Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Toddler time

Can't believe we're the parents of a toddler! As Brent notes, though, she'll always be our baby.

We started her birthday off by hitting some local baking supply stores with justJENN in preparation for Em's upcoming party. We also made an impromptu visit to see our pal Jami at her bakery gig.

Last night we decided to take Em to her first fine dining experience at 1 Pico, a restaurant in the swanky Shutters hotel. It's Restaurant Week, so we got to take advantage of a fabulous deal on an amazing meal. Brent's parents were also excited to celebrate with us.

Sweet girl

While we enjoyed our swanky meal, Em was content with Cheerios.

"OK, I'll have a Cheerio..."
"OK, I'll have a Cheerio..."

"Or 5..."
"Or 5..."

"Or 10!!!"
"Or 10!"

I'd love to say she was a perfectly behaved baby toddler during the entire meal, but... we started the meal later than anticipated, so she had a bit of a meltdown during the second course. Thankfully she'd already won the nearby patrons over in the waiting area, so they didn't seem to mind -- too much. We removed her from the table as soon as she got cranky, so it wasn't too bad.

Of course, she was positively giddy as we stepped out of the restaurant. Figures.

We took her home and ended her birthday with our usual bedtime routine, including story time with Daddy.
Birthday bedtime

Then I stayed up and nostalgically watched as the clocked turned to 11:14, the exact minute she was born.

The one thing we didn't have a chance to do yesterday was the last of her monthly photos featuring the blocks. So we did our shoot this morning. It's probably good that it was the last shoot 'cuz we've lost all control.


But ya can't help but smile at a face like this.

"No man is ever old enough to know better." - Holbrook Jackson


  1. Happy Birthday Em!! Wow, how time flies. Shes absolutely adorable. It seems just like yesterday you were posting your prego pictures and now you have a toddler! Happy one year of parenting to you and Brent!

  2. Happy birthday Em! What a little darling.

  3. Happy Birthday Em!! I can't believe it's already been a year, my Lord. I feel like I was just looking at those pictures of you holding her in the delivery room!

    She is too precious for words, really. I love these photos!

  4. happy birthday to Em!! she is beautiful!

    oh, and i love how in each of the pictures with the cheerios your face changes from serious, to smiling, to full on laughter! great!

  5. seriously em has the best facial expressions ever, haha. happy birthday to her!

  6. She grows more adorable with each passing day. Happy birthday, little one!

  7. Ah, happy birthday Em!! What a precious little gal. :)

  8. yay for em, the fine dining version!


  10. I LOVE these x-month pictures! Definitely something I want to do if I ever have my own child :)