Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sweet as syrup

Brent is nuts, but in a mostly lovable way. I say "mostly" because I thought he was being a little *too* nuts yesterday when we decided to take Em for a walk to a nearby diner for breakfast.

"Oooh," he exclaimed as we were getting ready to go out the door. "I'm going to bring my OWN maple syrup!"

Jigga what?

Ya see, he will only eat "real" maple syrup. None of the fake crap for him. Me? I could care less whether I'm eating the "real" stuff or the fake flavored stuff.

A lot of places only offer the fake stuff, and places that DO have the genuine stuff often charge $1-$2. I understand the need/desire to save some money, but if YOU saw someone pull out their own maple syrup, you'd at least laugh to yourself if not AT them, right?

I thought I'd foil his plans when I reminded him that I had thrown out all our Tupperware because it was mismatched and I wanted to start fresh with a brand new set. Then he looked in my baking drawer and found something perfect for his scheme.

I cringed as he poured syrup into this bad boy.

Off to the diner we went. And I tried not to cringe when he grabbed the syrup, which he had not-so-slyly stashed in the cup holder of our stroller, to pour on his French toast.

During breakfast Brent said to me, "Let's make Em ambidextrous."

"I don't think that's how it works, hon," I told him.

"Too bad. Then she could forge notes easier."

"Wait, why would we WANT her to forge notes?!?"

Then he reminded me of one of the cutest stories ever.

When Brent was 7, he got in trouble and his teacher sent him to the principal's office. Instead of going to the principal's office, telling the principal that he was in trouble, getting the requisite note from the principal for his teacher as proof he had been there, he arrived at the office and asked the secretary for a pen and paper.

He then wrote his own note that said, "Brent has come to see me, Mrs. [teacher]. Assistant principal [name]." He even ASKED the secretary how to spell the assistant principal's name! Obviously the teacher was onto him when he returned to the classroom.

So adorable and precocious, but we won't be telling Em that story until after she graduates high school. "Em, this report card looks an awful lot like YOUR handwriting..."

"Did you forge my name? How dare you. Is this backwards 'S' supposed to be cute? Oh, I'm going to crap double for you tonight." - Stewie Griffin, Family Guy


  1. Ok, normally I'd roll my eyes but Brent made this story endearing and cute.

  2. There is no better place to stash real syrup than a stroller cup-holder.

  3. I only buy REAL maple syrup too. It makes a difference.

    Brent should ask Santa for a flask for xmas. A SYRUP FLASK.

  4. Classic! Good thing you guys have a stroller now to stash the real maple syrup :)

  5. Love the story of sneaky baby Brent! Too cute!

  6. I found out at Thanksgiving that TAH got sent to The Principal's Office on His First Day Of Kindergarten for singing A Dirty Song. He said he learned it at Camp and didn't know it was Dirty. I didn't believe that story. And neither did The Principal.


  7. I'll stick up for Brent and his real maple syrup--I only eat the real stuff too. (I guess that's what happens when you grow up so close to Canada.)

  8. cuteness. and the stroller is even handier!

  9. Brent is nuts. I probably wouldn't be able to tell syrup apart in a taste test. It's not like I have it that often.

    Good luck w/the hand dominance thing. She may appear ambidextrous for a'll know for sure around age 4-5!

  10. For a second I thought I was going to see a baby bottle full of syrup!

  11. Wow- you took Em to the diner? We have not been so brave with Rex yet. He's not a big fan of sitting still unless it's in his bouncy seat (which we're not hauling to a restaurant) so we're going to wait a while still before we attempt a restaurant trip. French toast and syrup sounds so yummy right now- I need to go get some breakfast!

  12. HA HA. This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. This is hilarious.

  13. Syrup flask!! Oh, how I love justJENN.

    The hub and I actually just bought the fake stuff intentionally yesterday, because I was sick of that boring "real" stuff :)

  14. I'm not sure what my favorite part of this entry is.

    The fact that Brent wants to make Em ambidextrous or that you said Jigga What?

    I think I'm going to go with the latter!

  15. haha, a forger at a young age, how cute.

  16. I prefer powdered sugar.

    Totally cute story. :-)

  17. Cute story! Don't worry, Em won't be able to forge her report niece and nephew's report cards are now emailed to my sister in law! Can you even imagine? You can't even hide it until the weekend is over (not that I ever did that).

  18. that is too cute. my hubby is serious about the maple syrup, too. one of my friends from college would take light caro syrup along whenever we went to eat at waffle house because she didn't like their syrup.

  19. [dying]

    okay, i totally thought i was going to see maple syrup in a baby bottle, too.

    my word verification for this post is "taleho." TALLY-HO!

    okay, that was lame. but it made me laugh.

  20. No one ever suspects or checks a baby's stroller. Just think of all the snacks you can sneak in to a theater with Em by your side. :)

  21. OK, I love that Brent brought his own maple syrup. That takes balls, yo!

  22. You know - I'd do the same thing Brent did (with the maple syrup).

    I also pour soy milk into a mini tupperware thing if I'm getting coffee somewhere because most coffee shops have that vanilla flavored soy milk. Gross!

    As for the story - adorable!

  23. I have been known to sneak Worcestershire sauce into McDonalds for my sausage mcmuffin with egg. The missing ingredient!