Monday, June 15, 2009

I think I'm gonna stay home, have myself a home life

Thanks to everyone who entered my Envirosax giveaway!

I drew comment numbers, and the winners are...

"love the retro graphic bag 4! i have reusable bags too but not cute like these!" - Mrs. Cly


"Oooh! I love the retro 2 bag! These are awesome! I can't believe I've never heard of them before... thanks for sharing!" - Adriana

I almost threw Adriana's number back since the lucky wench got into the impromptu John Mayer show last night at Hotel Cafe and I didn't. Heh. He announced the 11:30 show via Twitter around 9. I wrangled Heather and Mike to go with me to try to get in around 10. We got there around 10:45, I think, and left at 11:30 when John's management announced that there was no way the rest of us were getting in. Well, I think Adriana was behind us in line (and sadly I did not connect with her). She stayed and endured half a dozen more "you're not getting in" announcements after we left, and eventually made it in as whatever silly folks decided to leave the club, therefore letting more folks into the 165-capacity venue.

Le sigh.

It's ok. The show didn't end till 1:30. I'm a night owl, but as Heather brilliantly noted, there's a difference between being a night owl at home and being a night owl out on the town. So I make myself feel better about missing the show knowing that I would have been a zombie today. Right? RIGHT?

Anyhow, congrats to my Envirosax winners! I'll be contacting you shortly with details!

"I am okay if I lose every single contest today. Honestly. Because I see these contests as an opportunity for me to demonstrate what a good sport I am. Mallard!" [throws a stone] - Andy, The Office


  1. Yay! I won! That's awesome! I'll send you my email.

    Also - I was lucky enough to join up with my friends in line, so we were only about 15 people from the front. It's much easier to stay and wait when you're already close to the door. We made it in for the last half of the shows, but that wasn't till about 12:30am, so there you go. Some might see it as persistence, we saw it as boredom and wanting to out-wait the plaid wearing douchebags right behind us in line. :-)

    Next time, though, we'll have to connect up!

  2. thanks a bunch! i still can't believe i won. i guess i can't say i never win anymore. :)

  3. We love these bags. Mr. Nutcase requested that we buy two sets because we didn't really look at the dimensions. They carry SO MUCH!

    And, they pack up for ease to carry in a purse for an emergency shopping trip or a planned purchase.