottie hubby's birthday is Aug. 3.

Wild, huh?

So this was their big birthday weekend, which we celebrated together Saturday night at Vincenti restaurant in Brentwood, noted as the number one Italian restaurant in LA by local food critic Jonathan Gold.

Awww, look at the birthday boys!
The birthday boys

The menu
Vincenti restaurant menu

Everyone but me opted for the 5-course tasting menu.

We all started with a fig and goat cheese amuse bouche. This was so tasty that Brent and I were still talking about it this morning.
Amuse bouche

My appetizer was fried calamari and zucchini. The batter was light and the homemade tarter sauce went perfectly with it.
Fried calamari and zuchini

My entree was potato gnocchi with lobster sauce and cherry tomatoes. Quite delicious and surprisingly light.
Potato gnocchi with lobster sauce

I only took pics of the tasting menu courses that I shared with Brent. This was the cheese plate toward the end of the meal. Thankfully only one of them was unpasteurized, so I could enjoy the majority of them.
Say cheese!

I split Brent's panna cotta, the dessert from the tasting menu. I'd make a return trip back to the restaurant on that delicious dessert alone! It was light yet sweet with perfect pitted cherries. Yum!
panna cotta

The meal ended with some yummy complementary cookies.

On our way in we spotted Ron Rifkin (from Brothers and Sisters, as well as Alias) dining there.

Although we had to wait 30 minutes to get a table even with reservations (they apologized by offering us complementary drinks while we waited) and service between courses was a little slow, I'd definitely go back when I'm in the mood to splurge on high-quality Italian.

The LA Times did a review recently, if you're interested.

"I don't mean to panic anyone, but I'm afraid the calamari has been infested with baby squid." - Dick Soloman, 3rd Rock from the Sun


  1. jeez, it's so hard to tell they're related!

  2. Remind me to not check into your page when I'm hungry. -growl-

    Your husband, his brother and his dad look soooooo much alike! I'm sure they're used to hearing that by now, though.

  3. Happy birthday boys!

    Looks like a great restaurant. Why have I never heard of it??

  4. I think I'm way too picky to ever be a foodie. *sigh*

    P.S. I sent Brent a "Happy Birthday" message on Facebook, but I don't know if he ever checks it.

  5. Happy Birthday to them! Food looks delish!

  6. The food looks amazing. You always go to the best restaurants :)

  7. again, i wish i had foodie ILs. that panna cotta looks delish.

  8. Whoa! Brent and his bro look like twins! AND - I really want Italian food now, or at least one of the cookies.

  9. Ohmigawsh!! I lovvvvvve panna cotta. *Swoon*

  10. Happy birthday to them all! :)

    That dessert looks fabu!

  11. happy birthday to all the boys!

    food. looks. so. yum.

  12. i want that panna cotta!!

  13. Your hubs looks just like Marshall from HIMYM in that first pic! :)