Thursday, November 12, 2009

Besties forever

Tomorrow we're heading up to my hometown for the wedding of my best friend's sister, whom I've known since before she was born. As excited as I am for the bride and groom, I think I'm more excited for myself as this is the first time I'll have seen my best friend, Shelby, since Feb. 2008 - nearly TWO YEARS AGO!

Here's a photo from our last in-person visit.
Shelby and I

Shelby was just entering her second trimester of her pregnancy, and I was just a week or two pregnant myself but didn't know it yet.

She, her husband and their baby boy live in Iowa. Brent, Em and I were planning to visit them last August, but I became funemployed in July, so we put the trip on hold.

So this is the first time that we get to meet their 17-month-old, and the first time they'll meet Em.


I don't know if I'm illustrating my excitement sufficiently here.

My best friend, whom I've known since we were six, who helped me get my first two jobs in high school, who has made me laugh countless times to the point of TEARS, will meet my daughter for the first time. I will meet her son for the first time.

Oh my goodness - I'm getting teary like a big ol' goofball just thinking about it.

They may be too young to interact. Heck, they might not even notice each other. (Although there's a high probability that Em will try to pull his hair as that's what she does when she sees other toddlers...and small dogs.)

Regardless, this will be the weekend that we'll tell them about at future gatherings, even if they just roll their eyes at us while their moms reminisce.

You can't see me, but I'm doing the happy dance of all happy dances.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. What a sweet post. :)

    Have a fabulous time!

  2. aw have a great time! i hope that my best friend and i have kids around the same age so they can be bff too,haha.

  3. My bff lives down the road a bit, too and while we get to see each other several times a year, I'm always so happy for our in-person visits. I can only imagine how stoked you were to finally hang out with her and her son. :)