Sunday, March 08, 2009

No rest for the weary

This clip pretty much sums up our weekend.

You can swap out the trying-to-have-sex part with trying-to-sleep.

Miss Em decided to wake up a gazillion times last night -- much more than her typical 2-3 wakings. I tend to deal with all her wakings myself, seeing as I'm the one with the food. But at one point last night I woke Brent up and said, "There's a bottle of milk in the fridge if you need it."

This was after she decided that she only wanted to take ONE nap yesterday, instead of her normal three.

She was in relatively good spirits, all things considering. And each time Brent and I complained about how we felt like zombies, she'd flash us a big grin. Ya really can't stay upset with someone that cute.

I don't know if she's teething or about to reach some sort of milestone that's keeping her mind racing, but I hope she gets over this wakeful period soon. It was tolerable over a weekend, but I may go nuts if I have to wake up and go to work after an evening like that.

Besides, she needs her rest so we can teach her how to do this:

"What everyone needs to do is calm down, take a deep breath, and prepare their bodies for the Thunderdome." - Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock


  1. That clip with the kid dancing is hilarious! Sorry to hear about the troubles sleeping though- that's not so funny.

  2. Promise me you will post videos when Em starts dancing on cue! Too cute. I hope all three of you get more sleep this week.

  3. ooh, the no-nap days are rough. but soon you can take her to the park to wear her out and then it won't matter :)

  4. omg, ellie's been doing the same million and one wakings a night thing too! it's SO tough. usually i can give her boob and she'll happily fall back asleep, but oh no, not anymore. she'll fuss and flail and kick and... *sigh* ... i don't know what she wants or needs. i stayed up till 3am working and then as i got into bed she decided she was done sleeping. i nursed her, changed her diaper, changed her jammies, burped her... nada. thankfully jeff worked from home this morning and took her so i could finally get some sleep. i rolled out of bed at 1:30 in the afternoon today.

    an how funny, i have a video clip of my neice doing the domo arigato dance too. :) so cute!

  5. My son is a few weeks older than Em and he's teething right now. He's up a lot. He also won't eat much which is frustrating. Keep checking her gums to see if there is anything coming up. Right before his tooth popped through, there was almost a bubble on the gum. Its usually the lower front that comes in first.

  6. Bah, hope you get some rest, my dear.

  7. my mom tells me that my favorite thing to do as a baby was a) wake up and want to play in the middle of the night and b) fall fast asleep in my grandma's arms and then as soon as she set me in my crib, my eyes would pop open, i'd grin and be wide awake.

    yeah, she never got annoyed or anything. :|