Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Em's hat trick

If you hadn't noticed in my previous post, Em showed off a couple of her many hats. She has a pile o' hats, but I tend to forget they're there. So I pulled a bunch of them out for a fashion show! (Or as Kelly from The Office would say, "Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!")

And you'll have to forgive me - I didn't want to push my luck with the many hat changes, so some of the hats aren't pulled down all the way as they should be.

Here's one of the hats she was sporting in yesterday's post:
Flower power

It's from Etsy, and I happen to think it's adorable! (My mom thinks it makes Em look like a synchronized swimmer. Or a flower pot. A very cute synchronized swimmer or flower pot, mind you.)

This is a pink beanie, which only looks like it has a brim because I didn't roll the entire edge.
Pink beanie

Gretchen gave this to Em as part of an armload of Target's Dwell baby stuff.
Dwell hat

A monkey hat from Jodi!
Our little monkey

From our pal, Liz!
Watch out, Cat in the Hat

Hello Kitty! From JustJenn! It's part of a set with mittens and shoes!
Hello Em-my

I got this one from Old Navy.
Bear ears

As you can tell, we love us some hats with animal ears. And lucky for us that Em can rock said hats with animal ears!

Lois Griffin: Oh look, Meg, it's your little baby booties, oh and your little bronzed hat, and your tail.
Meg Griffin: My what?!
Lois Griffin: Nothing.
- Family Guy


  1. I LOVE me some baby fashion shows! Next time I see you I will sing the baby fashion show song. It's very complex (not at all). I do a Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer every "season" with all of Maddie's new outfits. I started that because everyone said babies grow so fast they sometimes don't wear all their cute outfits. My kid is the exception, but little Em sure isn't! Dang, she's cute.

  2. Monkey hat! Monkey hat! Monkey hat!

  3. I like the last two a lot! Em is a very fashionable little baby :)

  4. Those hats are so cute! My 4-month old HATES when I put any hats on his head. Which is hard since its freezing in Michigan right now. He just screams his head off... fun times.

  5. I think I like the last one from Old Navy the best, but they are all too cute!

  6. Last pic is a fav! Oh man, those cheeks. too cute!!

  7. OMG - baby hat fashion show??!

    I LOVE that first hat! She does look a bit like a synchronized swimmer... an ADORABLE swimmer!

  8. The last picture is my favorite as well ;)

  9. aw those are all so cute. i love the flower pot hat, haha. it's adorable as are all of them and little em.

  10. She looks adorable in all of them. I highly encourage you to dress your baby however you want now because you only get a few years to do so.

  11. No everyone can work a hat. Our girl, Em, she can work it!

  12. Those hats are all so incredibly adorable, but I think my favorite is the monkey one.

  13. Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!!

  14. i don't know why, but the flower pot hat actually looks like a pink pineapple to me.

    i'm so weird.

  15. my fav is the one w/ the giant flower. she looks like a synchronized swimmer and of course the HK hat.

  16. Enjoy putting hats on her while you can! Claire rips 'em right off!