Monday, November 02, 2009

A glimpse

If Em's career were determined based on traits she has now, she has quite a few options.

Fashion designer - She's obsessed with buttons and zippers.

Dermatologist - She's convinced that she can pull off the mole on my shoulder and the freckle on Brent's neck.

Dentist - If she's anywhere close to your mouth, there's a strong possibility that she's shoving her fingers in it.

Food critic - She has no qualms about spitting stuff out that she finds offensive. And she'll gladly show you how much she enjoys her meal, as illustrated by her "nom, nom, nom"-ing.

Contestant on So You Think You Can Dance - The girl hears rhythm, and she just has to dance.

Whatever she's destined to become, she's certainly great at soaking up the world around her now.

"You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy." - Bob Ross


  1. Haha, I like it. Sounds like the girl has options!

  2. That picture is so great. <3

  3. Maybe she'll become a painter and paint some happy little trees! So adorable!

  4. i would also say anne geddes model, she's got the adorable faces down pat, haha.

  5. guess you'll just have to nurture them all until she figures out what she really wants. ;)

  6. I love the picture!