Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vegas, baby

I had hoped to scope out all the awesome new products at the big Vegas trade show and come back to report about them to all of you. But, um, it turns out I had very little time to explore the HUGE show -- it took up TWO FLOORS of the Vegas convention center -- and I was beyond busy at my company's own booth. Plus, apparently it's a big no-no to take pics of anyone else's booth due to yet-to-be launched products, yada, yada, yada. They almost didn't let me bring my camera in to take pics of my company's booth. After much begging and pleading and sending the request up the show ladder, I was able to get approval.

As I was only allowed to take pics of our booth, I figured this would be a good a time as any to reveal my new gig. I'm the online marketing manager for Ju-Ju-Be, a diaper bag (and other fun accessories) company. I feel so blessed to be a part of this great team. Not only do they make beautiful and durable products, but everyone associated with this company is so sweet. They're smart and kind and really family-friendly. Plus, as you'll see below, they're all about infusing fun.

When I arrived Saturday afternoon, the booth looked like this:

The Vegas Convention Center didn't turn on the A/C while the booths were being set up. My guess is that because so many of the doors are open for the forklifts, etc., they don't want to waste the air. So we unwrapped all the bags for display in what felt like a sauna. Ugh. Thankfully we were in great company, which didn't make it seem so bad.

Here's the finished booth! It had a rock star theme, which was carried throughout wonderfully. It stood out -- in a good way -- from all the other booths. Ours was the only one I saw that had any sort of theme, and so many attendees commented on how fun ours was.
Our rockin' booth

We had a stage set up with a Rock Band video game. When things got a little slow, we hopped up on stage to shake things up with a song. We also invited attendees to join the fun.

The JJB Band

To go with the rock star theme, we offered glitter tattoos - and all sorts of folks were excited to get their own.
Skull on skull

Check out some of the many bags Ju-Ju-Be offers!

More awesome bags

(If you're curious to know about my personal Ju-Ju-Be collection, you can see some photos here.)

As you might have guessed in my previous post, Brent certainly had his hands full with Em. He realized some of what I go through with her frequent night wakings (thanks to teething, which has thrown sleeping-through-the-night out the door), and what it takes to keep up with her on any given day. But he did a wonderful job -- not that I had any doubts.

I was quite busy while I was gone, which helped keep my mind off of how much I missed Em, but there was a surprising number of moms with babies at the show. My heart ached a little bit each time I saw a mom with baby in tow. I can tell ya, though, that there's nothing sweeter than walking out of the airport to find my hottie hubby and sweet baby girl waiting for me with open arms.

"I won the 2002 $2500 No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven-Draw Tournament at the World Series of Poker in Vegas. So, yeah... I'm pretty good at poker." - Kevin, The Office


  1. Wow! That's quite the collection! Did you have it prior to starting work there, or is that one of the perks of your job?

    Looks like an awesome time. :)

  2. i love these bags! i will totally be checking them out more!

  3. oh that looks like so much fun. glad you had a great time in vegas and woo for the job! :)

  4. This is such a good gig for you! Btw, that black and red print totally looks like an Amy Butler fabric I just bought for a skirt - different color scheme, but same design. So funny.

  5. Very cool! What a great opportunity for you, it sounds just perfect.

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  7. What a fun booth! Love all the colors and pretty fabric.

  8. Fun new job. :D