Sunday, May 03, 2009

Grand times

It's been WAY too long since my mom last visited -- probably two months. And in baby timelines, sooooo much happens in two months. Em's much more verbal and smiley and interactive -- the kind of stuff that melts the hearts of grandmas everywhere.

I took a half-day on Friday, and my mom, Em and I just hung out at my condo until Em took her afternoon nap. When she was done, we hit the Promenade for some shopping. Of course the majority of purchases were for Em. Baby Gap clearance deals get me every time, like this dress I picked up.
We were in one of my favorite little baby boutiques off the Promenade. My mom picked up a monkey rattle and asked Em, "Do you like this?" Em's eyes lit up and she reached out for it with both hands. My mom was SO excited and couldn't buy it for her fast enough. Little did my mom know at the time, but that's Em's latest skill. You can hold up a straw wrapper and she'll do the same thing. But who am I to deny a grandmother the chance to spoil her grandbaby? The monkey was soggy with Em's drool before we even got back to my place - the true badge of Em's adoration.

The next morning my mom helped us give Em her first real veggie - avocado! I'd say it went pretty well, even if Em disagrees.
My creation

A little while after breakfast, a bunch of birds started battling in the skies outside our balcony. A small bird tried to escape a crow and flew into our sliding glass door. It wasn't dead - THANKFULLY - but it did just sit there, looking around.

Brent and I squealed like little girls, and joked to my mom, "YOU get rid of it!" She nonchalantly replied, "OK," and headed out. As she slid open the screen door, the bird flew away! Phew! As much as Brent and I hate birds, we hope it ended up ok.

My mom took her superhero self and headed back to Visalia shortly thereafter. And Em is already looking forward to her next visit. Come back soon, Grandma!
With Grandma

That afternoon we went to Unique LA, a huge indy craftshow (250 vendors!) in Downtown LA, where our pal justJENN had a booth to sell her fun wares. Em decided to help her out.
Oh, hai!

Sunday was a mellow day, too. We had brunch with our friends, Christina and Dan. Later we took a nice, long walk to the grocery store. And as always, we just soaked up our little Em.
My creation

"No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I'm not talking about the kids. Their behavior is always normal."
- Bill Cosby


  1. Great pics of Miss Em. What a fun weekend!!

    That Baby Gap dress is so ridiculously cute!

  2. Straw wrappers are awesome.

  3. That dress is ridiculously adorable.

  4. I secretly love Baby Gap stuff :) I love Em's smile in the picture at Unique LA! Such a cute baby.

  5. I totally love the dress from Baby Gap! Too cute!

  6. Super cute dress... and great trick on Em's part. :-) Maybe she can keep this up for the next 17 years with your mom? haha!

  7. That dress is cute. I really like those pictures of her. She is adorable.

  8. I'm sure it was a lovely time for your mom! I'm happy Em got to bond with her! :)

  9. Man, Em is just too cute!! She's making me that much more anxious for my LO to arrive!

  10. I think Em should get paid for helping justjenn out.

    Love that dress.

  11. she's so beautiful nanette!! you guys have done good hahaha

    raffy was the same way with avocados, have not given it to her again in months, little does she know what she is missing out on lol

    anyway miss you guys

  12. the bean didn't like avocado either :X just like her mom and sister.

    soak it in, friend. it goes by way too fast.

  13. So.stinkin'.cute!