Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Belated recap

- The gorgeous wedding of Randi and Mike! I love all the little details they put into the wedding, and I got to see hottie hubby in a yarmulke! (All the boys wore them.)
Hottie hubby in a yarmalke

- Long overdue dinner w/ Josh and Jami.
- Talked to their babysitter, a high school senior, about how technology has changed high school since I was there. She told me about how her teachers have websites where they post notes from class, assignments, etc. And kids can upload assignments via a special site that determines if content was plagiarized from classmates or other assignments in the database. My, how times have changed.

- Got a message from justJENN that said, "Will you be home? I want to drop something off." I thought, "Oooh, baked goods! Baked goods!" And I was right! Check out these ingenious bad boys!
Domo cupcakes

It's Domo Kun, whom I adore! I had to take a picture of a cupcake with one of my Domo dolls! (Yes, I have more than one Domo doll.)

- Went to IKEA to pick up the dresser that will double as our changing table, which was the last piece of furniture we needed to complete the nursery!
- Organized shower gifts, including all the clothes given to us and what I've purchased. She's going to have to be like an Oscars hostess and go through four outfits in a day to get through them all. Not that that's a bad thing!

- Brent, his bro and I discovered an AMAZING breakfast place in West LA. After eating, Brent turned to me and said, "Don't tell anyone about this place!" aka "Don't blog about this!" Sorry, folks. You'll have to search for it yourself. Heh.
- Met up with Alyssa, her awesome husband Rob, and another couple of really nice friends of theirs for dinner at Noodle Planet.
- Dinner was followed by an awesome Jack Johnson show at UCLA. Alyssa is a HUGE Jack fan, and I've always liked him but hadn't had a chance to see him until now. He puts on a great show, which was even better because of the wonderful company.
Alyssa and me

- We had our handy man over and spent Labor Day laboring. He installed the dishwasher that Brent thought he could install himself (but was wrong), hooked up the ice and filtered water features on our new fridge (FINALLY!), fixed a broken light fixture and started to install the light/ceiling fan in our nursery. He finished up today, so now the room is ready to be painted!
- The timing for all this home renovation is ironic because I think I've found myself in full on nesting mode, which means I was following our handy man around with a broom and dustpan like a mad woman.
- Brent assembled our dresser/changing table!
Dresser/changing table

Because IKEA doesn't necessarily sell heirloom pieces, we weren't that surprised when one of the drawers didn't seem to close all the way. Brent figured out some wonky fix with a simple piece of paper. He was SO excited at his ingenuity that he screamed, "TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS! WOO HOO!" So I did!
Brent's quick fix

And that was our long weekend!

"Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves." - Tracy, 30 Rock


  1. [pouting re secret breakfast place]

    I just uploaded a yarmulke pic of Mr. Monkey for your viewing pleasure on Flickr.

  2. Ahhh, I so wanted to go to Jack Johnson!! I was *thisclose* to buying tickets, but scrapped it after we found out there were no chairs allowed (me and grass don't mesh). JealousE!

  3. You two are just too cute. It sounds like the absolute perfect weekend!

  4. Congrats on finishing so many projects! Sounds like the nursery's almost ready for little Em Dash :)

  5. jealousE about the concert! sounds like a really fun time -- artist and company both!

    you must be getting so excited now that the pad is almost ready for miss em dash's arrival :)

  6. I am now intrigued re the breakfast place! We have a couple that we frequent on the westside, I like having breakfast over there.

    I was also really close to going to see Jack Johnson... just didn't get my shit together soon enough! Glad it was a good show.

  7. I'm now starving from seeing your cupcakes and dinner at Noodle Planet.

    I've seen Jack quite a few times and have always enjoyed myself. He sounds the same in real life!

  8. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend. I wish JustJenn lived by me....now I want some cupcakes.

    Oh yeah, Kudos to Brent. I know my husband likes applause when he does something like that :)

  9. I need one of those cupcakes. Now.

  10. my goodness, that was a lot of stuff packed into one weekend! so much fun :)

    and re: ikea - yeah, we just hired some dude to come over and put it all together for us. the hub gave up and said it wasn't worth the long hours of frustration. heh.

  11. I love, love, love Domo-kun too! I have a zipper pull on one of my hoodies and an air freshner in my car.

  12. Domo cupcakes! That Jenn is all kinds of awesome.

    It seems like you guys are practically for Em Dash, huh? Try not to go crazy with the nesting. I was lemon crazy and poured lemon cleaner on the wood table just so it could smell like lemon. I lost my mind for a bit there.

  13. I'm all upset you won't share your breakfast place! :( I saw Jack this weekend, too! He was great down in Irvine.

  14. sounds like a fabulous weekend! i love that bret wanted you to take a picture of his problem solving, haha.

  15. Jealous of all the fun you always seem to be having! That baby is going to be rockin from all the concerts :) EEEk- I'm excited for you to start the nursery, so fun!

  16. What a cute shirt you're wearing in that picture!

    And what fabulous cupcakes. Seriously... I need to get my hands on those! :-)

  17. Okay - so I just looked at the wedding pics and I *love* their program! i can't believe the groom drew that! too cute.

  18. We had a blast at the Jack show! He's amazing to me. I love the yarmulke pic :) What a great personal touch! Who knew Brent was so handy :)

  19. So many Yay! moments in this recap. Yay!