Friday, September 04, 2009

Filling in the blanks

:::blowing the dust off my blog:::

Hey folks!

Sorry for the absence. Just finishing up my first official week at the new gig. Still adjusting to all of it as I'm making my own schedule and am still ironing out some daycare stuff for Em.

So, what's been happening lately?

Em is a standing queen. She's able to get to a standing position with very little assistance now, holding onto nothing and literally applauding herself for doing so. I'm usually cheering her on in the background. "Go, Em, go!"

Caught in the act

At one point in my pregnancy, I think I had at least four other friends who were pregnant, too. And the 1st birthday bonanza has begun! Last weekend we attended the 1st birthday party of the daughter of a friend I made in one of my mommy groups.

Here's the birthday girl, going b-a-n-a-n-a-s! (Sorry - couldn't resist.)
Birthday girl goes bananas

She is beyond adorable. I had my suspicions that her mom was Filipina, but I hadn't confirmed it until the party. I gave Em a bite of pansit (Filipino food), and the birthday girl's relatives whipped their heads around when they overheard me say to Em, "Your first Filipino food! Grandma will be so proud!"

Em got to catch up with the birthday girl and our other cutie pal from our mommy group. Trying to get these three mobile babies to sit still long enough for a photo was like herding cats. And can you pick out the ham of the group?
Can you pick out the ham?

I'm starting to get things together for Em's first birthday bash next month. It's hard because I never imagined I'd do anything on a large scale, seeing as how she won't remember it, but we have so many friends who haven't seen her in a long time -- or ever, for that matter. So the guest list is kinda long, especially when you throw in spouses and kids. And as someone pointed out to me, it's less about a celebration for the baby and more about a celebration for the parents who made it through the first year. I like thinking of it that way. At least that's what I'll tell Brent when the fire-breathing acrobats and ice sculptures show up.

I'm also getting ready for my first nights away from Em as I'll be heading to Vegas in a couple weeks for a baby products trade show. If you know me and my love of baby gear, you'll know that it'll basically be my version of heeeeaaaaven. Plenty of pics and tales to come, I'm sure. I'll be gone for two nights, and Brent will be playing Mr. Mom. Lots of tales to come from that end, I'm sure, too.

"All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day." - Franklin P. Jones


  1. aw she is such a cutie, i can't believe she's almost 1 already, so crazy!

    and i totally love that description of her party, more of a celebration for the parents making it through, haha. so true, so very true.

  2. I just love that picture of Em with the two other kids- she is totally a ham! So, so , so cute.

  3. love your quote. love hammy thighs. nom.

  4. I'm pretty obsessed with baby gear, too. Can't wait to hear about the new gig!

    And I can't believe Em is almost a year old already. Wow! Her first year has just flown by.

  5. We need to chat at some point in the coming months about baby gear and your recommendations! Maybe we can meet for coffee and I can pick your brain. BTW, your theory on Em's 1st birthday totally makes sense! :)

  6. congratulations on your new job :) sounds like it is right up your alley!

    Em is gorgeous - i can't believe she's already standing! it's so funny, i feel like i know you, brent, and em so well...especially because i've been reading your blog for so long...when em was just a twinkle in her daddy's eye ;) congrats on all her'll just keep getting better and better!

  7. Em is totally a ham! Love it.

  8. I hope you report back about all the cool new baby gear you find!

  9. Em is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! It MUST be the Filipino genes, no? Heh heh.

  10. I love pansit!

    And Em is just getting more beautiful by the day. I can see both you AND brent in her--a gorgeous blend. :)

  11. My mom has always been one to poo poo big birthday bashes for little ones, but I've finally come to the same conclusion as you - it's much more for the parents than the kids. I've told my mom this and I think she is slowly coming around.

    I love that Em is such a ham!!

    The resident ham of our household ;)