Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Em and I got some really great and thoughtful gifts this holiday season. And yes, I'm just now getting around to telling you about some of my favorites. It's the life of a new mom, what can I say?

The lovely Amber gave me some lip balm from one of my favorite cosmetic lines. It's got a lemony sugar flavor, which tastes/smells absolutely amazing.
Sugar lip balm

She also presented me with this Hello Kitty Sigg bottle. I've been so much better about drinking water since I got it! And it fits perfectly in my diaper bag!
Sigg bottle

Fabulous Lilcee sent me some Hello Kitty cookie cutters, which we'd both been on the lookout for on each other's behalf since justJENN posted about them earlier in the year.
HK cookie cutters

Among the awesome pile o' gifts from justJENN were these personalized spatulas!
My spatulas

And even better? She included mini versions with Em's name! (On the side face-down.) I about lost it thinking about Em helping me in the kitchen with them some day. The funny thing is that I didn't picture an older Em; I just pictured the Em I have now but with walking/talking abilities. Heh.
Mini spatulas for Em

Shelby sent Em this adorable handmade owl onesie from Etsy. I always have to mention that while I think birds in real life are disgusting, I really love inanimate birds on stuff like this!
Owl onesie

Brent got me gift certificates for a massage AND a facial AND a 3-day spa pass, which means I can just go to the spa and chillax without needing to pay for a treatment. That's five total visits to the spa! Niiiice!

And our most recent gift for Em came from Matt and Nicole.
Muppet Whatnot

I thought my head was going to explode when I realized what it was! And it was a real testament to how out of the pop culture loop I am since Em's arrival - I had no idea such a thing existed! It's like Build-A-Bear, but with MUPPETS!!! Apparently "Whatnots," which coincidentally is a filler word I use way too much when talking to folks, are what they call the Muppets you see in the background. Brent and I are huge Muppets fan, and we'll make sure Em learns the awesomeness that are the Muppets, too.

Brent and I decided that we'll build a Whatnot on Em's behalf. Then, hopefully, when she's old enough to decide what she'd want a Whatnot to look like, and if the experience still exists, we'll let her build her own.

So freakin' cute - all of it!

Thanks again, everyone!

"It's time to get things started on the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppet-ational - This is what we call The Muppet Show!" - Theme song


  1. okay those gifts are all so cute. i love the matching spatulas, you girls will be so cute cooking together one day :)

  2. These gifts are adorable! Pleaes put the hello kitty cookie cutters to use asap and report back with photos :)

  3. awesome gifts! i might have acquired some of those HK cookie cutters, too. ;)

  4. that lip balm is the absolute best. i'm never without it.

    and, um, i could possibly have some similar cookie cutters ;)

  5. wow, awesome gifts. i love those personalized spatulas--do you know where she got them?
    also, those whatnots are amazing. i built one that looked like a used car salesman and i want to buy him.

  6. The personalized spatulas are awesome! What great gifts!

  7. The regular sized spatulas are HERE at Willams Sonoma, and can be personalized online.

    The MINI ONES are even cuter and can also be personalized, I use them quite a lot on the kitchen for mixing up small sauces.

  8. That owl onesie is SO CUTE.

  9. OMG - is it strange to be jealous of a 3 month old's gift? I frickin' LOVE LOVE LOVE the muppets!

  10. that's a cool gift. I never knew you could build your own muppet. I'm def going to put this tidbit in my pocket when baby Cee makes an appearance.

    I hope you utilize the cookie cutters ASAP.

  11. Build a Bear for Muppets!!!! I love Muppets!!!! OMG that's cool :)

  12. Love love love the personalized spatulas and the owl onsie. Tres Cute!

  13. I love that owl onesie. G feel the same way about birds though. Did you know pigeons were imported to America as food? gross. I learned that on the Travel Channel last week. Anthony Bourdain is very educational.

  14. i'm glad you're getting good use out of the lip balm and water bottle :)

  15. omgsh! i want the hello kitty sigg bottle!
    La C.

  16. I am freaking out over the whatnots... NEED to build my own... and maybe one for each of the kids. :)

  17. OMG! I want a Whatnot! I want a Whatnot! For meeee!!!