Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend wrap-up

Saturday morning I popped on over to the lovely home of BeTheBoy and wife Slackmistress for Randi's surprise bridal shower. Randi thought it was a simple brunch thrown by Slackmistress. Little did she know that it was in her honor! It was a fun celebration, including a marvelous spread of food from Slackmistress and Hil's delicious cupcakes.

Randi and fiance Mike
Luggage tags and High School Musical

Brent and I are looking forward to celebrating Mike and Randi's big day later this month!

Saturday evening we had dinner with the in-laws to celebrate the close birthdays for Brent, my bro-in-law and my father-in-law. Extensive recap of the meal here.

Sunday was Brent's 31st birthday! After sleeping in until nearly 11, we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to the nearby Farmer's Market. We didn't stay out too long as it was quite hot, so we headed over to Circuit City to check out some flat screen tvs. We're in the market for a new one, which I'd like to get before Em Dash's arrival when I'll be spending lots of time in front of our tv as a human milk machine.

Then it was time for one of my birthday surprises for Brent. We live quite close to a bowling alley, which every time we drive by we say, "We really should go bowling." We've been living here for nearly four years, but hadn't made our way in yet. So I made some reservations for Sunday afternoon. Brent was happily surprised.
Brent bowls

After a couple games, we headed to the supermarket to pick up groceries, including supplies for a peach pie I wanted to bake for Brent. Ya see, my darling husband doesn't really like cupcakes. The horror, I know. And while he likes cake, he much prefers pie -- peach pie is his favorite.

So I found a highly reviewed recipe online and set out to make my very first pie. The fresh peaches were sadly not ripe enough, so I had to settle for using canned instead. I took many of the reviewers' advice and added some ingredients to the recipe (nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla) but forgot about the cornstarch to help the peach mixture thicken. I also used a frozen pie crust (I know, I know) 'cuz I didn't have the time nor the energy to bust out one from scratch on my first go at it. Plus, my feet start to bother me if I'm on them too long, so I went for the lazy baker's version.

It was looking pretty good when I pulled it out of the oven, but sadly when I transferred it from the cookie sheet under the pie pan to a plate, the lovely crust cracked in numerous places. *tear*

Brent was still thrilled with it, and although it was a bit more liquidy than I would have hoped, I'm happy with the outcome. We enjoyed it with some vanilla ice cream, and it was almost more like a cobbler than a pie. I'll definitely try the recipe again.

I gave Brent two books for his birthday. The first is "Dough: Simple Contemporary Breads" because Brent loves to bake bread. The second is "The New Father: A Guide's Dad to the First Year." (He's already read and enjoyed "The Expectant Father" by the same author.) As Brent noted when he opened it, yes, we'll actually have to take care of Em Dash when she gets here.

Brent and his gifts

Sweetie, I hope you had a great birthday! I had a blast celebrating with you!

(By the way, check out this hilarious post from Hello Yvetty, where she battles it out with her hubby while discussing a dream she had about Em Dash.)

"When I was born I was so surprised I didn't talk for a year and a half." - Gracie Allen


  1. Happy Birthday to Brent!

    I actually love frozen pie crust :).

  2. Happy Birthday, Brent! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Brent, and thanks for coming to the shower and the gift and hope you enjoyed bowling and we can walk there but I can't get her to go with me and where's my homemade pie? I like apple or cherry.

  4. Aww. . . . happy birthday to Brent! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  5. I am So Excited about that HSM Pen!!! Can you see My Glee in the picture??

    Michael always wants Pie.

    Our Second Date was at That Bowling Alley!


    P.S. I have been Ironing all weekend!

  6. I would like to see a picture of you bowling! Ha! Eric always says, "I'm not that into cupcakes," but funny thing is that when Jenn sends me home with some, he manages to eat them!

  7. happy birthday brent!!

    your pie looks delish, love the heart cutouts

  8. Happy happy birthday, Brent! I went to the farmer's market here at 11 too, but that was when they closed :(

  9. happy birthday to brent! looks like you guys had a fun weekend :)

  10. happy birthday, brent!

    the pie looks yummy.

  11. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    Wow, Nanette, I can't believe you only have 75 days to go. Time is sure flying by. I hope the time goes by that fast for us.

  12. That peach pie looks super good and I'm going to make that recipe. How much nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla did you add to it?


  13. Happy, happy birthday to Brent! I'm going to make a peach pie some day because it's one of my favorites too. Yummmmm!

  14. happy birthday to brent! i'm loving that he actually reads the books. the hub just kind of snickered at the ones i gave him. heh.

  15. Happy Birthday Brent and Nanette, I have to say you are quite brave to tackle making a pie. Crust from scratch or not, that's a huge accomplishment.

  16. happy birthday to brent!

    that picture of him holding the pie and the books is really funny.

  17. sorry i'm late on this, but happy birthday to brent!! i'm with him on the pie ... peach is my favorite too. :) remember that when i come visit.