Thursday, May 14, 2009



I'm Nanette.

I like baby stuff.

I like a lot of gadgets.

I like gadgets designed for baby.

I saw this awesome little appliance a few months ago called the Beaba Babycook, but I couldn't bring myself to splurge on it.

But then I'd periodically check Craigslist for one, and happened to find a like-new one in my hometown for a THIRD of the price!

So I arranged for my mom to pick it up for me.


I tried it out for the first time last weekend.

"How does it work, Nanette? How do you like it?" you ask.

Lemme tell ya.

Actually, lemme show ya.

Behold the Babycook! Notice the "vase" I Macgyvered for the flowers the lactation consultant gave each of us in our mommy group. It's a baby bottle.

I decided to make yams.

This was Plan B if my homemade yam endeavors went awry.

I peeled and diced the yams, then placed them in the Babycook's steamer basket.
cut up

I added water to the Babycook reservoir...

Put the lid on...

Pushed the button to "steam," and then 15 minutes later...

Steamed yams!

But wait! There's more! I used this handy dandy spatula thing to lift out the steamer basket.

I poured the water out of the bottom of the pitcher/bowl, poured the soft yams back into the bowl with a little bit of the water, and then covered with the mixing lid.

I added the big lid, then turned the button to the "blend" feature. In less than a minute, I had a batch of pureed yams ready for Em!

Our little musketeer is still getting used to the yams, but overall I think they went well.

(By the way - I don't know how in the world I ended up with a redheaded daughter, albeit likely temporary. And no, her hair is not red from the yams. Hardy har har.)

One big yam made enough for half a dozen meals. I separated them into food cubes, and then threw them in freezer. I could have easily made all three of the yams I bought, but I wasn't sure of the Babycook's capacity.

Obviously I don't *need* a gadget to do something that could have been accomplished with a steamer, big pot and food processor. But I *hate* dragging out our Cuisinart. Also, I'm just lazy. The Babycook, or as my mom called it "the Baby Blender," was soooo freakin' easy. I made half a dozen meals in less time than it took to boil water. It was also so simple to clean.

I admit that I don't know if I'd pay full price for the gadget, but I'm happy to have found the deal that I did. If you're interested in your own, they have them at Williams-Sonoma, but they also have them at Bed Bath and Beyond. *cough* 20% coupon *cough*

Edited to add: Via the power of Twitter, Brenda from Scandinavian Child, the U.S. distributor of the Babycook, noted that the Babycook pays for itself over the cost of jars, which can mean hundreds of dollars in six months, after the Babycook and food costs. Plus, you control the food baby eats. All excellent points!

"Necessity has no law." - William Langland


  1. em is too cute with the orange all over her.

    red hair? whoa. cool.

  2. Without sounding like a broken record . . . look at those big eyes! So cute :) I saw this little machine at Williams-Sonoma and thought it was cool too! It was waaaay expensive though.

  3. Thanks for the review! Another mommy friend of mine recommended this to me a couple of months ago - we're going to look into it later.

    Em is adorable, as always!

  4. I just saw that thing in the Williams-Sonoma catalog last weekend and I thought what a cool mommy tool!

    I love Em's red hair...we're soul sistas ;) My dad grew a red beard, but was totally blond. I think a great grandma had red hair, so you never know...

  5. is it weird that I totally want this appliance and I don't even have a baby?

    and omg - babies with red hair are so cute!

  6. Argh! I'm at work so I can't see flickr photos! I'll check when Im back at home.

    Since you like gadgets, I thought I'd share this one with you. I wish it had been around when my kids were babies! (Not trying to advertise on your site, was going to email it to you eons ago but can't find your email address. This isn't mine, I just saw it in our local newspaper. Feel free to delete!)

  7. I like gadgets too!! Very cool.

    My friend has 3 red-headed children and she and her husband are both brown hair, brown-eyed Italians. It's so funny, they all look exactly like them only red headed, and it never went away (they thought it would too).

  8. Very cool - filing this one away for use someday ;). Em is adorable indeed.

  9. I want a baby just like Em one day . . . serious cute!

    BTW, totally impressed by your baby food making. What a good mommy.

  10. EEEEE, I've been eying that for months now for when I plan on making baby food. I'm so glad you like it cuz now I can justify paying for the price.

    Have you looked at the cookbook for it?

  11. oh that is sort of a cool gadget, haha.

  12. I live you for this!! I definitey need to get one. Mr M. is dead set on me making the all the baby's food and with this gadget it would be a breeze! Now to find one for myself on Craigs List ;)

  13. if you do get tired of making your own, which was what happened to me, the earth's best, healthy time, and organic gerber are all great choices, i could even eat them myself, taste just as good.

  14. very cool gadget!!

  15. I'm planning to cook for the munchkin, but was thinking of using a stick type hand blender to get it done. We'll see how it goes.

  16. I can't really relate to the baby food making part, but I do have to say that Em is so stinkin cute. Red hair, really? I wonder if when she gets older it will be that beautiful auburn/copper color.

  17. So cute! I can't see the red hair from this picture, but that must be a common thing with babies, b/c my Ana had a strong red tint to her hair for months, and now it seems to have faded.

    I've been making most of our baby food this time around as well. I just cook it first and throw it in the blender. I don't even own a food processor. I'm cheap.

  18. I'm totally jealous! I also wanted one of those gadgets, but never found one that was cheap enough for me to buy :)
    Ali is almost done with baby food... but I'm totally getting one when Baby #2 is in the horizon!

  19. you already know i don't have the babycook, but i made the bean's food too, and it's so fun! i just bought a basic electric baby food mill, and now that i don't use it for her food anymore i find all sorts of uses for it!

    yay for homemade baby food!

  20. Kudos to you for making your baby's food. Awesome.

    Em is ADORABLE!

  21. That blender looks pretty sweet! I can imagine not wanting to dig out a bazillion pots and pans and accessories to make your own baby food, but that Babycook is a great alternative.

    Also, I love her big, beautiful eyes and her little cheekers!!! And those pouty lips!!! Such a doll!

  22. Great to know you can get it at BB&B, thanks for the tip!

    I love the picture at the end, but your product photography shots are pretty great too :)

  23. this post is hilarious and informative at the same time ;) Im going to send it to my SiL - I bet she would like the Baby Blender for my neice, the Bean.

  24. My CWs kids are half-japanese, a quarter german and a quarter peruvian. They both have red hair and she can't figure it out for the life of her! So cute!

    If I had kids, I'd totally get that beaba thingy. Very cool!