Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At 5 1/2 months, Em...

- is so into grabbing her feet that it's been known to interfere with her nap time

- still doesn't giggle regularly, but smiles like it's going out of style

- is getting ready for solid foods, which Mommy will try to make herself

- loves watching the other kids at daycare and her Saturday mommy group, and is turning into quite the social butterfly

- is thiiiiiiiis close to rolling over

- prefers standing over sitting any day

- is finally growing her hair back, and will hopefully have enough for barrettes someday soon

- has a 3-bibs-a-day habit, thanks to her constant drooling

- might be teething, given her obsession with chewing on everything within reach, although there are no actual teeth or white spots on the gums to prove it

- is regularly complimented on her big, beautiful eyes, which still haven't turned brown, much to her parents' disbelief

- will mimic Mommy and Daddy if they make motorboat sounds with their lips. (Daddy is trying to discourage this as it results in MUCH MORE DROOL)

- will likely transition to the next size car seat very soon, especially as she's growing too heavy to lug around in the infant seat

- likes to stroke Mommy's hair, and sometimes face, while nursing

- melts Mommy's heart when she puts her tiny little hands on Mommy cheeks so very gently... until she decides to dig in with her baby tallons. OW!

- is enthralled by Mommy, no matter who or what else is in the room. Mommy knows this may not always be the case, so she's enjoying it while it lasts

- is chatty, chatty, chatty (see video)

*Post inspired by our pal Denise

"Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace."
- Budha


  1. I am so with you on this infant seat thing. I don't think my girls are quite at the weight of Em, but I had forgotten how fast those seats become this heavy! I've definitely been working out my biceps carrying two seats. I've been leaving them in the car and breaking out the stroller more and more lately.

  2. she's beautiful! the bean's eyes haven't turned brown yet either :)

    i was going to pass you my baby food machine, but i'm finding that it comes in quite handy for other uses, too. heh.

    i was super sad when she grew out of the infant seat. i hate waking her up whenever she falls asleep in the car seat.

  3. I love it when babies grab their feet (or arms or legs or whatever) and get this surprised look like "Oh wow! These are attached to me!"

  4. Such a beautiful baby!

  5. She is so, so cute. Don't you wish you could still grab your feet like that?

  6. seriously she is just the cutest little thing ever.

  7. She's just precious!

  8. i miss her!!

    ouch with hand thing haha, it happens to me too.

    being a mommy is the greatest thing isn't it??, its funny when R reaches out for daddy, but then turns around instantly to want to go back to me. you just gotta love it they grow so fast.

  9. What a cute little baby!

  10. Aww . . . she's adorable!