Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mobile moments

I really need to start carrying my point-and-shoot camera. So please bear with my grainy mobile phone pics, but they're just too cute not to share.

This is an older pic, but still one of my favs. Em cuddles with this little monkey in her crib sometimes. Brent came out of the nursery giggling during one of her naps when he found her like this:
Monkey slumber

Em can sit up on her own now, although not enough for us to leave her unattended as she still topples over now and then. She is good enough to try out a restaurant high chair, which we did this weekend. Here she is, buckled into my high chair/shopping cart cover, sitting like a champ!

We like to imagine what Em will look like when she FINALLY gets some hair. A glimpse into the future? Our own little Suri Cruise, perhaps?
Mommy donates hair

I think Em is realizing what a big, big world in which she's found herself. Her new trick is bracing herself, which has translated into what we like to think are HUGS as she pulls her body tightly into ours and wraps her pudgy little arms around us! You can ask her for a hug, and there's a good possibility she'll give you one on cue! Love it, love it, love it! In addition to bracing herself via hugs, she likes to hold on tight to her changing table pad and her car seat. Evidence below.
Bracing herself

Holding tight

Hold on, baby girl. Mommy and Daddy are gonna take ya for a wild ride.

"Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them."
- The Little Prince


  1. LOVE the hair pic. too cute.

  2. *sigh* She is SO cute! I love those arms. And the heart beanie is super cute.

  3. Oh! The first one is too precious. I love the hair picture.

  4. she is just a doll, i love it.

  5. That first picture and the hair picture are so cute.

  6. The one with your hair on her head? Ha! So cute.

  7. That pic of Em sleeping is so sweet. And then that pic of her with your hair over her head is simply hysterical! She totally looks like Suri :)

  8. i am verklempt at the picture with the hair.

    she's going to be even more beautiful with a cute little bob 'do! i didn't think it was possible.

  9. Those last two sentences choked me up.

  10. she is just too adorable, she's a big girl now, sittin in a highchair and all, makes life so much easier instead of having to lug in the stroller, but then you miss out on the chance that they might nap in the restaurant, but that's okay.

    and you gotta love their baby antics it's just hilarious and so precious. my little babes is now rolls away when i'm changing her diaper, it's such a struggle, but all i can do is crack up laughing it's sooo funny trying to wrangle her, you can't get frustrated at those things, because they're not babies for very long, so enjoy every thing!

  11. hahahhaa, with hair!?! :)

  12. the hair pic cracks me up.