Thursday, May 28, 2009

Better late than never

As you may have guessed, things have been a little busy around here.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated the 4th birthday of our pal Jack, the son of Jessica who happens to be the mama of Em's pal Ben. They're just two weeks apart. They had lots of fun playing, and Ben was very kind to share his toys with Em.

(We'll be sure to save these photos for their wedding day slideshow. Heh.)

That evening we met up with friends at one of our favorite restaurants. Sadly, though, right before our food arrived I started to feel ill. I made it through dinner but didn't eat much more than a couple bites. By the time we dropped our friends off after dinner, I was full-on ill. Side-of-the-road, better-throw-out-my-shoes-cuz-my-aim-is-bad, I-never-even-vomited-when-I-was-pregnant-what-the-heck-is-this sick. We picked Em up from my in-laws' and then it hit Brent. We spent the next 24 hours feeling beyond miserable. Chills, fever and more tummy issues.

Although we keep hearing of a local stomach bug, we think it was likely the corndogs and potatoes I got from the local grocery store deli before Jack's party. Now I can no longer say I've never gotten food poisoning.

Luckily we were both better in time for a quick visit from one of my best pals Stacie on Monday. Em was super excited to meet Auntie Stacie, who brought her a tasty lamb.


Sorry, Em. You're not ready for lamb yet. You're still on fruits and veggies.

Yesterday I made an appointment with an eye doc about my pointy eyeballs. I'm not a candidate for lasik, and this doc is a specialist in my eye disease and the surgery I can have. He says that I can have the surgery, which won't make my vision perfect but it will stop my pointy eyeballs from getting worse and will enable me to wear soft contacts. That would make me so very happy. We're waiting to see if my insurance will cover any of it, and he's fairly certain they will.

I also agreed to donate a few vials of my blood for a study he's conducting about genetic markers of the eye disease and thus a potential cure. After his assistant drew blood, she asked, "Do you like Starbucks?" Thinking that was her way of offering me a cup of coffee, I said, "Um, no thanks." She laughed. "Not now, for later. As a thank-you for joining the study, we'll give you a $50 Starbucks gift card." Rock on! Even though I'm a Coffee Bean gal through and through, I can find a use for that gift card.

This has been a nice short week. And tomorrow I get to work my half-day from home with our lovely Em - the perfect way to start our weekend.

"Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year."
- Franklin Pierce Adams


  1. love that last photo of em.

    keeping my fingers crossed for you re: the insurance and surgery.

  2. Did they tell you you can have PRK?

  3. Em's toes in that one pic are so CUTE!! Good luck with the eyes!

  4. I LOVE that last picture and the caption! Hope the insurance covers it! I <3 contacts.

  5. Well, hello there :)

    I also love that last pic. Too funny. Sorry about the food poisoning. I've only had it once but it was the worst day ever. Glad you guys feel better.

  6. You poor things! Food poisoning on your date night - ugh! What a bummer. Thank god it was short-lived.

    Little Em looks adorable! And rock-on for a half-day from home... it makes such a difference, doesn't it?

  7. nice score with the starbucks! i hope the eye stuff goes smoothly.

  8. em makes some of the cutest faces ever, so freaking adorable.

  9. Em is absolutely picture-perfect adorable! She makes the cutest little faces. What a doll!

  10. Sounds like it could have been staph poisoning if it hit you guys that fast. Food poisoning totally sucks. :(

    Hope everything with the surgery goes well!