Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Texts in the city

While I was in Vegas for a work trade show for three days, Brent had quite the taste of what my days are like with Em, especially when he's out of town for work.

We had this text exchange while I was there.

Brent: Do you happen to recall having triplets? No way this is the only child. I think they're cycling through a rotation.

My response: Welcome to my world...

His response: Not a fair fight when fresh babies keep coming in off the bench!


  1. hahaha but she's so cute? no way she could go through so many phases :)

  2. Ha! Now he'll definitely appreciate what you do at home with Em :)

  3. I think we just missed each other in Vegas. As part of my road trip I was there Thursday (9/10) to Friday (9/11). Bummer.

  4. Haha! I don't even have kids but I think that's hilarious!

  5. Love this! I'm betting he has a whole new appreciation for you.

  6. From what my co-workers say, this is a fairly common phenomenon unless you have a stay-at-home dad! One of them can only leave 1 of their 2 kids with the husband or he gets really overwhelmed.

    Another friend was livid because she overheard her husband tell his friend on the phone, "No, I can't do such-and-such. I have to babysit." She contended, "You are NOT babysitting! It's your own daughter!!!" LOL! It's good for daddies and great bonding time too.