Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Game on

When blogger pal Katelin invited me to attend a Girls Guide to Gaming party she was hosting with Nintendo on Friday night, I jumped at the chance. Sounded like a fun way to have some girlie time while getting to play with some Nintendo DS Lites. I haven't had much time to play with the games I have at home. And I doubt Em would enjoy hearing Mommy play Rock Band drums during naptime.

The event was held at a hip photography studio in mid-LA. They had drinks and light apps to enjoy while Katelin and friends tried out four different games on the Nintendo DS. I started with a crossword game. (Truth be told - I did much better with the word search option.) Then I played Brain Age, where my poor math skills reared its ugly head. Shortly thereafter I took a turn at MarioKart, and then Guitar Hero.

After each game played we were given a cute charm to hang on the bracelet given to us as we entered the party. And our prize for collecting all four charms?

Our own shiny new Nintendo DS and game! I got Brain Age 2, which has led to a minor Suduku addiction. And, um, I also might have picked up the cooking "game" (not really a game, but a tool to make meal planning and cooking easy), along with Hello Kitty's Big City Dreams game this weekend. Maybe. And I might be eyeing Ninja Town.

Sunday afternoon Brent, Em and I met up with Kay and her baby girl Raffy, and Sarah and her husband, Brad for lunch at Top Chef's Fabio's restaurant, Cafe Firenze, in Moorpark.

The company was great, and while the food was pretty tasty, as expected, I think the consensus was that it may not have been worth the 45-minute drive. Well, I bet it would have been if Fabio himself were there.
I had lasagna, served in a bowl. It was fresh and yummy, but perhaps a bit too much sauce. Brent and Kay both had the Tortellacci di Zucca, a house speciality, filled with butternut squash. The bite I had of that was awesome. The restaurant itself was nice and airy, and I bet it's particularly buzzing in the evening. Sadly, our camera was at my in-laws', so no pics of mine to share.

Kay, however, did get the waiter to snap a pic of us with her camera. Em, as you can see, was not a happy camper at that moment - perhaps because her dress was riding up or maybe because I wouldn't let her have my leftovers.
Cafe Firenze

"I am front of the house. We can serve monkey-ass and empty clam shell and we will win" - Fabio, Top Chef


  1. That's so cool! Congrats on the new DS Lite. That ninja game looks awesome!

  2. I almost bought a DS just for the cooking game! You have to tell me how it is.

  3. That was my all-time favorite quote from Fabio!!!!! I also liked when he said "This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop" LOL

  4. D'oh! This is the second year I've heard of that girl gaming night and not been invited. SO jealous! I play my DS Lite nearly daily. Same game usually...Animal Crossing: Wild World. I've been playing it for over a year and am still addicted!

  5. I love my DS!! That's awesome!

    I had a good time :) It was especially nice meeting Raffy and Em. I can't get over her eyes!! So pretty.

  6. love that you've gotten some new games already! :)

    and that pic is so cute.

  7. It was nice meeting you at the party. I already starting buying some games for my DS too, lol. It's like the gave us free crack and now we're on our own to get some more ;)

  8. I am SOOOO bummed I couldn't make it! Glad you guys had fun - I'll keep in mind that the "house specialty" is a good choice.

  9. That's awesome. They should've gave out pink DS!

    I have several games I can give you since I finished them. I have Cooking Mama, Princess Peach, and a Yoshi game.

    How's the cooking game? I wanted to pick it up but wasn't sure about it.

  10. first time commenter here!


    definitely get ninjatown. easy to learn how to play, incredibly cute graphics and ADDICTING!! i love that game!

  11. Ninja Town?! Purchasing a Nintendo DS might just be worth it for that game! hilarious!

    and omg... I heart Fabio too! I think his being let go from Top Chef was THE MOST upset I've ever been from a reality show.

  12. We saw Fabio!!!


    P.S. The place was Packed and the food was Delicious.

  13. Yesss...I guessed right! We live about 20 minutes from Moorpark and have yet to try it out.

  14. score!

    i <3 fabio, too!