Monday, July 13, 2009

Em possible

One would think that a lack of employment would leave more time for blogging, right? In theory, yes. In execution, no - at least not if you're easily distracted like I am.

These past few weeks have been strange. It's weird not to have to get out the door a certain time each morning. I've been soaking up so much wonderful time with Em, although the first week out of daycare she was crankier than usual. I think that may have thrown a wrench into the works of her normal routine, but we've overcome that so she's back to her chipper self.

She had her 9-month check-up last week. I asked Brent to email her stats to me as I didn't have a pen handy. This is what he sent:

17.25" - head
27.25" - length
19lbs 12 oz - weight

5 liquid tons - slobber

Silly dad.

The doc said she's average in all categories - she doesn't offer percentiles, but according to, head and length are between 25-50%, and weight is between 50-75%. Does that mean I can't refer to her as our gigantor baby anymore? She's definitely thinning out a bit as she's MUCH more active and mobile than before. Her crossiant arms are starting to look more like baguettes, and she has a neck that's starting to emerge from under those rolls!

She's not officially crawling yet, but she manages to move far fairly quickly. She likes to pull herself up to stand but only using me. She hasn't figured out that she can use the couch and other objects to pull up, but if I'm nearby, she's grabbing for my hands (or other parts of my body that are convenient for her but painful for Mommy) to hoist herself up.

And when she gets to a standing position, she's started to take giants steps. I used to have to lead her like a puppeteer and marionette, leaning her body one way or the other to encourage her to move. Now she lifts her chubby thighs high in the air on her own accord.

I'm still exploring my employment options, but I've really enjoyed taking the time to work with her on these new tricks (and others that we need to capture on video for you soon).

Looking back at my previous posts, I feel like my site hasn't been much more than an all-access Flickr feed. I read so much great writing that I look at many of my posts as nothing but fluff. But as I've shared plenty of prose in this post, I don't feel so guilty ending with these:

In a summer romper
Summer dress

Doing some yoga moves on Mommy's mat


"I'm in a period of growth and expansion. I'm taking long, hard looks at the world and what's happening in it, analyzing and thinking. I'm trying to become acquainted with the universe -- with the part of it I occupy -- and trying to settle, for myself, what my relationship with it is." - Gene Roddenberry


  1. Croissant arms!! Hilarious :D

    I also really like the quote.

  2. love the yoga shots. glad you're enjoying the time off for now.

  3. Wow! Very impressed with the shot of the last yoga pose! She's such a cutie pie :)

  4. She needs to teach me her tricks on her plank position- it looks like she does it better than me! And blogging while trying to baby-wrangle all day is tough. Don't feel bad about that.

  5. Em is a doll! I think some docs skip the percentile talk when it comes to weight, because some parents like to treat it like standardized test scoring, lol. Being an average weight is a GOOD thing! Have you ever heard of a mother bragging about their 12 year old weighing more than 99% of the other kids??

  6. That last pic had me laughing my butt off - so cute!

  7. Oh my goodness - Em can do the yoga plank?!

  8. Baby yoga! Love it.

  9. But it's all very cute fluff!

  10. Awesome yoga poses, Em! :)

  11. The yoga moves are crackin' me up!

  12. Cute fluff is totally cool in my book :)

  13. ahh the downward dog! gotta love em

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  15. she's concentrating so hard on that plank position!

  16. Next thing you know she'll be doing handstands. ;-)

  17. haven't commented in a long time but i still keep up with you! Em is seriously beautiful...seriously! she could cheer up the rain! it's nice to hear about how much you're enjoying being her mommy - she's definitely lucky to have you!!