Thursday, August 27, 2009


When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2000, I had no friends other than Brent. He was a great support, of course, but what I really wanted were nearby girlfriends. I wanted friends who reminded me of my best gal pals, like Shelby. Ya know, the kind of friends who love the same things you do, make you laugh, and know just how to bring you up when you're down.

In the nine years I've lived here, I've found myself a few circles of girlfriends who fill that description quite nicely, but this post is in tribute to one gal in particular.

This one goes out to my pal, justJENN, who celebrates her birthday today.

You probably haven't seen her face as she doesn't post pics of herself anywhere online, but if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, chances are you've seen me mention her at least once or twice and could very well be fans of her bloggy wit and baking goodness.

I'm one of the fortunate ones who HAS seen her face. It's usually accompanied by lovely baked goods, some thoughtful and perfect little gift, and sometimes one or two of her adorable little boys.

Jenn shares a lot of my taste in TV shows, and she was also floored when our pal, Jodi, invited us to the set of The Office a few years ago.
Me, Jenn and Jodi

We were giddy as could be. (Jodi - I still adore you for setting that up!)
Our visit to the set of The Office

It's no surprise that so many other LA bloggers love Jenn, too. Here we are at The Daily Randi's wedding to Michael, with our pal, Nina, almost a year ago.
At Randi's wedding

And you can imagine my glee when Jenn, party-planner extraordinaire, offered to throw me an amazing baby shower.
JustJENN and me

I thank the interweb for leading me to such a wonderful friend. And I thank Jenn for taking a chance and allowing me to prove that I'm not a crazy blogger stalker who'd shank her at the CPK in Marina Del Rey where we met for the first time. Instead I'm just a pal who's happy to find silly ways to conceal her identity.

Happy birthday, Jenn!

Michael Scott: Somebody got donuts for my birthday!
Toby: Happy birthday!
Michael: You didn't know it was my birthday.
Toby: I guess I forgot.
Michael Scott: Well I guess I forgot to give you a donut.
- The Office


  1. LOL! I love this post! Yes, JustJenn is amazing! And I'm glad we all didn't shank each other on our blogger dates. :) What a great friend you both have in each other.

  2. I like the inclusion of the word "shank" in this post.

    Happy birthday to Jenn.

  3. happy birthday, jenn!

    i love the jason/pirate getup best.

  4. How is it that after all these years I've never noticed Jenn's resemblance to Jack (from Jack in the Box)?

  5. Happy birthday, Jenn! The last one is my favorite.

  6. Not only do I love the JUSTJenn, but Best Photoshop Ever.

    You may have created an Internet Sensation around JUSTJenn photos!

  7. This is why your MIL has no idea who I am...every time she sees me.

    Thank you, I DO need a hamburger face mask, I DON'T need a clown one. Scary!
    Thanks! xo!

  8. aw, friendship! score one! i have to thank JENN too then, because I met you through Pop Candy when you made it on there for your Office visit! friendship! score two!

  9. So sweet. And I love reading you both. Also, I won some mini donuts from Jenn once so she's pretty much awesome in my book.

  10. How did I Not Know it was JustJenn's Birthday yesterday???? Must. Remedy.


  11. Yowza. I could have used some face camouflage myself! That was a fun day! You and Jenn both rock, in my opinion.

    Those photos remind me of how good my hair can look when I actually get it cut and highlighted. It's been way too many months!

  12. I don't even know Jenn but I read her blog secretly because of your blog. Happy birthday!

  13. Oh, I love JustJenn. She's my go-to person for all her great stuff. Happy Birthday Jenn!

  14. I kind of love how you used different faces to cover up Jenn's in each picture. Ha! And that I know you, Jenn, Jodi and Nina. YAY for blogging bringing people together!

  15. Having a close girlfriend to share life's moments with is truly wonderful. So glad you found one in Jenn.