Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well, that's a huge noggin. That's a virtual planetoid.

This a.m. I was thinking, "If I wait too long between blog posts, peeps are going to think I went into labor." And wouldn't you know it, today I received a "Haven't heard from you in a while...I hope you're ok" email from the lovely La Petite Chic.

Yup, things are going well. Just been simultaneously busy getting ready for Em Dash's arrival, as well as feeling too tired to open my laptop. Third trimester exhaustion has been worse than the first trimester exhaustion because this time around I'm more uncomfortable. I can't lay on my stomach or back, and getting up off the couch or the bed is akin to a turtle on its back -- there's a lot of momentum required to get my basketball belly in motion.

Since I last wrote, I've continued to put the finishing touches on the nursery. All the newborn and 0-3 months clothing, along with the linens, burp cloths, changing pad and Boppy covers are all washed - in scent-free detergent, of course.

This weekend while visiting my mom, and I rested on her couch, she told my 3-year-old nephew, "Go say 'hi' to the baby." He walked over, gently patted my belly, said "Hi, baby," lifted up my shirt slightly, kissed my belly and rested his ear on it. Seriously, if that doesn't melt your heart then you are dead inside. Heh.

Earlier this week we got our car seat installations inspected via Santa Monica police department's monthly inspection. Brent did a pretty good job installing the bases with both our cars, but they just needed a few tweaks. Plus we learned tips for actually strapping Em Dash into the seat. Oh, and we discovered that there's a special little holder on the underside of the car seat for car seat instructions. Fun! (Seriously!)

Monday evening was our last baby-related class: breastfeeding. I could tell that Brent was hesitant to go, with his continuous "Are you sure husbands need to attend this class?" But I wanted him there so he could potentially remind me of tips, etc., when/if I have a hard time getting Em Dash to latch on and feed correctly. Our classmates weren't as obnoxious as our child birth class, but they weren't as polite as our infant care class folks. There was one couple in particular, who of course were sitting in the row in front of us. They would NOT. STOP. TALKING to each other. Two and a half of ours of constant chatter? Might as well have been water torture for me. At one point the wife even said to the instructor, "Wait, can you repeat that? I missed it." Well, no shit, Sherlock. You can't hear other folks when you don't shut your trap. And when the instructor was talking about how employers are required by law to provide you with an adequate place to breastfeed, the wife piped up, jokingly, "What if you work for your husband?" Hardy, har, har. Why don't you take that act on the road, dear? And it's no wonder you have to work for your husband - I'm betting no employer in their right mind would have you.

I digress.

Yesterday we had a growth ultrasound to get an idea of how much Em Dash weighs.

Ultrasound tech: She's approximately 7 lbs., 2 ozs., give or take 8 ozs.

Me: Umm...

Tech: So with two weeks left, and approximately 1/2 a lb. a week, that means she'll probably be around 8 lbs.

Me: Actually, I'm only 36 weeks, so I have four weeks left.

Tech: [eyes bulging] Ooohhh...

Me: Holy crap! That's a big baby!

Tech: [nodding head in agreement]

I'm not 100% convinced that she's going to come out huge, especially considering that my friend who went to the same practice was told that her baby was going to be 8 lbs... and she came out just over 6 lbs. But then again, I won't be surprised if she's as big as they predict. I do hope to get some use out of the newborn-size clothes we have.

The doctor didn't seem concerned by the weight estimation at all. According to her, we're still on track for the Oct. 19 due date, although she was sure to point out all the signs that could mean I'm in labor and how to determine when I should come into the hospital. We also pre-registered for our eventual arrival to labor and delivery, so thankfully there will be no (or less) paperwork to fill out.

I've always felt like Em Dash is going to arrive a week earlier than her due date, simply because she's always measured a week ahead. But now I'm wondering if she might make an even earlier appearance. She's head down, which the doctor was excited to hear. I don't know if she's "dropped" yet, but the ultrasound tech said that she's so far down that she couldn't get a picture of her face. I haven't had any contractions, other than the standard uncomfortable but not painful Braxton Hicks contractions, but now I won't be surprised if the real things start soon. That's a potentially big baby in there, so who knows what could happen when?

So, I'm preparing for work stuff with that in mind. At home we're basically ready for her arrival, but now I need to "nest" at work to get everything ready in case of an early departure on my part.

So much going on!

"Look at the size of that boy's head... I'm not kidding, it's like an orange on a toothpick... Has its own weather system." - Stuart Mackenzie, So I Married an Axe Murderer


  1. a) You always pick the best quotes.

    b) I can't stand people who talk during class. I've been known to shout mean things at them.

    c) It's so soon! I'm very excited for you :)

  2. I too hate people who talk in class. You came to class to learn, right? Shut up!

    This is very exciting! Do you have someone to step in on the blog or Twitter to let us know about her arrival?

  3. Oh brother! We'll both have big babies together!

    At my appt today my doc estimated her to be about 8 lbs!

    I can't understand this for the life of me, as I've gained less than 30 lbs and was a tiny baby myself (preemie)!

    It is what it is, I guess!

  4. EXCITING! :)

    Z was 8 lbs 5oz and everyone keeps telling me the 2nd kid is always bigger. Bracing myself for a big boy. Thank goodness he'll be a c-section like his sister.

  5. I was 10 Pounds when I was born. My MOM told me the night before she gave birth, she had a dream that she was giving birth to A German Shepard.


  6. Too funny about comparing yourself to the turtle on his back. I remember having to help my wife get up when she was close to having The Babito!

    Hey, you should start a pool here where people predict the date and time of the birth. It'd be fun! Girl's Gone Child has one going right now.

  7. love your digression.

    i just read another blog entry about butchering turtles. not good to read before this one...ugh.

    take care, my dear! i will hope em dash is a good size and not *too* big.

  8. i cracked up when you mentioned you wanted Brent to go to the breastfeeding class, cos i feel like when I have kids, I'd drag the hubs to every.possible.thing, because i'd probably freak out and forget everything!

  9. So exciting! Good luck getting everything organized at work, and hope you can get some sleep before little (or should I say big?) Em Dash arrives.

  10. Oh my gosh, I feel like everything is really starting to happen! And my goodness, how sweet is your nephew? :)

  11. Everything is coming together! So excited for you.

  12. "He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pilla!"
    hahaha, great quotes. As if you weren't awesome enough already!

    Well I'm glad to hear these updates! I can't believe your sweet girl is going to be here in the next month... so exciting!

    I'm starting to feel the third trimester fatigue and you are soooo right... it's much worse than the first trimester! Who would've thought that was possible?!

  13. My friend's son was born last month at 10 lbs. He was HUGE. And? She did the entire labor & delivery drug free and au natural. Does that make you feel any better?

    So exciting! It's so close!

  14. i'm the total opposite of being dead inside, because i totally teared up at your sweet nephew.

    i dragged the hub to breastfeeding class, too, and he walked in just in time to hear the obnoxious husband who wanted to know if his wife could, indeed, "pump and dump" after a long night of drinking. i wanted to throw my fake baby at him.

    you're so close! ah, i remember those days, and i'm so, so, so excited for you :)

  15. aw you guys are so prepared it's adorable. i hope i'll be as on top of things when i finally have kids :)

  16. "Blogging Without Obligation" is the philosophy I'm now embracing. However, you do have a much larger reader base and something exciting happening that everyone wants to stay up to date on!

    Seriously, if the feeding thing is an issue at all, I work with and know several experts and could probably get you a free consult. : )

  17. Does your pelvis hurt at all? That's how I knew Claire had dropped - my pelvic bones just ached as they grew wider apart. Ow.

    Any menstrual like cramps? I had those for a few weeks and they got worse the week before I had her.

    This is getting exciting!!! :)

  18. So exciting!! My friend just had her baby this week and I think she came home from the hospital today. It's such an exciting time with all these babies arriving!

  19. Why do I love you? Too many reasons. This post, those quotes, and your sudden feisty-ness are all on the list. ;)

    Can't wait to meet baby Em-Dash!!

  20. Ugg...people that talk in class...that just doesn't work for me. The teacher in me would have to shush them. That's why I taught middle school and never had the desire to teach in a university...a 12 old talking in class seems a little more easy to forgive that someone in their 20s!

    It sounds like you are doing well. Sounds like EmDash might come a little early...or she might not be as big as they say. Either way, she'll be here soon. Can't wait to hear about it!!

  21. Great quote! I frickin' love that movie.

    And omg, that blurb about your nephew totally melted my heart AND I have been accused of being dead inside. :-)

    Lastly - your blurb about your annoying classmates... ha! I choked on my coffee. I can totally relate to having to deal with THAT person who won't shut up and makes bad jokes.

    Can't wait for em-dash's arrival!

  22. OMG you're going to have a baby like any second now. EEEEP! Can I take October 15th as my baby pool date? :D It's MNG's birthday.

  23. i'm so excited for you, enjoy the process of it all, the nesting, the waiting, and wondering, it's all going to happen so fast =).

  24. i love it when you get pissy! :)

    my brother and i were both really big babies. mine was due more to me being so late, but my brother was about on time and he weighed over 9lbs. let's just say my mom was happy she had a c-section.