Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spa and sweets

Last night I got my first pregnancy massage.

Pure heeeeeeeeaven.

Pregnant women obviously can't lay down on their stomachs, so my favorite spa offers a special massage with a rectangle pillow alongside the belly. You lay on your side and straddle the pillow with one leg. Halfway through the massage they have you turn onto your other side.

My masseuse was able to rub away all the knots and muscle tension out of my ever-evolving body. And she confirmed what I expected - my lower back and my sciatic nerve were especially tight. It felt so nice to leave the spa feeling all bendy. I'm definitely going back before Em Dash's arrival.

Today I took my 3-hour glucose test. They had me do it at a nearby lab instead of the doctor's office. The time went by much quicker than I expected, but yet again I am left with some nasty bruises, this time on BOTH my arms after four blood draws. Ugh. Dear World, I am not a junkie. I'm just an easy bruiser. Kthxbye.

When the nurse practitioner called with my 1-hour results, she mentioned that I was a bit low on iron, which has been a constant problem of mine throughout my life. I'm taking an iron supplement, but I bet my low iron probably doesn't help my chances of bruising. Glucose test results should be in early next week. I'm thinking good thoughts.

"Human contact is important Lemon. I can tell from your stress level that you have not been touched in any way in quite some time. Not caressed, not massaged, not even groped on the subway." - Jack, 30 Rock


  1. Sending healthy vibes to you! I bruise really easily too.

  2. I hope the results come back a-okay. The massage sounds heavenly. I go to our local massage school periodically and saw that they offered pregnacy massages. I had wondered how they did the treatment diffferently, since I knew you couldn't be on your tummy. Interesting. I'm glad it helped.

  3. Enjoy those prenatal massages while you can. Unfortunately, that's the last one I've had! I need a masssaaaaggeeee!

    Good luck on your glucose results.

  4. Good luck with the test results.

    A massage sounds really good right about now.

  5. good luck!

    that's it, i'm really not having a baby. needles make me pass out.

  6. You know, I've never had a massage in my life. That sounds so good right now.

    Good luck on your results. Were you able to keep down those iron pills alright? Those were the worst for me.

  7. Ooh - I love massages!

    And I'm with you - I bruise like a peach.

  8. Ooooh, thanks for the recommendation on the PG massage @ B-W! I have a gift certificate to there from my b-day that's been burning a hole in its box;)

    Hope your glucose test results come back okay. I think I have to take my first glucose screening test in 3 weeks. Not looking forward to it.

  9. sending the healthiest of healthy vibes your way :)

  10. I'm hoping you are going to pass the test with flying colors. ;)

  11. Prenatal massages rock. I'm all about indulging in them for the rest of this pregnancy.

    Fingers crossed for great GT results!

  12. that was very wise of you, to plan the massage on the same day as the 3-hour! what a great way to celebrate getting through it.

  13. ahh, the spa, pure bliss. i have not had one at all. i'm a bit afraid i may go into early labor so i will avoid them until i reach at least 38 weeks =.

    don't worry when i had my glucose test they found that i was a bit on the anemic side, which i kind of had suspected my for a long time anyway, now i am required to take the supplements 3 times a day on top of my prenatal and yes i do bruise when i get my blood drawn too.

    good luck though, i hope the result is in your favor!!!

  14. <3 BW.

    Sending good vibes for the test results!

  15. I had A Dream last night that You Were Mean To Me!! You Tsked me for Not Being Able To Clean Without A Cleaning Woman and I ended up walking away all Mad and Angry. You just didn't Understand!

    When I woke up, I told TAF about The Dream and he said, "Nanette would Never be Mean to you!"

    So, I won't hold it against you. But, I should probably attempt to Clean My House, sans Cleaning Woman.


  16. You should totally have a pregnancy massage AFTER she comes, too. You will need one - TRUST ME.

  17. ::wistful sigh:: i totally want a pregnancy massage ... or just a massage ...

    so, kinda unrelated note ... you look amazing! i think pregnant women are so beautiful and you're definitely up there. it's a beautiful thing and i'm so happy for you. :)

  18. oh man- siatic nerve pain is a killer pregnancy symptom- right up there with bad indigestion!

  19. the spa treatment sounds wonderful.

    i bruise like a peach, too. so annoying.