Friday, August 07, 2009

A perfect 10

Wednesday's 10-month photos with Em were our most rushed yet. Brent got home from work moments before Em's 7 o'clock bedtime. (Can't do these photos without an Em "spotter.") And during the shoot she insisted on grabbing the blocks while rocking back and forth in glee in the nursery rocking chair. Remind me again who decided to use a ROCKING CHAIR for monthly photos. Oh, yeah - it was me. Hindsight is 20/20, I suppose.

So now you know why there are just a few viable photos. Baby Em is on the go, my friends!




At 10 months, Em is an eating machine. She could eat her body weight in string cheese, avocado, bananas and Puffs, if given the opportunity. I still make about 75% of her baby food purees, which I've enjoyed. (I have to use the pre-made stuff when we're out and about.)

Apparently Em's fueling up for her brute strength. She's suddenly obsessed with my glasses! I can't carry her without her lunging for my specs. She's also inadvertently pinching me a lot. It's usually while she's using me as leverage to pull herself up, but she also does it a lot while nursing. And baby talons are sharp! Hoping she outgrows this phase soon.

She's babbling up a storm. I'm fairly certain that when she says "mama," she's talking about me. Recently she's been saying, "Na-na-na-na," which I'm trying to convert to "Na-na-Nanette!" Heh. She says "dada" quite a bit when Brent's around, too.

We're fortunate that Em continues to be a great baby to take out. (She tends to save her tantrums for the privacy of our own home.) She's such a ham and loooooves interacting with other people. She regularly stops people in their tracks with a wave, smile and slight turn of the head. Today we were playing in the play area of the local mall's food court. Instead of crawling around and climbing on all the fun toys like the other kids, Em insisted on making eye contact with all the nearby adults so they could return her smiles and waves. (They were all happy to oblige, of course.)

We were shopping at a local Steve Madden shoe store recently, and Em was a huge hit. They made us promise to bring her back to visit the sales staff, who wanted to do nothing more than fawn all over her. Brent joked, "Too bad we couldn't cash in on some of her cuteness for a discount on these shoes I just bought." If Em's sweetness were currency, we'd be Bill Gates.

"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life."
- Burton Hills


  1. love babies that eat well. :)

  2. She's quite a cute attention grabber :)

  3. One of my favorite things is when I'm out and about and a baby waves at me. I don't know quite why I love this so much, but it seriously makes my day every single time.

  4. She's just the cutest.

  5. Do you make a custom onesie every month? That's impressive!

  6. Too cute! I love the active pics :)

  7. aw she is just so cute. that first pic is precious!

  8. You really should try to figure out how to cash in on Em's cuteness! :-)

  9. you're lucky you have an "em spotter." i always had to handle the monthly shots solo because i waited till the light was better, which was always after the hub left for work!

  10. Very cute! I came over from Ohdeedoh. The stickers are great, and your daughter is darling!